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  1. Peacekeeper

    Falling through planet

    I had this happen to me too. Repeatedly. Once fell into a cavern very far. Dug myself out. The returning home, it happened again (different spot). While digging myself out again I fell through just walking and got catapulted to the surface where I died. This was while driving a medium rover (if it matters), and walking while digging with an upward inclination. I pretty much consider the game unplayable in this form, just recovering from a bug you hit the same bug again and again until it kills you? Just an exercise in frustration.
  2. Hello. I have over 170 hours of playing Astroneer. I've even made some videos, and do enjoy the game. One thing I like about this game is how intuitive everything seems. Recently though, things in the game have become less fun, and I believe it has to do with Research. This game is not complete, which means that you don't have to pretend that it is, and try to make it more difficult to accomplish things in order to pad gameplay. It seems that they've intentionally made Research less intuitive such that it breaks the playability of the game. It's now impossible to bank on Research for anything. To illustrate my point, I'll tell you about my recent savefile experience. I've been playing for a few days, and I can't get off Terra. I have multiple bases around the globe, and I've scoured above and below ground for researchable items and they're not fun to find anymore. I dig under crystal rocks to find some, I pluck them out of trees, I've gone caving to pick up all I can find. I've gotten all that's reasonable to find in a first base, and this would be when I say "Screw it, I know there's way more on Luna or Exotic" and just up and leave to another planet. Here's where research is broken: It's randomly determined to not give me any type of Shuttle. I can't leave Terra when it makes gameplay sense to leave Terra. This is the #1 reason I can't say to people who haven't played Astroneer, "Hey, come play this game with me" and lead them through this game to show them why I like it. Research is effectively a hard stop for consistent enjoyable gaming. I can't promise my friend we'll do all the cool things I'd like to show them in a reasonable time frame. You just have to keep finding researchable items and hoping you'll get a technology that allows you to have more fun. There's no feedback: No "You have X items left to research" No "You now have a 1 in 100 chance to find the next Tech" Nothing except you now get a lot more random items from what used to get you something to have fun with. Interestingly enough, the research method you had when I started playing was MORE INTUITIVE than what you have now. You'd keep researching until you go to research and you got NOTHING: Getting Nothing meant you had researched EVERYTHING. That was fine. As it sits now, if I didn't already know from previous gameplay sessions that there was more stuff to research, I would stop wasting my time. The last 3 trains of research (Train being Truck with trailer and a total of 8 or 9 research items) have yielded no new research items. That's broken. If this was my first time, I'd say "I guess this is it" and stop researching and never get off the first planet! You've even made research items much more rare, so they're harder to find, drawing out the process more. Your game is otherwise SO AWESOME. Since it's just in pre-release and in development, please make research more consistent and not a chore. I encourage you to brainstorm an intuitive research system if not just return to giving things out until you quickly get everything. This game is NOT ABOUT RESEARCH. Don't make it a limiting factor in your game. It breaks it. We all know you will put in many, many more things to research, but that doesn't mean that you need to add artificial pacing to your research now to make it feel like there's some type of late-game content. There is no staging in a game where what you research is inherently random.
  3. Peacekeeper

    Solar System Challenge

    Wow. That's some serious commitment! Way to go.
  4. Peacekeeper

    Solar System Challenge

    No Promises, but fate might be on your side.
  5. Peacekeeper

    Solar System Challenge

    In 2 person Multiplayer, you wouldn't get that much. Yes, they have 10 storage slots, but you couldn't bring the 8 storage rack with you. Really, they just add 2 slots. I suppose they could add 4 slots if they rode in a habitat with 2 storage on it too.... Hmm.. ok, now that's 4 storage... The only reason I don't ride in a Habitat is because I haven't researched it yet. That comes into play in my next episode, coming out mid-Sunday. Still having fun.
  6. Peacekeeper

    Solar System Challenge

    Still going! I have 5 episodes online, and more to come. I will not die! I will find a way to win!
  7. Peacekeeper

    Solar System Challenge

    Thanks for checking my attempt out. I invite you to keep watching. I'm really trying to follow the rules as strictly as possible, but still do things my way. More challenges are better, although if it's just a revision expect me to work back to it after some varied challenges. If it's multiplayer, then I'll need to find a group! ?
  8. Peacekeeper

    Solar System Challenge

    Hello Everyone! I got some time to start my challenge. Here's my YouTube playlist: Episode 1 is online. I'm finding 119 really stable. If anyone wants to do a multiplayer challenge, I'm up for it once I'm done Marack's.
  9. Peacekeeper

    Solar System Challenge

    I wasn't think of 4 person multiplayer. That would be awesome! If anyone wants to try this challenge multiplayer, just throw me a PM. We could probably do it in under 2hrs.
  10. Peacekeeper

    blue compound glitch or easter egg?

    This happened to me too. I just submitted it as a bug. It's odd but not game breaking. You can still use the resource.
  11. Peacekeeper

    Health and death

    I agree, their health feedback is sufficient. You don't need to manage it, you just need to know when you have sustained a hit and need to slow down, or be more careful until the red is gone. I also personally do you not think they need to worry about adding hunger to the game although they are going to anyway. I don't see how it makes the game more fun. You already have power oxygen and health that have real consequences in the game. This is not an Eating Simulator game. Minecraft added it and it could be considered analogous to power in this game. No need to make something more to monitor. Seriously, as a game mechanic what does it add?
  12. Peacekeeper

    3 Features Id like

    Customization is on the roadmap, yes.
  13. Peacekeeper

    Idea dumping

    By vehicle that digs into the ground, have you tried putting a drill head on a crane? Best way to mine. You can delete save games manually on PC. They are in your %appdata% folder. Google it for in depth instructions. Sinkholes would be cool, but some planets have saarlak pits already. Kinda the same thing. Animals are on their to-do list although they do not say if they will make them tameable or not. Not a bad idea though. Some planets are flatter than others, but I suppose game creation options could give this in the future. You wouldn't want to change the setting once a game had begun. Expect many many more content and crafting updates. Keep the ideas coming!
  14. Peacekeeper

    Minor Quality of life improvements

    You are a laying with a controller. The PC mouse/keyboard controls are much better.