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  1. thanks! I was wondering what it was modeled after. I definitely will be checking that out
  2. when I'm playing a game where a female is the main character, I'm not that bothered anyway. like portal for example. I wouldn't say "I wish I was a male" I don't think gender once crossed my mind when playing a video game. although I do like having more things to choose from when I'm going to choose who I'm going to be through the entire game.
  3. having a bit of trouble with the weight paint thing but ill figure it out.
  4. its already been asked. he definitely said something about choosing to look more feminine.
  5. I have some idea's character wise but I wasn't sure if they would look right. I'll probably end up making it when I'm a bit more experienced. this is more for the animations that I'll be doing I'll be doing allot more original work when I get there I have some assets laying around that I'll probably be using
  6. yea I'm still trying to figure out why he looks so thin. it might be an illusion because he has his arms down and mine is in a T-pose cant tell for sure though
  7. could do, I'll probably make a mod for it when the workshop is up.
  8. I decided to give everything a bit more volume and smoothen everything out still not quite happy with the hands but its acceptable.
  9. I'll see what i can do thanks!
  10. poompf? like rounding it out?
  11. hello, I made one of the astroneers I plan to do some animations with it in the future. I'm my own worst critic so if you notice anything odd about it please do tell. it's not quite finished yet still need to add one of the hoses and rig it for animation.
  12. there is already a compass in the game
  13. never even thought of that. your vehicle would just go flying.
  14. no not stupid just lazy since you had already written the words correctly in the same sentence as well. except for "something" but I presume you just missed the key so I'm willing to let you off the hook on that one.
  15. and like me and @gp. have said you should explore the already posted idea and add to the conversation