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  1. Guess i just needed to find another planet. Got a new one.. pffft. thanks anyways guys
  2. ive learned either that this is not true or my game is bugged. I've only collected random pods on all of the different saves just to test this. Im going to uninstall. or just collect items on a different planet
  3. I can only research like 5 of 6 things before it only gives me loot. I've played multiple games so I know there is stuff I havent gotten in each game and am not capable of getting. ITS SO FRUSTRATING. Are we supposed to go to other planets before we can research more or is this a glitch? I cant make progress!
  4. Build the space station in the menu and be able to dock your shuttles at it
  5. I just think the game would benefit greatly from a terraria-like set of goals, enemies/bosses. Also why can't I destroy buildings I've placed?
  6. No screenshot or videos. I've noticed on my worlds and even friend's worlds, after saving worlds, I cant research anything new, only find titanium/lithium/etc. If i dont research everything before I save and logout, I wont be able to research it next time im on that world.