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  1. I have exceeded the recommendations to the game. No idea what my computer has to do with items constantly falling through the terrain since it's been an issue from the start apparently.
  2. Using The Terrain on Ore - (ack this just posted somehow. Bug with forums! ) There are times when I mine a lot of ore and I just keep going even if I have a full backpack. The nodes will jump off and disappear all the time if I'm on any type of slant. No idea where they go because I never see them again. I assume they just fall under the terrain, but since I've never found one I'm not so sure. Placing Tethers on Slants - There are times when I'm on a slant and place a tether and it just doesn't show up, but is removed from my inventory. Again, I assume it went under the ground, but I've never found it. Running into Tethers - So sometimes I'm running along my path holding a research node or something big like that and all of a sudden a tether will fly out like it's been kicked and tumbled somewhere into the abyss. I might find it, I might not. Why does my astroneer punt tethers? Resource Items From Boxes - Oh these suckers vanish on me all the time! I just opened a box with energy and got one of the bigger resource nodes. I carried it over to my ramp and placed it down so I could put my generator back in my backpack. It was still on my ramp. I turned to top off my soil container. It was there. Then I turned back to go up the ramp, node was gone. I tried looking for it in the cave below, nothing. I've had the little ones disappear before when moving things around too. Sometimes they weren't even on the ground but clicked into some storage space. And no I didn't F key it and get the cheaper points out of it. It's normally there, then I turn around, and then it's gone when I turn back around. My Sanity - This up and left after trying to play the game with this many bugs. I like being creative with bugs so I buy games in alpha. Bugs like this aren't so much fun in the final version. I just feel like I'm beating my head against a brick wall. I don't think we have brick walls in the game. But I'm all for the emote of it.
  3. The game is virtually unplayable at this point. Since I can't play a game for long before the RAM issue takes hold and won't let me load a saved game, I've been starting new games. I'm finding more and more items are disappearing in various ways. Saving Game - When I save the game it doesn't actually save the game entirely in it's current state. I can start to uncover and mine ore but if I save and quit with stuff still exposed and unmined then it will all be gone when I load my game. This happens every time, not once in a while. Plus any ore that's in the terrain tool will go away. So if you find only a bit of ore you have to keep going until you get a full node or else it was mined for nothing. I understand having it erased when you die as a consequence of death, but not on saving. Flattening Terrain - When I create my bases I like to have flat ground. So I make sure it's nice and flat. Then as I expand I'll continue out that area. If I place the terrain tool on the already flattened area that happens to be under a connected base piece with an attached machine and start the flattening by using the control and clicking the mouse and moving out to the actual area that needs flattening, the base will jump up, flip over, unhook itself from the line of bases, and disappear. Now mind you, the ground was already flat to begin with. I've trying tunneling under to see if it's just below in a cave, meh, sometimes. Okay once it was but I had lost two pieces of bases and only one was there. Using The Terrain on Ore -
  4. So much for it working after a few attempts. I just tried to get my game to load. I gave up after 40 minutes and still it wouldn't load. At least I could end the processes and not have to reboot my computer. So apparently I'll never be able to get anywhere in the game because each game I start and get far into will have this happen. I would have been understanding in alpha, not so much now.
  5. I've been playing in windowed mode because of the RAM problem with loading saved games. I have a huge problem with the terrain tool not turning off or randomly starting now. I think it has to do with the cursor going over the edge of the window. It happens all the time. I excavate or smooth something and then stop but it keeps going so you end up excavating a huge area while trying to get it to stop. I've also toggle the terrain tool to appear and had it immediately start excavating everything around me. I used to play only in windowed mode and it was in issue way back in mid alpha. But then I started playing full screen and thought the issue was resolved. Now that I'm back in windowed mode I see that it's still present.
  6. Thanks for the responses. There are a bunch on Steam's forums complaining about similar. My computer meets the recommendations for the game, but this was a thought of mine before posting on this forum. I knew I had the recommended when I bought the game when it first came out but wondered if they changed it. I do have a laptop, but a gaming laptop and haven't had issues running other games, unless they require a higher or lower windows version. And I've never had issues like this before the final version. I have tried to load my saved games with no other programs running and have encountered similar. I'll check my graphics settings and play with that and see if it helps. I've found running it windowed helps a bit but it could be because I can keep the task manager open beside it and when it starts to hang then I can end the process before everything grinds to a stop and forces me to restart my computer.
  7. I updated the game and tried to load my saved game that was being played earlier today. The game froze and it froze up my entire computer forcing me to turn off my computer. Now it won't load my saved game without freezing everything. This is now the second time a saved game has done this. I had another game in the previous version I was quite far into and it froze up on me. I had to turn off the computer and then I couldn't load the save anymore as it would freeze up everything. What's going on? I never had any crashes or problems before the final version. I'm not sure I want to start yet another game and waste tons of hours just to have yet another saved game hosed. Is there a way to move the saved game files to back up so I could replace a corrupted save with a previous version? I'm only playing single player and not co-op at all.
  8. I've noticed a few times that after quitting and coming back (in a single player game) that the untouched resources have relocated. I had quartz show up in my ramp that I made (it had been in the ceiling but wasn't anymore) and now Laterite that was at the opening of a cave is gone. I removed the plants around it just before saving and quitting. I came back and there's the hole where the plants were but the Laterite next to it is missing. The area is untouched where the Laterite used to be.
  9. This happened to me again, but I was staying on terran and hadn't been planet hopping at all. My last session, which wasn't that long, was completely lost.
  10. I've had similar happen to me. I've been going back and forth from terran to arid saving and quitting here and there. I entered the game today and realized that my entire session from last night wasn't saved. I know I had saved during and at the end too. Clearly saving doesn't actually save.
  11. SealieP

    Stuck Object + Resource Nugget Bug

    I have had similar happen to me in the backpack, crane, and in the smelter. The one in the backpack happened while I was on the crane, I think (I'm not positive but I noticed it right after and I don't remember it being there before). I was playing with excavating and stopped midway then started again. I found after I had this piece in my backpack that I couldn't remove without cycling through the creation list at the bottom and having the nugget pop out when I had a filled backpack. I also had an unfinished piece on the crane I couldn't move. I never used the crane again to see if another ore type would remove it. Then it happened on the smelter. I had a full four pieces ready to go and more waiting. I started the process and wondered what would happen if I quickly put more on the tray. What happens is you get a partial piece stuck there. You can make more and when you move to a different type then it moves to the side where it's stuck. Hope that helps. I'm the same platform, os, and controller.