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  1. Got my rover chain stuck in a ravine and in the process of trying to create a land bridge ended up making it so much worse! My character got too high up on a sharp incline and started surfing back down. This happened while I was using the deform tool and it got stuck on the entire time the character was surfing. I could swap between the different tool modes during this as well. I finally tried jumping which broke the surf and made the tool turn off. I had a pretty big mess to clean up at that point...
  2. Just started having the same issue today. Went to build a habitat to start exploring new places, can only place 1 compound in the printer. Tried cycling through the recipes like you did, but didn't get anywhere, tried reloading the game as well with no luck. Guess I'll keep scrolling through in hopes that it'll figure itself out, I'd hate to start a new game or clutter my base up with a second printer