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  1. They told it on stream: you will probably have a "bag" for all that ground sucked up by your tool, so no unlimited tunnel digging. I mean, you will have to manage your... mud :3
  2. gp.

    Brightness in game

    You don't need UI to implement a helmet shutter, just button assignment.
  3. gp.

    Brightness in game

    Soo, maybe a HELMET SHUTTER simulation? so, when you use it, it dims all screen.
  4. Or hologram/other way of showing what snaping is selected (based on how many branches do you want). Simple symbols like below. But I'm good with current system.
  5. 3 nodes (360°/3) 120° = 4 * 30°, not a problem, 5 nodes - yeah, not ideal, but either if you want 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 or ... 12 nodes branching from the initial one - this method works. And for 5 nodes you could make it like this:
  6. gp.

    Now what?

    Start another game, challenge yourself with some additional rules.
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  8. As an optional feature - nice. Personally, I would like to build standalone platforms and connect them with conduict.
  9. I've seen most of these ideas here already. Limited oxygen: there should be big enough initital supply of oxygen, so you would worry about that later in game. I think it should be optional, maybe in "survival mode". In normal mode - no, leave it as it is. Holographic molds - nah, terrain tool is simple and i like it. Spend some time using it and you won't need anything else. Maybe size/shape selection. Mods - at the moment, it makes no sense. Other ideas - I agree, but everything should be balanced and adjusted to different game modes.
  10. gp.

    simple but effective food/water system

    Too much to code, I think. But cool idea. Nice and simple idea, but tethers don't look like they could handle it - they are too thin. Maybe making them little thicker would be enough. Also, take a look:
  11. gp.

    Can we talk about hunger?

    What about... O2, ENERGY and MOOD (instead of hunger/thirst/others). MOOD: positive factors: good weather, sunlight, food, discoveries, building, exploring, AI interaction, etc. negative factors: bad weather (storm, rain), darkness, hunger, etc. Factors would be additive, so you could either keep exploring and building or just stay at your base and make a farm. gameplay impact: color saturation (look below), movement speed, o2 usage, energy managment
  12. I also think that you should build your base with "pre-crafted" (in your backpack) items, not raw materials, put those basic components together to build platforms. But that's just my idea. I would love to see this game more challenging.
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    Climbing up the hill to take a look on a surroundings with your binoculars. Nice.
  14. Connecting bases with pipes, providing quick resource transportation. Items from storage pluged into PNEUMATIC POST PLATFORM A could be see as holograms at PLATFORM B. Then, if the gas tank at PLATFORM A is filled and energy is provided (either form A or B side), the container/s with selected resource is/are send. Travel along pipe network should take some time, but overall should be fast.
  15. gp.

    IDEA: Rope for Rapelling

    Yeah, maybe, but it would give you different (and much funnier) possibility to achieve some inaccessible spot. I really like the idea of climbing, rapelling and in general - idea of a rope implementation. What's important: rope would not use your energy.
  16. An artwork to Solaris, made by Rudolf Eizenhöfer:
  17. Experience of playing Astroneer is for me somehow similar to reading books of my favourite writer - Stanisław Lem. Take a look at a new (2012) polish edition of some of his greatest novels (below, second from left: The Invincible, fourth: Eden). Can't help it - whenever I get into the world of Astroneer I've got these artworks in my mind. I combine stories from those books to the world of Astroneer, which makes this game even better. So I'll just post it here, as a tribute to this great writer. If anyone interested - enjoy!
  18. gp.

    What happened to this video

    I guess I've found out the answer:
  19. Filling those notes with informations about the world, galaxy, about what is happening in their civilization, about new science discoveries etc. There could be hundreds of those notes, but in a single game you could find, let's say, two-three of them on every planet. This way, every game would give you more insights on whats going on in this universe. And every game would be unique, in this way.
  20. Yep, you're right. By the way, take a look. I wish Astroneer looked like on eariler videos:
  21. Good job, looks nice, but a little bit too childish for me.