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  1. Not sure that's actually a bug. - You can only build from the shuttle once, I think. That may or may not be intended. - You look to be out of Hydrazine, so I assume you can't lift because you are out of fuel. - You *could* unmount the habitat and build from that - of course you then would have to build enough of a base to make a printer and a new habitat/seat. As you're on Exotic, that could be fairly difficult/impossible as there's not a lot of resin/compound there. Alternatively, if playing co-op, a freind could bring you some Hydrazine.
  2. Not likely you'll be able to load such old files. At this stage, I doubt the devs can guarantee not to break things between updates. Pre-Alpha, and all that.
  3. Not seen it intersect the planet I'm on, but I've certainly seen the effect. Seems pretty common.
  4. As present, materials present as deposits in a more or less blobby volume (with the exception of a few surface deposits like organics, energy and oxygen). Note - I don't mean what a resource looks like, rather the volume of rock which contains it. This is kind of boring - all you have to do is slurp out a volume, and you're done. It would be more interesting if deposts occupied different shapes. e.g IRL, coal is found in /seams/ - essentially sheets - which may be inclined, thick or thin, and of large area. Equally, we could have long, spindly (maybe even branching) veins of mat
  5. Do you have a research unit? If you do, enough discoveries might get you a bonus hydrazine eventually.
  6. Never played kerbal - that's just out of my head and a few thousand SF novels...
  7. Some thoughts on space - some have probably been mentioned, but the use of a forum for suggestions is going to get us a lot of repetition (as has already been said ) : Firstly, rename the current spaceship to "large shuttle" (which it resembles), and maybe double fuel use, so it gets the same range as the small shuttle. Shuttles are short-distance vehicles, so you can only go planet-moon, moon-moon. The planets are out of reach. A space station builds like a base, but in 3 dimensions rather than two, so we reuse a lot of the same mechanics. Most base modules wil
  8. As long as you always start on a "Terran" planet, you'd always start with the possibility of making it. Also, I'd envisage you'd be able to buy from trade platforms - just not sell it (or not for any huge profit, anyway).
  9. Simple solution. Don't allow selling Hydrazine ("We can make it cheaper than you can sell it"). Of course you can buy it...
  10. I had a similar notion, with a few variations. Hydrazine powered, rather than energy (which makes early hydrazine a bit more useful, and fuel slightly harder to come by out in the field) No tethers from it, so only free O2 while you're riding it Full air-bike mode? i.e. allow some altitude. Affected by wind speed & direction. You don't even want to consider a storm... You could extend the principle to a flitter (few slots) and air-truck (many slots). These would use Hydrazine faster.
  11. A few thoughts on Hydrazine: Should have minimal, even zero, sale value, as it's effectively just stored energy. Still cost as a common to buy though (doubtless due to shipping, VAT and Customs Duty ) Should need the right kind of atmosphere for a condenser to work ( N2 & H20/NH3/CH4) --> H2N2 + X
  12. A couple of [obvious] thoughts on metals: You should get less units of metal than you put in ore Metal is worth correspondingly more than ore, plus a bit for processing. This would make doing your own ore processing profitable. Some metals (Al,Ti) are very hard to extract, compared to (Cu,Fe) etc - so maybe a level II smelter/refiner for these. Apart from Noble metals, pretty much everything comes as ore, and needs smelting/refining
  13. Tech progression is very random at the moment. Assuming there are going to be a lot more researchable items, we're going to get a lot more techs, so I wonder if categorising them and building a tree or trees might be useful. This could be as simple as Chemistry/Physics/Biology/Engineering - Different pod types could yield different research types. - You could perhaps set research priorities - You would learn less and less from repeated pods, but always get something
  14. Why not add a small (backpackable) analyser that can be used to "research" discovery pods you've seen before, dropping the resource, so removing the grind of having to take it back to base. If you've not seen it before, you'd still have to take it back to base, but the device will tell you so. Actually, you could have two levels of device : I - Tells you what the drop will be (so you can decide not to bother) II - Actually analyses it