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  1. I am happy to report this is not an issue anymore, both driving settings work! thanks!
  2. i actually am getting used to the "not-ultimate driving" setting. thanks!
  3. Update: i de-activated the "ultimade driving" setting ("commande ultime" ingame in my case) in the key-mapping settings. now its a weird driving style but the commands respond at least. The weird thing is that when i just want to turn the weels, i go backwards and next left/right its forward. Anyway, i found a workable solution for now. I hope you'll be able to offer a finished driving setting that works like some updates before, when the lay out had not changed yet. greetins
  4. New game: New game test is the same, i started one and the vehicles still have the same problem. So i drive backwards, wich is the easiest... Same key trouble: having the same key for turning on the generator and going into the car is quite frustrating, it would be nice if that could be changed, as i cannot do that if i understood correct the keymapping. Buggy stuck: sometimes the buggy, when on its back, goes up again when asked, but sometimes it gets stuck in a small hole in the ground for example. Is this on purpose or are you just not finished yet (understandble) with the buggy optimising? the end of this message: I would be very happy if you could tell me where the problem lies with the driving forward key problem, it really bothers my gameplay keep up the good work by the way
  5. Summary: 0700 - Steam - The forward key binding (Z) does not work in vehicle mode, instead i can drive forward with the left-connector key (W). Description: So the forward key binding does not work in vehicle mode. Outside of that it works fine. This is for the buggy vehicle and the medium roover vehicle, i have not tested yet the big roover but i do not see why it would be any different. I have tried to switch my keyboard to qwerty, but that did not help. By the way, the left connector key (W in my case) also serves as start/stop for the the small generator on my roover when linked with organic ressource. So it also interfers because i can not drive while putting my generator on sleep. I changed the left connector with the forward key-wise, but that did not change anything either. This is the first time i have this kind of problem with keybindings, and before update 0700 i did not have it either with medium or big roover. quite an annoing thing, because driving with Q w D keys is really uncomfortable. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0700 Specifications: OS: windows 10 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K CPU @ 3.5GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 RAM: 16,0GB RAM Drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 500GB
  6. simonlebon111

    Drill working light

    the thing is: i always play -18 in brightness for above ground, and i feel that since recently some ground colours on terran but on barren too have increased in brightness. I do agree though that contrast has increased, above ground with brigther coulours on at least Terran, Barren and Tundra, and darker underground, with, as you said, the ressources being very dark unlike before. But i read that devs had to reconstruct the wole environment for some update, and that we're more or less there as it was before, so maybe calibration is linked to that and will improve once they have time for refinement of the graphics. Anyhow, as it happens that i stay for long underground, i turn the brightness up to +50 (the max), wich actually makes it quite 'strange' underground, and then after my trucks are full, i go aboveground and turn the brightness down again Ressource wise i definately prefered the textures of some time ago, where aluminium ressource was flashy salmon pink, etc... instead of now where it goes from dark green to dark brown-red to grey-ish, and coal has become white blue-ish Still, I just hope that, with the game developping into longer gameplay objectives, more construction, etc... they will pay attention to refine this light issues, as much gameplaywise as colourwise. It is still alpha, and i guess they want to innovate as much as possible gameplay wise first. The planets for me are interesting to change from game to game where you build your main base. Because until now, I have managed to manage on every planet more or less, eventhough there should be shortages of certain ressources on each planet. I did not mind the previous research system: you had to find different 'skins'/research objects, and travel to at least two planets for that if you wanted to be fast. Ok, it needed some improvment, but the recent development does not convince me that much, I feel its making things complicated. But I do enjoy the fact that I had to work a little harder on a new game, and gameplay slowed down a bit (having to provide energy for research when nothing unlocked yet, etc...). Honestly, i think that maybe we will have at some point a more constructed 'scenario' where you have to go, as you said, to x, y, and z to achieve things, and then a 'sandbox' option with randomised features, where you don't have to respect this (kind of like it is now). cheers
  7. simonlebon111

    Drill working light

    But if I may help @Unrealxs I hope you use the brightness to its maximum in the meantime, at least you'll see where you are drilling
  8. simonlebon111

    Drill working light

    well actually the work lamp of the handtool does follow where i drill, it's just that it's not strong enough
  9. simonlebon111

    Drill working light

    YES! especially when i mine ressources other then dirt, it's tough to see if i finished or not, i usually step out of the drill to check with my hand tool. But I actually have the same remark for the handtool, i feel like the lamp is not lightning up well underground. I would like there also a lamp actually following the movement of where i'm digging with the handtool. But then i guess it will require more intricat lightning design, because the drill is way more precise then the handtool... Maybe a light at the base of the crane going straight would be easier and help us already. @AdamAether : it's cool that you contribute, but may i suggest that you try to make your posts as constructive as possible? Nothing good is gonna come out if you act 'angry' at the devs, we have a working fun alpha game already, and Rome wasn't built in one day
  10. simonlebon111


    I totally agree with you! It could also serve as 'decorational' objects for the base after being salvaged. I would find it a pity to loose all the great fonts and designs of some of these wrecks
  11. Summary: 0510 - Steam - Tethers connected to base turn black Description: So until now this has happened from time to time: the tether chains connected to my base turn black and thus stop giving oxygen and energy. The solution i found (this time) is that i have to connect a vehicle to the tethers for them to turn blue aka functionning again. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0510 Specifications: OS: windows 10 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K CPU @ 3.5GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 RAM: 16,0GB RAM Drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 500GB
  12. Summary: 0510 - Steam - Energy stacked is not being used until the end Description: So until now this has happened from time to time: my stacked energy ressources do not get used until the end, eventhough i put them in situations where they normaly should provide energy. It saddens me every time i have to leave an almost finished one somewhere on a planet ;( Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0510 Specifications: OS: windows 10 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K CPU @ 3.5GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 RAM: 16,0GB RAM Drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 500GB
  13. I wanted to share the same problem: i go to settings, change the sound, go out of menu, and back in, and the sound is again on maximum for everything. I'm playing on steam, mouse and keyboard
  14. So sorry to put different ones inside one topic, it feels to me that this makes the most sense. I read the others reports, and i felt like adding 'my little report' after three days of playing this game. The game crashed +-3times, but thanks to the vehicle saving thing and quick load it's no bother to me Hopefully this post will be helpful 1. Truck flying away: most of the time the more it is loaded the worse it gets. It always works out fine though, i press tab and the vehicle tries to get back on its wheels (after several times i can drive again) : when it lands in a crater it becomes less amusing Truck disapearing when i land from Barren to planet Earth (the first one where you start on). I even made my base away from the gameset landing spot, so there would be no conflict... - now my guess is it's getting pushed or something, and then just remains stuck? It's very bothersome, i have to make a new one everytime Vehicles in space - the ones that got pushed before? - I can see them from in the sky when i'm on a planet (see the next picture) Getting out of the vehicle puts me sometimes under the weels, so i have to get back in, drive a bit further, and try again (usually when its fully loaded). The windmill allowing to be put on a this steamy rock. I couldn't get it off after putting it on. Cool as a decoration. But after reload it was detached and ready to be used, it scaled down when i took it. After this time i have not been able to attach one again. Floating down in the undergrounds: i died once or twice, this time i went back up again. With the help of terraforming i managed to have my legs back too (wich usually does the trick when my legs sink into the ground. It's stressfull fun to me. Ressources going down the ground when i terraform: i wanted to get one half stuck (that disapeared) by elevating the ground a bit, and instead the ressource disapeared. Floating mushroom. I didn't go too close for obvious reasons (they sting...) The platforms constructing on each other: it was my first game, and i didn't look out, so i got to platforms, fully functionning, but a bit difficult to fully use, so i just put some batteries. I think that if you just could make it so that we can (re)move constructed platforms (back to hologram) it would be way sweeter in terms of gameplay. The game gets freezy: this was my first game, and i think it just has too many constructions and messy organisation, i believe its the 'cables' between the constructions that make the problems. By keeping my bases smaller and well organized this has not happened in my new game, though it seems that the game slows down a bit now that i have three functioning bases on the barren planet. Or is it my specs? Floating cubes: just a visual thing, i enjoy them but it's a rare phenomena. 2. Steam, mouse and keyboard Windows 10 x64 Geforce GTX 970 Intel Core i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz 15.95 RAM 1920x1080, 60Hz