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  1. that is actually a huge solar panel that you can connect to a base . Yes this is what i had in mind it did not have to be our own modules we find
  2. Thanks for the support - i don't have much time but i do have lots of ideas .. some of the modules could even be alien or miniature or enormous like a mod machine for the backpack that adds 4 more slots for telemetry or nuggets in general just below the top side ones . also i would like to see a stable platform ability for the crane like we wee with a Mobil excavator .
  3. For some time i have been only visiting single points on each planet and knowing that there should be a lot more planets to visit in the full game i wonder that's a lot of wasted space. What if a landing site had, besides space debris, a abandoned base that either needs fixing with a module or connector or just needs power and that it could give you a supply of a resource that is very limited and fixed to that location - so maybe some modules that are not re searchable, that you cant add to your library and are only available on that spot , i wonder if some of the original modules th
  4. I'm sure the rovers that went to the moon had a Hand break - can we please have on for the rovers even if we have to research an item to get which could form part of the new modulation , also i believe the rovers were all wheel drive but when u attach a 2nd rover its seems like your dragging this trailer and it acts dumb and only used as storage and a backup power source . not sure about the last one but a hand break on the rovers would help heaps . next update cant wait ! G
  5. As we progress to base building and structure constructions i have noticed that the terrain tool has three slots , what if :- you add three wide mode or 2 for that matter to the terrain tool the wide mode becomes wider ! you add power to the terrain tool in the form of a small battery pack u supercharge the tool ! there are a few more combinations but i hope the community can elaborate on them . Some things for the devs to think about .
  6. thanks yes i saw this the day it was posted - but was not sure if that what was u meant what i'm hoping for is to have iron ore or some sort of other mining equipment so we can play with that bit ( we love our tonka trucks ) as the devs can see with the medium and small rover getting the machinery behaving is the greatest battle .
  7. well we got a patch and we got a 10x thruster - its not a lot but but from vlog 004 alot will be soon ( i'm hoping ) so i'm ok with it i'll just get some practice with the thruster and some sleep in while i wait for a bit more . also cant seem to find it the screen shot dont have dates on them
  8. base building can be really frustrating especially when the resin modules place itself at different levels or the wrong level . rather than letting the ports extend to were you stand before you add resin what if we could place were we want it before we add the resin this includes its high. Regards G
  9. Could we have a new item to play with in the next Patch please even if its NQR , the six wheeled rover looked pretty awesome that i saw last year and if something like this was added its just another rover with more capacity but would keep us all busy i'm all sure , we are just a little bored , i had thought that the new argument attachments might of given Me something else to do but i think were the games stands at the moment for people to keep seeing how to play the alpha we need a few more new elements to explore . i mean a really. huge battery and the printer that makes it or even a g
  10. when picking up tethers i noticed that that unless the the top left slot is free they will not be collected and displayed correctly when selecting the tether to be collected and hitting tab on the pc . If i don't have the top left slot free and occupied with a tank the tethers do look like thay have been collected when i hit tab but they are not shown on the back pack .
  11. gamer3148

    Black Boxes

    Hi As i wait for more content i have decided to make more basses on each planet, it would be good if we could name our base so we don not land on the wrong one , anyway after going back to my original base i notice 2 black boxes in front of my base pod - can someone please tell me anything about them .
  12. Hi i have only been playing for a few days and i'm hooked , but at the moment its lacking many more items to research so here is a list of what i would like to see in no particular order Different space ships with many more different components ( space shuttle were you need to build a runway ! A Saturn 5 rocket 5 stage to jump to other systems ( space is fun too ) Satellites for navigation and maybe power during the night some planets are lacking sunlight ( hands up anyone who has gotten lost and either cant find their base and died just to get back to building !)