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  1. After a long break from Astroneer I played it for a while and I was struck by an interesting idea: What if you could made certain terrain unresponsive (solid) to your terrain tool by turning it into concrete (or differently named, solid material - like the one surrounding base modules). After that, the only way to remove this solid terrain would be either using a drill or a solid mod in inversed mode (using up a lot of energy). For example, you could build perfectly flat surfaces, make them solid and continue building perpendicular surfaces without destroying anything.
  2. I guess now there is no need for keeping that huge notification about the lack of energy. It was disrupting my gameplay during all astro-night, because I have no power and my backpack battery wasn't refilling itself. Also - i think there is some inconsistency in the sediment managing. Terrain tool is using up sediment while flattening terrain even when it's not creating any new geometry.
  3. Really excited about the upcoming update! I'm absolutely impressed, it's a big and brave revision of the game mechanics foundations. I cannot wait to see how it works in practice. Good work, System Era.
  4. gp.

    Welcome Sam!

    Good to know that Exo Dynamics engineering ability is increasing. Hi Sam!
  5. gp.

    Work lights

    Thanks System Era Looking forward for the next (community-suggested or not) content being implemented in game. Cheers!
  6. gp.

    Videos Megathread

    So... I was shot into the orbit while entering a stand-alone seat, which went crazy.
  7. gp.

    "Patch 189" : Jun 16th, 2017

    tbh, I prefer flat (the left one)
  8. gp.

    Computer chips

    Thought you Guys, would like to see it (if you don't follow Adam on twitter).
  9. gp.

    New Research Functionality

    I have mixed feelings. What I like: starting the game with only tethers and research station choice of research direction support (!) of the research process by providing resources What seems wrong to me: switching from chests/artifacts to resources in a research system Instead of collecting interesting chests, player has to collect just more and more resources - I do not see it interesting or exciting. reduction of energy demand In my opinion the research should take even MORE energy - as in the game today there is no problem with its acquisition. removing a trade platofm It should remain as a mid-game platform which helps player acquire enough different resources for the construction of large-scale projects. Also, if you want to increase the demand for resources, removing trade platform is not logical. In conclusion - I see no reason why it would be worthwhile to change the current system in such a drastic way. There were many simple and good ideas in the forum that didn't require such a huge ingerention in the game code.
  10. gp.

    Old build look

    If someone has not seen it yet, you will surely be interested: Some shots: What do you think, guys?
  11. gp.

    "Patch 182" - May 26, 2017

    For me it looks too big now. Like it's too heavy for a tiny Astroneer.
  12. gp.

    Work lights

    Work lights to ease exploring and mining underground and at night. Consuming 1/8 unit of energy per second: one large battery (64 units, 16 big bars) could supply one work light for 8m32s of operation. No lights, only tethers: With work lights:
  13. gp.

    Screenshots Megathread

    Heavy excavation in progress.
  14. gp.


    It could make another use for hydrazine and look amazing. I like this idea.