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  1. While playing the game I have noticed a few things missing that are just about crucial to gameplay. First, a map (either displayed by pressing "M" or a mini-map on the side of the display or HUD); additionally a very useful tool would be to have the ability to add the ability to rename beacons that are placed (also which should be displayed on the map) so that multiple beacons can be differentiated between one another. The beacon display during normal gameplay is a nifty idea and I do like it, however I can't help but feel that an actual map of the explored area would be greatly useful. Also, bonus points if the developers find a way to incorporate a way to switch between an underground map and a ground level or above ground map.
  2. I have noticed that if I attempt to add terrain too close to where I am standing, the game adds it on top of my player and basically buries him alive. As a side effect, the different types of ore become visible in blank space (think x-ray cheat from Minecraft). Eventually, without using my keyboard, the player migrated back to the base which was not far away and floated to ground level. Amusing, but worth taking a look at to see what may have caused this.