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  1. It would be cool to have npc aliens in the game. They could have built their own little colonies and have their own abilities to do stuff. What if there were traces of them to so you go to a planet with no life on it, and when you get there you find pyramids or something, so you know life used to be there. Maybe you could trade with them too. Like a trade platform but right there. What if you could pay them to work for you too, that could be cool. Like you pay them some aluminum or something and they mine some compound for you.
  2. Oceans would be so cool to have in the game. You have mountains and caves and valleys but you don't have oceans. Oceans could add so much to the game, what if you had to research a bunch of underwater stuff in order to even survive on the planet. You could have boats and subs, underwater base too. There would be a whole new demestion of game play, and a whole new branch of crafting and exploration. Imagine making a spaceX like water space launch platform. Or a boat holding everything you might need to servive. Or an underwater base and you watch new planets flow in the currents. You could also
  3. I feel like having animals would be awesome. Imagine going to a planet and on it where these huge creatures walking around, or going to a different one and having a bunch of little cute ones. What about a very dangerous planet with a bunch of hostile mobs at racking each other and you. I think it would be cool to have hostile and passive creatures in the galaxy. I'm not saying every planet should get them, but 1 in every ten would be realistic kinda.
  4. You guys should add guns that use electricity or oxygen to kill the plants and enemies. It's kinda hard to uproot every plant to kill them. it would be nice if you could gave a gun to kill them with. Maybe some enemies would be able to be killed with an oxygen bubble gun, and others could be killed with an electric shock gun. Maybe some enemies can only get killed by uprooting them. I just feel like it would be kinda cool to have a bunch of enemies that are all different. You could gave one gun that the right and left click both have an object to shoot (oxygen, electricity, projectile, ex) and