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  1. The save files do show you the date and time you were last on them and from what I can tell AUTOSAVE1 is the most recent file you played on. Since I enjoy playing this preview game so much, I'm actually not that fussed about the save feature as I'm sure the developers will improve that some point in the future once the other bugs/glitches and lag issues have been sorted out first.
  2. Chilled33

    problems with lag

    Thank you for the quick response Wyvyrias in regards to my previous question I'm just glad someone is doing what they can to make this game more enjoyable for everyone to play and keep this awesome game alive whilst encouraging more people to buy it and play it.
  3. Chilled33

    problems with lag

    Is this issue being addressed to both PC and XBOX ONE platforms? I'm one of the unlucky folk who suffers unbearably low frame rate the more tethers I place and the more I explore on my first planet called Terran. I even tried creating a new save without vehicles and space shuttles/spaceships. However, I feel like the frame rate got worse much quicker because I was using a lot more tethers to branch out in different directions from my base and placing more tethers in cave tunnels. Eventually it got to a point when I couldn't move at all, so I've stopped playing in on my Xbox One until a patch comes out for this low frame rate issue.
  4. Xbox One, controller. I have a similar bug, I noticed that I was getting terrible frames per second after reloading a save file which has a drill attached to a truck on my map. The fps is getting so bad on this save file it's becoming unplayable. It's worse that I'm just playing by myself when this bad fps occurs immediately after loading my save game, this is very unfortunate Indeed. I'm going to create a new world without vehicles on wheels to see if I can keep playing without terrible fps occurring. I shall keep you posted on my findings if this also cannot avoid terrible fps as I really enjoy playing this game which I've only owned for 4 days now. Keep up the great work and hope there is a patch for the fps problem in the near future for this amazing game.
  5. Was your bug on PC or Xbox One? I play this game on Xbox One but never came across your bug.
  6. I have a similar issue on Xbox One with those cracks on surfaces bug. When I reload a save file after building habitats quite far away from each other, I noticed cracks appearing along some slightly curved hills on the surfaces. When I try running over these cracks, sometimes I fall through them and fall to my death and unable to locate my items again. However, when I drive over these cracks I have no issues falling through the map to my almost immediate death. Sometimes when exploring and trying to run up a hill, I randomly fall through the map to my death and can't locate my stuff, this has happened to me and my friend playing on my save file. My friend was also unable to locate his items when falling through the map to his death. We were in different locations of the map when we died roughly 5-10 minutes apart from each other. I really enjoy playing this game preview and hope there's a patch to fix this bug in the near future.
  7. I have this exact same bug issue when loading my saved game as well on Xbox One.
  8. This bug also happens with me on Xbox One when loading a previously saved game. I usually rectify this by replacing each floating item back into my backpack and is fine throughout my game play afterwards.