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  1. Playing on XB1 created the truck from vehicle bay. As soon as it was built, it started to drive away without me being in it. Once i chased it down and got into the seat. I had no controls and it was just driving itself. It also seemed to be following my tether. The truck would fly high into the air and tumble around a lot. I had zero control to make it stop moving. Even when the truck was stuck near a wall the wheels would just keep spinning.
  2. Yes. I think a launch pad would be nice to have.
  3. Hi Playing on Xbox one. I created shuttle, flew to moon and when I returned the shuttle landed at the vehicle bay. Now it won't let me build the truck the shuttle seems to be blocking the bay. So I had to create a second bay. Not sure if this is a bug or user error. Maybe have us build a launch pad, so the shuttle has its own landing spot. Or allow us to grab and move shuttle itself. Thanks
  4. I don't think I hear them. I won't be able to check until later this afternoon.
  5. Hmm I wonder if they just fell through the map a bit. I'll try digging down a bit to see if they are there. And I had a spare truck seat and generator that was in the mix. so it just wasn't mats
  6. Hi playing on Xbox one. I Dug a hole to store my material (Had about 15 pieces in the hole) and protect it from storms on the starting planet. (Sorry don't remember name) built a shuttle, flew to its moon (arid ??) I was on the moon for about 5 min to drop my habitat, flew back to home planet and all the mats were gone from the hole. I tested this twice and both times my material just disappeared Thanks. Luv the game btw. Can't wait to see what u guys can do with it.