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  1. Good to know that Exo Dynamics engineering ability is increasing. Hi Sam!
  2. Thanks System Era Looking forward for the next (community-suggested or not) content being implemented in game. Cheers!
  3. So... I was shot into the orbit while entering a stand-alone seat, which went crazy.
  4. tbh, I prefer flat (the left one)
  5. Thought you Guys, would like to see it (if you don't follow Adam on twitter).
  6. I have mixed feelings. What I like: starting the game with only tethers and research station choice of research direction support (!) of the research process by providing resources What seems wrong to me: switching from chests/artifacts to resources in a research system Instead of collecting interesting chests, player has to collect just more and more resources - I do not see it interesting or exciting. reduction of energy demand In my opinion the research should take even MORE energy - as in the game today there is no problem with its acquisition. removing a trade platofm It should remain as a mid-game platform which helps player acquire enough different resources for the construction of large-scale projects. Also, if you want to increase the demand for resources, removing trade platform is not logical. In conclusion - I see no reason why it would be worthwhile to change the current system in such a drastic way. There were many simple and good ideas in the forum that didn't require such a huge ingerention in the game code.
  7. If someone has not seen it yet, you will surely be interested: Some shots: What do you think, guys?
  8. For me it looks too big now. Like it's too heavy for a tiny Astroneer.
  9. Work lights to ease exploring and mining underground and at night. Consuming 1/8 unit of energy per second: one large battery (64 units, 16 big bars) could supply one work light for 8m32s of operation. No lights, only tethers: With work lights:
  10. Heavy excavation in progress.
  11. It could make another use for hydrazine and look amazing. I like this idea.
  12. + So, technology tree + specific artifacts (yellow, green, red) - increasing chances of getting the technology you want (energy, life-support, mining techs) neutral (gray) artifacts - giving you just random (but following the tech tree) technology Personally, I also prefer the previous one than the current system. It was just fun.
  13. If the resource X is available (in the common storage platform), all connected platforms can use it. The player is informed about the presence of X by green holograms. When he click on them (or start a production), X is automatically transferred to the platform. If not in stock, hologram stays blue. reference:
  14. Me too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)