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  1. People, if you remember? Before you create your own theme, first check whether there are similar themes. YOU Spam Forum
  2. Watch forum before create similar topic
  3. The problem is not new. People have created such a forum topic. But I decided from scratch, to remind you for this bug. Which is actually quite serious. When mining drill. When smelting. Happens that resources are extracted are "not completed" when the process of extraction - stops and changes to the process of extracting another resource. Then formed such elements - which do not displace. Screenshots - Logs and "analytics" files -
  4. This is a great game. And I thank you for what you have done it and make it. Even though the content is still almost enough for seven hours of play. These seven hours were interesting. I hope that you will continue active work on the game and in the the coming months fill it with all your ideas. I never regret for wasted my money. Because let's be honest, it's not a full release of the game. It's only Alpha. But compared to other games have had a release this year - this alpha, was very tidy. I repeat - even some releases such accuracy can not boast. But know this. Of course community does n
  5. "When game will be improved, I will express my happiness and I will not refrain myself from saying "Good work System Era" - but for now, as playing or event testing is really impossible - why should I suffer and push myself to play? " becose you мудак. Before you buy a game you've seen it in Pre-Alfa with all consequences. So you knew to be "suffering". Despite this. You dare blame the developers in their own stupidity. Тож так - ти просто мудак і вся твоя аргументація натягнута дупа свині. А ще такі як ти просто "ніженки" які "зажралися".
  6. "Wind turbines often spin randomly, independent of other nearby turbines" - I think this not a bag
  7. Друзі. Там не так й багато поки, що перекладати, абипросити когось зробити це за нас. І я думаю особливого дозволу не треба для початок роботи над перекладом.
  8. Same problem. When I remove the the ore while the smelting is not over PC Steam