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  1. Thieving the item like a pirate? am i to expect space pirates in the future?
  2. Dude why are you bitching the games in pre Alpha and has been on xbox for a little while I get the framerate on xbox sucks but you can have quite some fun exploring the solar system
  3. you could say it makes the game easy but in all reality, it is about exploring the solar system you spawn in I love the trading system once you get it you can make yourself a mobile base and explore gather enough resources and start building your next base on the next planet sure you can have infinite resources but it still takes time setting up your base to sustain infinite power the games in pre-alpha as well the trading system could be a way for players to enjoy the full game as they work on new content and patches
  4. Glad you think so I've been exploring every planet and tried so many ways of bringing my truck and sadly there isn't too much extra research I've acquired everything but my xbox hasn't been able to handle it all lol
  5. This is probably going to be long but so far I love your game and see huge potential. Right now all you really need to work on are framerates and lag (Xbox One) Also a feature on deleting saves/naming them. But for my Ideas, I'd love to see you implement a bigger space ship where the player can stache rovers/trucks and maybe even add buildings like the printer inside making a mother ship kind of ship with full control, with that said you could add a random generator for other solar systems. Implementing this you could add a crane part to grab the leftover human tech and research it with a big