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  1. Lancer Solurus

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    Update to my previous post, the second time I started the game, the option to play the test moon showed up. As did the tutorial again.
  2. Lancer Solurus

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    I want to test the creative mode but saw no mention of how to get in it. If it was on the main menu, I didn't see it. BTW can't wait for 1.0 release!
  3. Lancer Solurus

    Update Came out Recently

    Try putting research items on it instead, works much better.
  4. Lancer Solurus

    What am I doing wrong?

    they need to be tethered together like a train, it also works with medium storage, I did that very thing yesterday.
  5. Lancer Solurus

    What am I doing wrong?

    Put canisters anywhere on your truck(s) and it will fill them as well.
  6. Lancer Solurus

    Any idea what is this used for?

    I found it on Terran. I was right next to a mountain. Found it on the way back to my base.
  7. Lancer Solurus

    Maximum number of connected rovers [patch 221]

    Agreed, that may be the case. I had to dig the last two rovers out of the ground twice yesterday. I also notice when you get a certain distance away from the rovers, the ones on the end of the chain start floating in the air. That happened over 10 times yesterday.
  8. Would be nice to be able to toggle rocks on/off. It can be a big pain driving since the rocks appear just a few meters in front of a my vehicle requiring me to come to a complete stop and then try to navigate around them (usually I hit them before being able to stop). Also possibly adding it for the big stalagmite since tethered rovers have a bad habit of getting hung on it.
  9. Lancer Solurus

    Maximum number of connected rovers [patch 221]

    It was mentioned in the 221 patch notes in the rigid connectors part. Look for the orange text at the end of the paragraph. I hope it's temporary though.
  10. Lancer Solurus

    Any idea what is this used for?

    Also, place it on a small rover and watch what the rover does
  11. Lancer Solurus

    "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    Great update, really like the tighter connection lines between vehicles. I flipped one vehicle and all 3 flipped back to normal ( all 3 flipped due to storm). The oxygen tank is now unusable and crashes the game when crafted. It is also misnamed as in the previous post above.
  12. Lancer Solurus

    What is this item?

    Thanks for the heads up. Will just throw it on one of the bases to clear up the slots.
  13. Lancer Solurus

    Collecting research question

    It seemed to changed recently, the research items (RI) now seem to be tiered. The common ones only seem to give basic research. The more unique RIs seem to give higher level research. No blueprints at all is odd though. My first 10+ RIs gave research and no compounds at all. Then again it may be totally random what you get, I'm not on of the devs...
  14. Lancer Solurus

    What is this item?

    It has no name. Can be picked up and stored. It is found around the Apollo module, I found 4 of them. Item is in the bottom right corner next to the tire. You can see the other 3 on the storage pack on the truck above it.
  15. Lancer Solurus

    Storage despawned

    Thanks, I will have to dig down then, there are no nearby cave openings but I have found cave systems that go a long way. Found one two days ago and still haven't found the end of it yet.