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  1. I've noticed a few times that after quitting and coming back (in a single player game) that the untouched resources have relocated. I had quartz show up in my ramp that I made (it had been in the ceiling but wasn't anymore) and now Laterite that was at the opening of a cave is gone. I removed the plants around it just before saving and quitting. I came back and there's the hole where the plants were but the Laterite next to it is missing. The area is untouched where the Laterite used to be.
  2. This happened to me again, but I was staying on terran and hadn't been planet hopping at all. My last session, which wasn't that long, was completely lost.
  3. I've had similar happen to me. I've been going back and forth from terran to arid saving and quitting here and there. I entered the game today and realized that my entire session from last night wasn't saved. I know I had saved during and at the end too. Clearly saving doesn't actually save.
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    Stuck Object + Resource Nugget Bug

    I have had similar happen to me in the backpack, crane, and in the smelter. The one in the backpack happened while I was on the crane, I think (I'm not positive but I noticed it right after and I don't remember it being there before). I was playing with excavating and stopped midway then started again. I found after I had this piece in my backpack that I couldn't remove without cycling through the creation list at the bottom and having the nugget pop out when I had a filled backpack. I also had an unfinished piece on the crane I couldn't move. I never used the crane again to see if another ore type would remove it. Then it happened on the smelter. I had a full four pieces ready to go and more waiting. I started the process and wondered what would happen if I quickly put more on the tray. What happens is you get a partial piece stuck there. You can make more and when you move to a different type then it moves to the side where it's stuck. Hope that helps. I'm the same platform, os, and controller.