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  1. Been playing for like for like 24 after after my post, with a truck attached to a truck crane, and a fully cargo truck. No problems at all.
  2. Did you installed a 1-seat found, in a ship debri, or printed from the printer pad? or did you by any chance created the 1-seat from the vehicle pad? Read what I wrote 3 comments above.
  3. Ok, guys. Please check if this work for you, because for me it did. When I had all the problem with my truck was when I printed a 1 seat from the printer and attached it to my truck. With that sit that I attached to it, the truck started to do a lot of nasty things whenever I installed extra stuff or added like 6 scientific unknown experiments, somehow the rear wheels were getting stuck on the ground, making the truck to start moving on its own, why ? because the game is programmed like that. So the work around for that bug, at least for me, was to create the single seat, from the vehicle pad itself. With the seat created after the truck from the vehicle pad, the seat is permanently attached to the truck, which means that you can't get it off. After I did that I proceeded to add a small solar panel, a small generator, 4 of the 4x4 storage and after getting ready I set on my voyage into the cave that I prepared for my truck. I came back with 16 malachite, 16 lachalazite ( the red one, which is aluminum) and 2 scientific unknown research. I didn't had any glitch or problems with my vehicle. So for me it worked. Make sure to check if your problem is fixed as well with creating the seat from the vehicle pad, and do not attach a single sit created from the printer or found in crashed spaceships it will be a nightmare if you do. ps: for the crane I created another truck, this time, I didn't attached another seat, I just created a crane on it, then added 2 extra 4x4 storages, and I added a drill head to the crane. Attached it to my cargo truck, and OMFG the best thing ever now I use my crane to gather materials sooooo freaking fast is amazing. So I also created a new truck which is my mobile power station, with a big solar panel, big wind turbine, and a big extra battery.... is the best thing ever.
  4. Ok, After loosing my first playthrough I decided to start with a new character. So far everything had been saving the way it should, also when I save, I go to the habitat and then I save there, once I'm about to stop playing I always go to the main menu and check the time of the last save. So until now everything is ok, and I haven't lost anything so, if one of your saves doesn't register the new time of the save, Don't keep playing on that character.
  5. 12/30/2016, I made my purchase on 12/29/2016 at 3pm, via the XBOX ONE Store. Started to play, made a lot of progress, until now, 12:00Am..... decided to get a shower, eat something, and then I connected back to my Xbox one to keep playing. Went into the game, saw the ghost capsule, with the save data, but the information on it said 3:25pm..... I made sure to save the game, every single time, because I died a lot from random tornadoes and square rocks flying like projectiles..... used my truck a lot to haul a bunch of stuff which was a bit nasty because the truck can only hold 2 scientific projects at a time, or you'll get the truck possessed by an evil spirit and it will even fly to the sky or just jump all over the place..... So.... I saved my game everytime..... After loading into my game, everything that I build was gone.... completely all the time that I spend leveling the terrain, all the caves that I needed to engineer to be able to get my truck and collect the materials, the scientific experiments... omfg, I was about to smash my xbox one s, ..... until I decided to check this forums.... I hope that you guys can fix this asap.... cuz, I like the game but, If I can't save my progress, I won't waste any more time... even that I do love the game.
  6. Same happened to me, I attached a cargo to my truck, then decided to attach 4 extra storage, to it. And then it was impossible to drive. So if you put too much cargo on it, it will start bouncing on the rear tires and will run even without electricity like a mad bull in a rodeo.... So basically the truck can't even handle the crane.... too much weight and it's impossible to drive it around. I'm playing on my Xbox one.