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  1. Try using an external hard drive via USB 3.0. I was having similar FPS until I moved all my games onto an external drive and now I have been experiencing much better FPS. Much more playable and very easy to set up once you have the external drive.
  2. Do astroneer patches automatically update on XB1?
  3. Suggestion: I think that when using the trade plateform, the amount of time it takes to send and receive resources should be increased. The speed at which you send and receive resources currently is so fast, it makes searching for resources completely unnecessary given you have a fuel condenser and sufficient power supply.
  4. Item: #26: gameplay FPS slows down dramatically around base settlement after several modules are in place.
  5. NOTE: This thread is meant to be specific for Xbox One users only Item #25: Exiting truck by hitting "x" causes rover to flip.
  6. Item #22: When picking up tethers, they are completely disappear and are no longer available for use.
  7. Item #21: Rover truck has major glitch with handling land self-degraded land.
  8. Item #20: Character does not sit in driver's seat when sitting in the 3 person seat.
  9. Item #19: Unable to remove 3 seat attachment and storage attachment from one truck and place it on another.
  10. Item #18: (suggestion) when opening the backpack, my view is often obstructed and makes exchanging items to and from the backpack somewhat difficult and tedious. Maybe if the backpack opened up to the side it would allow the user to have a better view of what they are trying to do.
  11. Side note: If developers are actually looking at this forum, a small suggestion (if not already in place) would be to maybe create a snapchat that us (wannabe) beta testers can send "snaps" to of any glitches or problems we may encounter.. Might be a little easier then uploading an image per post on this forum.
  12. Item #17: Rover truck struggles incredibly with small to medium size rocks and boulders as well as small cuts in the surface. Often times
  13. Item #16: Truck glitches until it is impossible to use when research container from tree is placed on the vehicle. Not sure if this is to simulate uneven weight or a glitch.
  14. Item #15: I've been leveling land in so all my extensions would be on a flat service. However, every time I level land, the added extension sinks below. If the land was already level and thus I didn't have to level the land myself, the added extension stays level.