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    i'm not seeing many other bug fixes like flipping trucks when found research is added to the storage unit on the back of it or when terraforming falling through map and dying .. guessing xbox one not a priority either? isn't this the second patch for pc now ? pc 2 xbox 0
  2. owlz

    Bugged TRUCK

    Finding that when i get into my truck it seems to just takes off and starts losing control bunny hopping or space hopping and when i get out it starts to go crazy sometimes follows me whist hovering above the ground spinning out of control . Anyone else experiencing this ? I attached one video of many ! This happens on other planets too not just the moon. ASTRONEER (Game Preview).mp4
  3. Having serious issues with astroneer on XBOX ONE .. after a few hours of exploring or building bases i find my game just suddenly turns from smooth to laggy frame rate cannot do anything within game .. I reinstalled game same problems ...i hard reset xbox still same problem, i start fresh everything is fine seems to just be after expanding. vehicles near tethers virtually crash my game too and also falling through map whilst using shape tool and dying instantly. enlarged icons outside backpack when loading back into game. controller issues such as camera views and cursors hard to be precise. the game for me is currently unplayable in this state please hotfix asap
  4. xbox one HEAVY FRAME RATE DROP after expanding base and exploring . its a survival game in space however... I NEED TO EAT AND DRINK ???? FOOD ??? and maybe some little green men or ufos ?
  5. owlz

    Framerate dropped heavily (Xbox One)

    after a few hours of base expanding and exploring notice my game just completely goes slow laggy and frame rate is like 1 -2 barely move and a cm in 5 minutes ....game has not crashed yet for me but it is unbearable and i have tried numerous occasion. seems to happen every time after so long and b\rely scratching the surface on base improvements .when i get vehicles its game over for me or if i've been to a cave or 2 XBOX ONE
  6. owlz

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    game has become unplayable after and hour on xbox one heavy fps drop and screen freezing restarted xbox incase this was problem but continues ... not happening to other games on xbox one ! please get a hotfix i would love to actually play the game considering i payed for the pre alpha
  7. i have noticed heavy fps drop after exploring planets after an hour on the xbox one my game has become unplayable 4 x now.,,, found when near tethers in vehicle huge lag spikes and crunching sound and auto flipping of vehicles ..... when coming out of a save my inventory out of backpack and enlarged also and really annoying one is when trying to use shaping tools i find that if im too close to it and fall through map and auto die,,,,, i enjoy the game but to be honest im giving us because unplayable because of heavy fps drop no fun playing when moving at 1 fps sorry .... would love an update asap so i can actually continue playing ....