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  1. First and foremost - Great update! Love the added freedom of creativity to place things through power tethers! I like the direction its heading! Large Rovers / Large Storage [Steam: Post Basebuilding Update] The large rover has 4 (x2) slots [including the front and back connectors], and a large storage uses up 2 of the (x2) slots [giving you a total of 8 slots free: 4 from the large storage, 1 seat, 1 remaining (x2) on the rover, and the front and back]. Prior to the update, you could power your rover by placing a power source [solar panel/wind turbine/large battery] either on your large storage, or by placing them on the front/back connection points. Now they wont work. My assumption is that when the large storage is built upon a rover, it is not "connecting" to the power source via this new method and not in circuit with the rovers battery. I've also found issues with the large batteries power not being used by the rover, even when directly connected on top of one of its dedicated (x2) slots. Either way, I believe there to be a bug with the connectivity points on the rover both on top of it, and by "daisy chaining" rovers together, as they dont share power consumption anymore [just as the front/back don't use the power sources connected to them].
  2. Hey guys, Love the game and keep up the great work! So, My friend joined my session through steam (as theres no option in the menu [theres also no options apart from which save]) and tried to get in a rover and it randomly bugged out and disappeared after trying to flip it over. There was quite a bit of lag when we were close together (rendering?), but my friend tried to get into my "Big Hauler" - consisting of a truck-rover-truck set up, with a crane and winch attached, which was on even ground = and he got shot into outer space. He got out of the vehicle and managed to land back on my planet without dying, but now my vehicle is currently stuck in the sky. It would be nice if i could reach it but every time i try to build underneath myself I sink through the floor. I tried joining my friends session and within a matter of minutes it freezes up on my friends end and the whole game crashes for both of us, so I know its proper early days yet, but I'd like it if you could work on fine tuning some more of the multi-player aspects of the game and help with these bugs/glitches!