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  1. As I'm sure many will point out, this game is in pre-alpha. It's going to take months to years to finish. It's a proof of concept and interest. Even big title games take a long time to develop, they just don't release them early, as their stock would be affected by every single negative comment about them. I've been playing this game off and on from day one, and it's exciting to get updates that enhance the game. But as Wyvyrias pointed out, they've moved, one of their team died, and life gets in the way. Setbacks, funding, development problems, these things happen. I agree, it can be fru
  2. Probably in a couple weeks
  3. Holy god. Beautiful work. I love the zebra room lol
  4. ^this. that's definitely on my to do list now keep it coming
  5. beautiful, still struggling to get perfect edges for walls and ceilings lol, great work!
  6. Had something similar happen on irradiated, landed with the door facing a sarlacc, couldn't get out without dying lol, had to blast off and go to another site
  7. Fair point, I was thinking originally (before the feedback) that the bike/atv wouldn't have any storage spots, just to be used as an uber maneuverable scout. Points made thus far convinced me otherwise
  8. Maybe the trade off could be something like it has it's own generator to recharge with only a couple slots. Or, maybe make the dirtbike/ATV customizable so you can have different loadouts for scouting, small but maneuverable research node available storage, or just a mountain scaler?
  9. Best to use that for underground or anywhere else you don't get much sunlight (like irradiated being mostly tidally locked), or if you have a train of 4 or more trucks.
  10. I have not tried this...welp, I know what I'm doin next lol
  11. Had a thought today on Barren, what if you could bundle the dynamite together and make one big massive bomb to quickly clear tunnels through mountains or ground? (Haven't tried using a storage full and just triggering one, anyone done this?) I did notice that if you trigger the fuse and then pave over it with the terrain tool, the bomb just explodes in one direction leaving the surface intact.