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    Planets with water and magma

    Can't wait for this awesome content. As I guess, when liquid physics is implemented, there is nothing to keep devs from creating such goodies. <excited><waiting impatiently>
  2. As has been said many times, the game needs a technology tree to make researching more satisfying. So I made a simple example of it. Each blueprint can be unlocked when all its roots have been discovered. In addition, the chance of each discovery depends on its position on the tree (the more to the right, the less chance - more valuable blueprints). Each research event (RE) randomly select one of currently available blueprints. Let's see an example. At the begining you've got 100% chances to discover tethers (game should make one artifact accessible for the player, near the landing site - it would also work as a really basic tutorial). Once you unlocked tethers (RE-1), five new blueprints became accessible. Each of them has a weight of 1/2, so they are equally likely to be unlocked in the next RE (RE-2). Let's assume that you get power cells and next, RE-3 takes place... sample results: I do not know if the weights of successive levels are well balanced, but I think this concept makes sense. What do you Guys think about it?
  3. gp.

    Tech tree - example

    So... today I got really bored and wrote a simple c# application that simulates the operation of my algorithm. If anyone is curious about the results, there they are: based on:
  4. gp.

    Tech tree - example

    Long story short: you need to 1) bring fractions to the same denominator and 2) add their new counters (and omit the denominators). 3) A new integer (let's call it E) is created which is the denominator for 4) new fractions. They determine the absolute probability of researching specific blueprints. In the initial stage we had for example wind vane, solar panel, generator, power cells and filters, each of which weighed 1/2. (1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/2 wouldn't make sense) They already have the same denominators, so we add only counters: E = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5. Then we create a fraction of probability for every blueprint: using E = 5 as a denominator, and their respective counters (in this example, all equal 1). We get 1/5, which now is a floating point number (0.2) and means absolute probability of specific blueprint being researched. Change I suggested a moment ago: After step 2) we also add up E and a value of a chest-specific counter of reopenings. It equals 0 if chest has never been researched. And it grows exponentially (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64...). Steps 3 and 4 are the same. As English is not my native language, it's hard for me to explain it clearly. But that's just one idea to make progress in game satisfying. There sure are many more and better of them. Hope devs know what they're doing
  5. gp.

    Tech tree - example

    I posted this in another topic. So.. In my design, chest type doesn't matter, every one gives you a blueprint. But, now I think that's too easy. I guess there would be two solutions for this problem: Either, there are two large categories of chests: with (maybe tech-chests from wrecks) and without blueprints. Every type of chest has assigned counter value which increments after chest being researched. This counter is also a probability factor for resource instead of blueprint. In a given example: solar panel 1/32 = 2/64 big battery 1/64 rover 1/8 = 8/64 habitat 1/64 fuel condenser 1/32 = 2/64 chest-specific counter: 4 (2^2 - chest was opened twice; if more: 8, 16, 32 and so on) / 64 sum: 18/64 absolute probability: solar panel 2/18 big battery 1/18 rover 8/18 habitat 1/18 fuel condenser 2/18 resource drop: 4/18 This way development of technology is gradual and logical. Also, exploring for different artifacts is beign rewarded.
  6. For most players with a few hours of experience, labels no longer matter. The game without them looks much clearer, especially around the base. I think adding this option to the menu is a matter of a few minutes and it would be cool to find it in the next build
  7. gp.

    Risk vs reward of a health system

    Agree with @Kantanshi. Also, there is no logical connection between oxygen level and player injury. I like it as it is. Game is already easy.
  8. gp.

    "Set-back" the Player

    @reto Nice ideas. Meteorites! They could be a reason to build your base underground or an expensive force-field dome above it
  9. gp.

    Make polls for the ideas in forum

    Made this a while ago: And I agree - we need something from devs, making interaction between them and us easier.
  10. gp.

    Idea on changing the new research system

    Weight in my tech tree were to keep equal progression in different branches of it. So 1/32 or 1/512 doesn't mean absolute probability, but is information that one tech is more likely to be discovered than another. So every research would give you next tech. Let's say you've got: solar panel 1/32 = 2/64 big battery 1/64 rover 1/8 = 8/64 habitat 1/64 fuel condenser 1/32 = 2/64 sum: 14/64 Absolute probability of them: solar panel 2/14 big battery 1/14 rover 8/14 habitat 1/14 fuel condenser 2/14 I guess I didn't describe it exactly.
  11. Sounds really good and really like your planet specific chests selection. But: It kind of removes the secret behind those chests. Maybe just differentiate beteween BLUEPRINT chests and NOT-BLUEPRINT chests, so player would know he found something special. Make a unique design for them - maybe only artificial artifacts should contain blueprints? Simple looking chests would keep simple techs, complex artifacts - higher techs. Also they could be divided by colour into groups representing different technologies: energy, life support, ground vehicles, mining, space travel etc. This way, you'd never know what have you found until you examine it in the research station. But you'd know that it's something worth collecting. Yup. But let's put in those chests more resources to keep player's interest in them.
  12. gp.

    Idea on changing the new research system

    I think the same. "Weight" of blueprint was set to add some gradation - if you discover every blueprint with the same weight, next ones become easier to get. I suggested that because of devs wish to keep some randomness. Personally, I think that's not the part of game which needs it, because targeted progress in Astroneer is crucial, especially in the begining.
  13. gp.

    Please Fix Vehicles in Next Patch

    Agree. It should have the highest priority atm. I'm so tired of wild trucks going airborne all the time. It would be a GAME-CHANGING fix. Just make driving fun and enjoyable (responsive suspension, grip of wheels, feeling of realistic weight).
  14. gp.

    Points based research idea.

    Interesting idea, I was thinking about something similar. Exactly. This would fit the concept of technological tree (see here) with different branches you could chose to explore. But instead of hiding it inside the game's code, this would have to be included in the UI, which is the hard part I think. Also, there is no place for excitement and mystery if you know that every chest is just a bunch of science points. Anyway, this idea has some potential.
  15. gp.

    Tech tree - example

    @Knouvael'Qeskre I don't want to put this tech tree in game's UI. It's just to show my view on how research system should work. It would not change anything about researching, except of its results. BTW: if anyone have any suggestions or want to make his own version of this tree, you can edit this: link original version: file: tt.xml
  16. gp.

    Tech tree - example

    Forgot, cant edit. Recently, augments have been implemented and more of them are being planned for vehicles and platforms. Since they are not essential for the game, I think it would be an interesting idea to spread them in a solar system as special artifacts. Augments for different techs (on chart: yellow, red, blue, purple - and more as the game grows) on different planets...
  17. gp.

    Advanced Tethers

    I thought Esski meant that the Basic Tethers would not transmit energy (unlike Advanced Tethers). I don't know. IMO, tethers shouldn't produce energy.
  18. Yeah looks like you are really a sophisticated donkey. Build 154 isn't HARD to play, it's tedious. But you're such a hardcore player, we get it.
  19. It would be nonintuitive. Vehicles shouldn't get power from nothing. Also, energy in game works in a predictable way and with objects of the same category it should work in the same mechanism.
  20. gp.

    Fencing Similar to Tethers

    Agree. Maybe alumminium and lithium, as the fence should be rigid and generate force field (tier 2). Or aluminium (tier 1, made in backpack printer). Or sth else, but not too easy.
  21. gp.

    Advanced Tethers

    Good idea. + maybe the higher tech, the stronger light coming out?
  22. gp.

    We are the testers

    Glad to hear that. And that's why negative opinions are important. I think it's the most important stage of the game development - it's hard to change foundations when you've already built a house. So I'm really happy to hear that devs have everything under control and keep working.
  23. gp.

    Research Tech Tree

    @Abram Jablonski Well said. I agree with EVERY word. Hope devs hear you.