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  1. Confirmed- happening to me too--- seems to be a problem that gets worse over a gameplay session too. Restarting the game seems to improve the problem for me and unstick stuck tractors/buggy. I'm now restarting the game every 20-30mins of play to try to avoid this problem.
  2. Torgado

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Aesthetics count for QOL, right? At least they should... How Small/Med/Large spaceships are cobbled together is, frankly, embarrassing from a design perspective. It's not consistent with the orbit experience (cool) and doesn't sync with the cool PAX Trailer Video spaceship. ? The fact that a single enclosed seat doesn't line up with the base of the large shuttle... and the large storage overhangs and clips into the seat... really looks amateur for an otherwise amazingly well thought out design for the game. And in what universe is it ever ok to hang materials out in the open through the launch/landing experience? Dropship=nice/smooth/aerodynamic with ablative bottom for descent. Shuttles? Wide open with materials completely exposed. Obviously not shooting for realism on any account, but game design should be consistent.? I get that the game is being hailed as Lego's in Space--- good enough, but Lego's are designed to fit together nicely and are aesthetically pleasing. ? Please don't mistake the overtly critical nature of this post for me just being an a**. I'm really not-- I just really love this game (510hrs according to steam) and want it to succeed out of the gate! These sorts of missteps can result in negative reviews for games and thus, a diminished player-base, but worse, a poor first impression for new players. ? Hopefully, this post was a complete waste of cycles and y'all have already redesigned the shuttles/ships from the ground up for 1.0!!! ? Lastly--- when my little Astroneer tucks into a drop ship to hide from a storm, please close the door... it's unnerving sitting there being assaulted from every direction by square blocks blowing in at 80mph with the door wide open... New players will ask the same question we've been asking for almost 2 years. Why doesn't the door close? ?
  3. Torgado

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    All production devices should behave the same--- auto-loading materials from attached storage like the smelter does. Or there should be an "auto-load" selection along with On/Off (so On/Auto/Off) Research Chamber should auto-load research modules and run when research modules are attached to the platform when turned on (or set to Auto) Chemistry lab should auto-load materials and process for currently selected recipe when turned on (or set to Auto) Medium Printer should auto-load materials on attached storage for currently selected recipe when turned on (or set to Auto) Soil Centrifuge should auto-load soil on attached storage to process into currently selected recipe when turned on (or set to Auto)
  4. Torgado

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    +1 to HUD compass (still not sure how an advanced space faring race hasn't figured out a compass for a vehicle yet...) Slip the existing code for compass into vehicles... be consistent with compass for all means of travel. +1 as with small generator, solar, windvane which have powerplugs, be consistent and add power plugs to base of med solar, wind, generator.
  5. Torgado

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    Extend "Q" functionality from device to the platform upon which it's mounted. The number of times I think I'm pointing at a device, hold "Q" and end up in my catalog instead of opening the device drives me nutso... Please extend the "Q" hitbox for the device (say Medium Printer) to the platform on which it is mounted.
  6. So, in my house... I have many boxes. And chests of drawers. And closets. And shelves for boxes. Storage might even be a universal thing. All over the great wide world, there are boxes and chests. There are compartments on the space station, even. Why not have chests? Just to be different for the sake of being different? non-conformist? Some ideas are good, no matter what game they're in. Chests/boxes/enclosed storage is a good idea and gives great flexibility for organizing content in GUI as well as expansion. If all the doohickies can shrink to fit on our backpack, they can shrink to fit in a chests too, right? Please--- chests of some sort FTW!!! Cheers :-)
  7. Joe Tirado's graphic explains it all. This is a must have! Just making it an official request here.
  8. Torgado

    Terrain Tool issues on Tundra

    Adding my bit--- happening for me on Tundra as well, almost like the terrain tool is snapping to points on a grid. I'm on the Steam version using mouse/keyboard. Just landed a spaceship with supplies for setting up a base, tried to level some terrain to set up a base but it proved impossible (see video). 2017-12-21 Astroneer bug - leveling on Tundra wigging out(1).mp4
  9. Torgado

    Vehicle physics solved?!

    Have to agree on the nerfed truck feedback here. Very frustrating trying to get around in truck and truck trailer. Load them with nuts and it comes to barely a crawl on anything but entirely level ground, even then it feels like it's really laboring just to get started. Very much diminishes the fun factor while substantially increasing the tedium factor. Also--- almost any nut attached to the front of the truck will catch and hold the avatar when exiting the vehicle.
  10. Greetings! To the devs, first, thanks for all the hard work and the great fun you've given us already :-) This early access run has truly been the best I've experienced! Ok, so looking at the roadmap--- #1) Do you see this game as having a definitive ending? A point at which a player has done all the things and is now really done? Or perhaps left with wandering around, looking for new landscape views? This is the point at which a game goes back in the Steam Library and gets pulled out occasionally for nostalgia. Lots of games have a finite gameplay and are great, btw, so not poking here at all. And I go back to many games for nostalgia too, which is perfectly ok! Or #2) Do you have a vision for creating a game with features that support truly emergent, long-term gameplay once all the core things have been done? Things like Building tools/construction materials and elements, puzzle makers, contraption elements etc and most importantly-- an api and hooks for 3rd party created mods? Maybe some of the items on the roadmap point to #2--- Online persistence, modularity, player trading, player-driven economy, but the roadmap looks more given to #1 (or lack of features on the roadmap so that #2 really isn't likely.) However, in spite of this, the universe and worlds you've created seem to lend themselves to #2, which I admit is rather confusing. Any chance you could clarify for us? Much appreciation at any rate :-)
  11. Bumping as I'm experiencing this on 158. Oxygen was just researched but not available to create on backpack printer.
  12. I'm experiencing the same thing on vehicles with all power generations items (large/small wind vanes and large/small solar panels)
  13. Torgado

    Make polls for the ideas in forum

    Also a great SaaS --- Tagline is: Build better products with intelligent product feedback. I've used it for several projects--- boy does it help good ideas float to the surface and provide an instant feedback mechanism and roadmap back to the user community.
  14. Torgado

    Games Platform

    I propose the creations of a "Games Platform" Ball Games: Put on 1 compound and get a bouncy ball. Create a flat surface and perpendicular surface for a game of Wallball. Make a 'hoop', paint it orange and play a game of Horse, or better yet, "Spike" Build a 'net/low-wall' and play some volleyball. Put on 1 organic and get a bat/club with which to smack the ball to impart more energy. Giant Beach Ball: 2 compound for a huge beach ball Boomerang: Put 2 organic in and get a boomerang. Just for fun! Pogo Stick: Put 1 aluminum in and get a pogo stick and bounce around your base. add hydrazine for a crazy, super-powered pogo-stick! Just be careful lest you become the latest winner of the Darwin Award. Rocket Flag: Put in 2 aluminum and get a small rocket. Insert a hydrazine and it launches high above the surface of the planet and releases 5 colored flags that drop randomly to the planet surface and the game begins. First person to find 3 out of 5 of the flags and inserts them onto the games platform wins a trophy. What are your games ideas?
  15. Torgado

    Small solar panels not working - Hotfix 155

    I'm experiencing this as well. Steam version. Windows 10. Perhaps related? If I'm in the habitat or in a seat when the sun comes up, solar panels and wind vanes send no power to storage. Exiting the habitat or seat seems to refresh and power begins to flow again.