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  1. I'm not sure if it's a feature or bug, but whenever anyone gets into a seat attached to a vehicle it auto-saves my game, this can get very frustrating and laggy when multiple people are getting in and out of cars. (Video is one case of the glitch)
  2. I agree, although I hate games that make you grind at the beginning and I feel like this is what it would do. You would be on a time limit to get as much of [material here] at the beginning or else it's game over.
  3. I have a love/hate relationship with the flattening tool. It is very useful but can get me pretty frustrated too. The fact that I can see small differences in the ground even after attempting multiple times to COMPLETELY smooth it out I can never get it perfect.
  4. Yeah, there are quite a lot of people that get headaches from motion blur. I don't but I know that there are people that do.
  5. I'd be terrified just to get some resin. Terrified that some creepy ass alien is watching me, everything I do just gets him angrier and angrier. +1
  6. I've heard quite a lot of buggy things about the habitat so far, things like this... getting stuck in a little pod seems like such an terrible and weird way to fuck over your save.
  7. One half of my brain says that this could be pretty cool, the other half tells me it's kinda useless and a waste of hhd space and a devs time. I'm having quite a lot of fun with the terraforming tool myself.
  8. When getting into any vehicle the game saves. I do believe that there is an auto-save feature in the game but I cannot confirm. The manual saving is just to make sure you save before getting off and for people that are paranoid about their game not saving.
  9. This really needs to be a feature, even in it's current pre-alpha stage. +1
  10. Yeah I can see this being useful.
  11. I'm constantly doing the same thing. The escape button is kinda universally used to "back out"
  12. Yeah, it's not like someone would be able to grief with that. This would also help me when I fall through the map and have to wait to run out of oxygen.
  13. They do need more enemies and risks. I think that at its current state even in pre-alpha there needs to be more enemies.
  14. That's just how Astroneer is going to be for a while considering it's in pre-alpha. Devs say it's most likely tethers that cause so much lag.
  15. @Fly Boy as @TrojanSteel said, you are supposed to use a habitat to start a new base. I also discovered that the hard way by doing the same thing as you did.