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  1. Hi guys Any plans to put keyboard and mouse support into the Xbox version? Cheers Sarah
  2. Tucklis

    Use of very Large Structure

    I've also noticed you can quite clearly see them if you're orbiting a planet
  3. Tucklis

    Purple Triangle Thing

    Whats WAD?
  4. Tucklis

    Family Members cannot play together

    Doesn't game share only work on xbox and not pc to xbox?
  5. Tucklis

    Patch 1.0.4 - February 9, 2019

    Playing on Xbox One classic and the new patch has made single player so much better, lag is barely noticeable, been off and on planet several times and still played good. Multiplayer though is still laggy, not as much, but really needs looking at. Other than that I am turbo happy with the release, absolutely love it, keep it up guys :)
  6. Tucklis

    Xbox release

    Thanks guys. That makes me feel better as I'm in work all day and it should be there all ready for when I get in
  7. Tucklis

    Where is the update (windows)

    I checked the Xbox update at 7.30 this morning and nothing. I've also tried contacting them but nothing perhaps something has gone wrong
  8. Tucklis

    Xbox release

    So today is supposed to be the release date. I checked an hour ago and it is still saying Final Alpha. When is it supposed to be released in the UK?
  9. Tucklis

    My Base in Astroneer

    Excellent, I cant wait until tomorrow lol
  10. Tucklis

    My Base in Astroneer

    Impressive. Are you playing on Xbox? Did the lag get bad with all those bases?
  11. Tucklis

    Slow FPS

    And I see that System Era hasn't bothered to reply to anybody that's complaining about the frame rate. Not good customer service in all honesty.
  12. Tucklis

    Framerate on Xbox One

    Hi guys When are the framerate issues going to be fixed? The game is unplayable when playing multiplayer, single player isn't much better once the station gets large. I can see lots and lots of people are asking but nobody at System Era seems bothered to answer. We all know it is early access, but come on guys let us be able to at least play with a tidy framerate
  13. I'm the same Really enjoyed playing multiplayer with my sons but as you say, as soon as you get the station up the framerate dips so low it makes it virtually unplayable. I wrote on this forum days ago but had no response.