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  1. Multiplayer doesn't have a button. If you have a friend the would like to join you all they need to do is join game from steam. The games simplistic GUI is not to hard to figure out and the devs stated they really do not want a GUI at all.
  2. CyStash

    Some Changes

    I agree with everything except for dedicated servers. I don't see the point in adding dedicated servers when you can only have 4 people to a session. Just going a friend's game is just fine, just need the bugs in multiplayer fixed haha.
  3. CyStash

    Improving the game

    Satellites and some kind of base element would be cool. I thought going to other planets was space exploration.... ..
  4. CyStash

    Improving the game

    There are very expansive cave systems in the planets already. Multiplayer is being patched at the moment. Some of the last updates broke it. As far as health bar, they went for a setup with no GUI hence why when you open your inventory it is actually a physical game object and not a GUI. We don't need a Hud in this game it would ruin it. Other than that I think water is in the roadmap.
  5. What are your PC specs? Is your processor throttling and getting hot? Not enough ram?
  6. Agreed, just played for roughly 3 hours, game ran smooth the whole time. Graphics seem to be even more vibrant in the last couple updates you guys pushed out the past few hours. 100/100 here!
  7. See and that is weird. Im running my backup Intel I7 920 clocked at 2.67GHz and it works just fine. Plus 16gb of ram. Also im on the experimental build.
  8. Im not sure whats going on, i honestly think it has to do with amd processors. I was running my 1045T 6 core and the game crashed on launch. I pulled out one of my older Intel processors and motherboard and put my pc back together and i get a steady 50fps and no crashes. Just using it till my 6700k and new motherboard comes in.
  9. CyStash

    Portable Storm Support Station

    Thanks. Yeah I found an issue where if you try to build the ground up under you, you glitch and fall under the ground. I have some more ideas I'm working modeling right now. Hopefully the devs will see this post!!
  10. CyStash

    Portable Storm Support Station

    Well besides the digging being a little buggy at the moment. This offers not only safety from storms, but as mentioned earlier it could be used to float in the water. It might be a not as useful feature at the moment but in the event that they add different kinds of storms it might become something that is needed.
  11. CyStash

    Portable Storm Support Station

    Yes exactly, actually it would be cool to have a gyro ball machine for traversing the landscape.
  12. CyStash

    Portable Storm Support Station

    Here is a cleaner render, along with a more visualization of the ground.
  13. CyStash

    Portable Storm Support Station

    Well the idea was yes you could be safe from flying debris, nobody said the wind couldn't take it and have a possibility of throwing it around. Plus they are planning to make the storms worse.
  14. CyStash

    Portable Storm Support Station

    Thanks man, yeah thats kind of the idea. I may rework the model a little bit. Though we dont have a way to add anything to the game would be cool to make it though haha.
  15. CyStash

    A new function of the tool is(will be?)

    That would be an awesome thing to have.