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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    When you get catapulted by your truck into the ground...
  2. While using terraforming tool, hold left trigger (xbox pad). Don't know if it's possible with keyboard..
  3. It's already in game.
  4. gp.

    Rover drill

  5. So, I'm curious about what you guys think about ASTRONEER's near and far future. Would you mind answering a short survey? The results are public.
  6. gp.


    summary sheet:
  7. When I changed my audio device while in game (from bluetooth speaker to default speaker), game went silent. No problems in other apps / desktop meanwhile. I guess, the game doesn't recognize windows audio output change?, steam, win10
  8. So, basically everything is pointless because, in the end you got unlimited (almost) energy and stuff.. Making an organic farm for your first base won't gain you an unlimted o2 in your second base etc.
  9. I agree. The amount of fun per one tool. It's over 9000.
  10. Water (from river/sea or mined ice) electrolysis and organic farms. I would love to see it in game. I guess O2 problem is really hard to solve. For sure you SHOULD NOT DIE due to lack of it (in base), so in some way it should be unlimited in base (safe zone) and limited everywhere else, but it's not consistent. I mean - what's so special about your base. Maybe using oxygen from base supply should drain it's energy, so you'd have to build o2 tanks and collect it (in the way mentioned above) to provide your base constant and stable supply of both energy and o2?
  11. +1, it would make crane/drill more relevant. And you'd have to invest some time and materials, build infrastructure to mine it. I like that.
  12. gp.

    The driving experience

    Well, your astronaut weighs less and jump higher than we on Earth. That's why I assume gravity and planet mass are lower.
  13. gp.

    3 ideas, bridge;cars;guns

    1. You can easily do it with terrain tool 2. yep, trucks should pass through some obstacles
  14. gp.

    vehicle that have a drill in front

    Maybe a littlie bit.. it's hard to say without actual in-game models. didn't notice it, you're right. Either way, It's just a concept, made for fun.
  15. gp.

    Can we talk about hunger?

    So, we use oxygen as a "food" equivalent. I like it, as it is. Hunger is redundant. If O2 wasn't unlimited you'd have to make organic farms (o2 production and collection), build a chemlab producing it (water electrolysis - either from collected ice or pipes connected to river/sea) or construct a condenser (if specific planet's atmosphere contains oxygen). For me - sounds like fun. But this game is casual, so.. To keep it as it is, we should make sure that player won't die because of lack of oxygen - base and vehicles with basic o2 supply. So, yeah ulimited oxygen - you could say - nothing has changed. But.. If we could make another use of O2, then things mentioned in point 1. would become profitable. You could build o2 tanks to keep it's excess and then use it to: burn fuel (shuttles/thrusters/maybe fuel-powered generators) explore oceans produce metal alloys make explosives (mining)
  16. gp.

    The driving experience

    + vehicles should weigh more. I mean, hey, gravity is low, thus give them some mass, so it feels right to drive.
  17. gp.

    More disasters

    First time I saw sandstorm I was like: OMG IT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL (scared to death). More disasters please.