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  1. From space while orbiting the planet you can see conduits blocks, like a line that stretched from your ship to the planet surface. Once you land you can see one conduit stretching all the way to to where you hit the return to planet option.
  2. Give us as much information about the bug as possible: Controller Xbox What were you doing leading up to this bug? After playing for a while and creating a spaceship I decided to jump into the moon, the one that is very close to the first planet. In there I notice that I had a lot of lag, it was almost impossible to play. I Managed somehow to create a tiny base there at the moon, and resources were abundant even lithium was there ready to be pick up, it was amazing, so many resources but the lag was horrible so I decided to go back to my home planet, an
  3. Ok, After loosing my first playthrough I decided to start with a new character. So far everything had been saving the way it should, also when I save, I go to the habitat and then I save there, once I'm about to stop playing I always go to the main menu and check the time of the last save. So until now everything is ok, and I haven't lost anything so, if one of your saves doesn't register the new time of the save, Don't keep playing on that character.
  4. 12/30/2016, I made my purchase on 12/29/2016 at 3pm, via the XBOX ONE Store. Started to play, made a lot of progress, until now, 12:00Am..... decided to get a shower, eat something, and then I connected back to my Xbox one to keep playing. Went into the game, saw the ghost capsule, with the save data, but the information on it said 3:25pm..... I made sure to save the game, every single time, because I died a lot from random tornadoes and square rocks flying like projectiles..... used my truck a lot to haul a bunch of stuff which was a bit nasty because the truck can only hold 2 scientific proj