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  1. It's not in the normal game. You have to select it from the space station. It's on the left side next to the tutorial.
  2. That change was mentioned in the patch notes for 0.9.0 back in July, when the Scrappers were added.
  3. Terrain 2.0 and a December release is less than 5 months away. Just be patient.
  4. July 19th is when he started the patch notes post. He then saved it as a draft and added/edited it as needed. It was submitted today when the patch was complete.
  5. I seriously doubt they'll ever fix it since they're working on Terrain 2.0, which will replace the whole system.
  6. I assumed it was harmless, but with Kaspersky Free, at least, it gets quarantined automatically which would mess with the people that don't know how to add exclusions.
  7. Kaspersky is reporting this new update as infected, Obviously a false positive, but still.