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  1. petermileo

    Soil and terraforming

    I still find it very easy, without challenge, this new system of using containers with soil to be able to spit, with each new save game I start digging just below my initial habitat, looking for pink mines and then green in half an hour of game I can already have many things just digging right below my feet, I think it should be a little more difficult the ability to dig the tool, and also change the rate of use soil vs. material created.
  2. I think that we should have climatic zones and that while we were wearing the clothes of astronaut we could walk quietly by the equator of the planet, but as we approached the poles were necessary shelters / stations / houses but in the "cold" there was some reward, maybe some component that were available only at the poles, 2 the planes should have some inclination, months of clarity and months of darkness, forcing the player to migrate between climatic zones. we need rewards when entering a storm and we need to find a way (vehicle / tool) to fly into the hurricane,
  3. petermileo

    GAME economy

    After a long time without playing astroneer, I've been thinking about how it could be more seductive, so the player did not want to stop playing Based on my experience in stardew valley, one tip I consider important is that when an economy is added to the game as resources are accumulated It must be possible to make more and more large and colossal stuctures, like visual rewards based on money u have, For example, playing stardew after having bought everything that is possible in the game, you accumulates millions of gold and there is nothing else to do with it , my idea in astroner is to have possibilities, like a god, of doing things limited only to your money , Or its influence (when a community is created),
  4. petermileo


    another friday, saturday and ZERO new content, next week I ll post here again, I dont want apologises or arguments, only a new content patch, bye till next week, (playing\testing since 2016\ dec, nothing left to test right now)
  5. petermileo


    edited, i give up
  6. petermileo


  7. petermileo

    This should be priority 1. Not graphics.

    I doubt that fps issures ll be fixed, pay to see
  8. petermileo

    Fix lag and bugs before adding anything else

    its just a bad programing issures, astro.exe keep draining RAM and CPU
  9. petermileo

    Suggestions On GPS And How To Nerf It

    someone already tested if satelite can be attached to propeller?
  10. petermileo

    Błędy zapisu!!!

    we should invent astroneer universal language: Astroska
  11. petermileo

    SUGESTION: sunglasses

    to use in radiated planet,
  12. petermileo

    Low FPS On High End Components

    then comes someone that no even have played/explored enough and says: " its a pre alfa""". fps drop its crucial problem , not just a simples "bug"( i really love to found new bug once fps drop bad programing its fixed)
  13. petermileo

    New update

    casual players ^^^nice one