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  1. Oh...... okay, I guess I'm not the smartest person
  2. (The oil well requires power)
  3. What I think would be cool in the game is the ability to create oil wells. These will be created how printers and smelteries are created. It will require 2 copper to be made. The machine will give the player petroleum which can be used for crafting, on vehicles, or on parking spaces. You could craft large (2 space) or small (1 space) petroleum containers. Another thing I think would be good is parking spaces. A thing that would be added is limited fuel on vehicles and you could fill it up with small petroleum containers. Another way you could fill it up is with parking spaces. A parking space acts like a gas station which the gas pumper is fueled by small or large petroleum containers. If a vehicle is in the parking space, it is filled up. You can also connect your oil well to the parking space.