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  1. stonycrayon4983

    A dead astronaut (not me) in my save Xbox One

    Hello Virginia The dead body you found has been in the game since release, it is not a bug or glitch, it is a feature! I got scared when I found one myself.
  2. stonycrayon4983

    I have it a stopping point

    Try to explore for different researches, because when you research your first 2 research pods of a different kind they will give you blueprints.
  3. stonycrayon4983

    Is resin in any other planet?

    Resin can be found on other planets but they are usually rare, I have managed to found a resin node and that's it but I do think is actually possible to find some on the ground.
  4. stonycrayon4983

    Xbox multiplayer

    Redzman thanks for the help!
  5. stonycrayon4983

    Xbox multiplayer

    Is there any way to join my friend, I keep clicking the "join game" but it just stays on the main menu and saves still show up. What do I do? I accidentally made a world because of this.
  6. stonycrayon4983


    I hope because I am out of compound and I cannot make tethers so I cannot go far. Are you on XB1 or PC?
  7. stonycrayon4983


    Hello fellow astroneers, I am here to ask for help as I stupidly went into a exotic planet with 4 compound and no extra fuel so you can guess what happened. I am looking for someone to join my game and get compound and come to exotic. pls send help I will explain when you join me. GT: stonycrayon4983 -Stony