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  1. I'm not sure about falling through them, but I had an "Xray" glitch where I could see through a small area into the map. I used my tool on it and it immediately went back to normal. Not sure what to say if it's running rampant.
  2. Pretty sure that base deconstruction is on the list. (which will be nice, since I killed my first base with 4 nodes upgraded from the habitat and left no space to build. Lesson learned and onward we go!
  3. I've heard it runs a little hard on the XBOX, but I've also heard that some speed fixes may be on the horizon
  4. Radiation storms that leech your pack power? Some sort of storm that leeches your oxygen level (chilly blizzard or poison gas cloud)? I was delighted to find my character leaning into the storm, and then HORRIFIED at the death that rained from the 'bove in my first storm. I'd like that experience more times in different ways
  5. I would buy additional skins a la rocket league SO FAST
  6. I think there's already a number of options available to prevent and recover from death (use beacons to mark your way, take a vehicle with you, use more tethers, use a vehicle to bring a habitat and build a mobile base, bring however much power or air stacks you need, etc.), so I don't really see the need for this. I get that it's a pain in the ass to retrieve your body from very far away, but you had made the decision to go that far from your base.
  7. I feel cautious about this sort of thing, because there's a certain point where you're just sitting about your base on your recliner sipping lemonade instead of getting out there and exploring. With the automation you've mentioned, you would be maxxed out end game after one afk sesson
  8. I would also be interested, but I know just how long it takes to transcribe (and why it's so expensive), so bless whoever might make it! edit: professional transcribers typically a lot about an hour for every 15 minutes of audio to be transcribed, so you'd be looking at 8 hours of transcription to textify 2 hours of podcast!
  9. I think you can already sort of do this, but it's just freehand instead of snap-to. If you're handy and clever, which I am not, you can already do some fancy business with flat walls, ramps, etc.
  10. I really like the idea of snap-on improvements to the vehicles (torque module reduces mas speed, but increases hauling capacity). There's already the air filters that act as a one-off air tank extension and the extra tank of course. As for turbines, my opinion is they're close to balanced with solar panels (solar is stronger, only available sometimes but predictably so, and is blocked by nearby shade). Given how often I've flipped over my vehicles, I'm not sure I want it to go any faster Generally speaking though, I am really fond of the idea of vehicle add-ons! Also, s
  11. Perhaps it's just me, but I like the notion of having to scout ahead on foot, and then being able to traverse later by vehicle. It just seems proper for space strandedness...
  12. I seem to recall hearing that save management/naming was on the list. Slightly off topic, does anyone know if there is a max number of saves you can have? I'm on PC, but I suppose I'm curious about all versions of the game.