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  1. some features in the old gameplay video looks good ,such as wires,hope they can bring it back to the ea version.
  2. These model was very awsome!!!!!!i love this !!!!devs should look at this post!!!
  3. Different from other survivl game,astroneers are prepared to mining in a outer planet,so they should have prepared goods and materials well before they land. Here is the features about the robot partner type: type 1: It can expand ur stronage,as a stronage. type 2: It has Holographic display map,it would be useful before u have a gps satellite,become more useful after u have satellite,even has gps guidence. type 3: support robot ,it would light the surround environment,provide oxygen and power. type 4: Freight transport robot, it can carry the "unkown"things,and auto send it back to research. 4 type robot can coop together,make the game more funny and more playable.
  4. I agreed this,and i think wires to connect every buliding is good ,atleast me and my near friends,ty
  5. (i am chinese,my english is not very well,sry) First of all,i want to say ,I really love this game!!!! And i want this game become better ,i havent play it for a long time,because it havent had enough features and factors to discover or explore. Here is the list of my system ideas: 1:UPGRADE SYSTEM for almost very item on this game ,such as solar panel,the base level just like what it likes in lastest version, BUT,the senior level should like this and we can still has the advance level like this and may even more likely to build a solar panels station!!!!!! maybe we can build a research center to upgrade this techology!!!!!it would be a good idea to extend the gameplay features!!!! 2:oxygen supply system other things i have found is that the oxygen supply system should be changed. A new oxygen supply system depend on electric ,and the light used too,the electric wii continue dicreasing,once the electric run out,oxygen wii decreasing too! AND,this system maybe depend on a printable thing. BTW,i think it should have some warning tone when character were in low electricity. and the terrain tool should can use fule such as Hydrazine? maybe u can add this tool ability to the upgrade system! 3:electric wire connection system I think electric circuit was a great idea,every building has its interface(nozzle),and were use resin to print wires,then we use wires to connect everything in the game! Has this system u can even connected the BIG sloar panel from far away!!!!! Just like a electric circuit!!!i do believe it would be great of fun!!!! 4:breakdown system Ur base or building or even rover car can radomly burn fire or breakdown after some big diaster!!!!Add radom issues could made this game more funny!And it should be optional I think,because some players may dont like this!!!! Add a Workbench and you can print repair tool to repair ur buliding and rover!!! 5:lighting system I also think this game should have some light when ur undergroud!!!use electric wire connect to the base ecectric supplyer!!!!!!