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  1. SP4C3 C4KE

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    I absolutely adore developers that actually do some good work. You guys at System Era know exactly what gamers want. Astroneer is a perfect combination of everything that I have been searching for. And for that, I thank you! Me the community of Xbox One love you guys!
  2. SP4C3 C4KE

    Permanent FPS drop (Xbox One Astroneer)

    Oh. I don't believe I'm having that issue since I tend to die in caves at the start of the game (It's just a habit). But I know the feeling of the slow and laggy feeling. I really hope it does get fixed, and if it doesn't then I might as well buy Astroneer on a different platform like PC.
  3. Hello there! I recently purchased this game in December (No clue as of when I did). Ever-since the game's release, I have truly been addicted to this game, despite the bugs and glitches I have experienced which have mostly been patched since the most recent update. However, after the first update for Astroneer on Xbox One I have been experiencing a permanent FPS drop whenever expanding my base in large quantities. Whenever I start a new planet up from the loading screen the FPS is perfect. It is only when I begin to build large bases. This bug has basically made the game unplayable for me since I cannot imagine trying to play this game at something like 10fps or lower which it does honestly feel like. I was hoping to know if you guys at System Era are already working on a fix/patch for this on the Xbox One version? If so, I would appreciate a reply regarding my topic. Thank you in advance