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  1. Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access will be updated to version 0.3.10199.0 (Patch "199") Steam 'Early Access' users will receive this update Thursday August 17th. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can also expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines August 17th. UPDATE: 8/18 We are deploying a hotfix to Update 199. It will be available immediately on Steam, and will be pushed to Xbox Play Anywhere early next week. It includes three fixes: 1. Fixed audio settings to not always default to zero. 2. Fixed a multiplayer crash related to clients grabbing research chests and then crashing 3. Fixed an issue that would cause some savegames to cause the game to crash on load. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update 199 is the first update with the full added force of our new but extremely well rounded Engineering team. While the designers were busy pushing out our first experimental tests for new content, as well as making HUGE leaps forward on Modularity, Research 2.0, & Terrain 2.0 (more on that later) the engineers worked to bring Astroneer to a MUCH more stable state. These notes will contain a somewhat abbreviated list of these extensive fixes, but I want to take a second and sincerely thank everyone who took time to pack up crash reports and saves to send over to the team. They were a huge help and benefit the larger community in extremely meaningful ways. The team was able to close out dozens of bugs in the main branch of the game, as well as numerous ones discovered during our Experimental Tests. Every tweet, email, message, & post means a lot. Thank you. Because of all this infrastructure/prototyping/stability work, we are still not delivering huge content drops. We know this might frustrate some, but if you want to read about all of the awesome stuff in the pipeline that is coming, jump down to the PROTOTYPING section of the notes. Astroneer is going to be bigger and better than we ever could have imagined, and we appreciate everyone's patience while we lay the foundation for all the content this game will be getting. Ok! Now for the notes: UPDATES You can find these updates in 0.3.10199.0, the current build of the game. [AS-896] - The Options Menu has been completely overhauled. The Options Menu has received the first pass of a complete visual and functional overhaul, resolving several bugs with the prior implementation. This update adds lots of options including some to help people with lower end hardware. You can now: Adjust display options including VSYNC and keep those changes Adjust graphics options to suit your hardware, including Shadow Quality, AA, PP and effects. Audio options now actually work! Adjust them to your liking. Keybindings on PC will now remain saved between sessions, with some added options like mouse sensitivity, toggling the hold to sprint, and others. Right now navigating and adjusting options in this menu is a little wonky, as you have to use the keyboard. Didn't want to hold it out of this update just for that reason. This menu will continue to be updated over the course of the next few releases. Known issue: 8/17/17 - When the game is in fullscreen, changing resolution has no effect. We are working on a fix! [AS-994] - The Trade Module has received some bug fixes and interaction improvements, such as: The maximum return value is always the number of slots on the trade platform rocket. Now, once you reach the maximum return value, you will not be able to add more resources to any remaining open slots. If you add an item that pushes the trade value above the maximum, or switch the return item to something with a more favorable exchange rate, the actual return will always be clamped to the maximum. Resources that are on the trading platform already when the maximum return value is hit or exceeded can always be removed (but cannot be attached again unless removing them causes the return value to dip below the maximum). [AS-1305] - Beacon colors can now be changed. This longtime request has now been implemented. Beacons now serve as aids for finding a previous spot, as well as for navigation. Use the in-game UI to cycle through colors or choose the 'red strobe" option for emergencies. [AS-1145] - Audio has been migrated to the Wwise Engine from Unreal 4 and remixed using the new technology. Wwise audio engine integrated into Unreal 4. All audio in the game now plays through Wwise instead of UE4’s built in audio engine. The following changes and improvements have been made to the audio engine. Want to hear about these changes directly from Riley? We go over them in this weeks vlog: New cave exploration music tracks added. Remixed / mastered existing music with additional instruments added. Tracks broken down into separate layers to leverage Wwise game states. Music becomes distorted when low on oxygen. Music changes based on time of day. Music now streams rather than load entirely on game start, reducing RAM impact Sound is sent through a reverb when underground. Footstep sfx are affected by the movement speed of the player. Ambience loops no longer heard when at the main menu or orbiting a planet. Both the medium and small generator’s audio slows down when their “fuel” is near empty. When death occurs, sounds stop playing earlier. Music does not abruptly start again when death occurs, it now fades back in over an extended period of time. Wind turbine audio more appropriately matches their animation frequency. Sandstorms now have improved distance attenuation and better stereo / surround panning. Sandstorm rock impact added for when the player gets hit by a boulder. Low oxygen breathing audio now triggered more abruptly rather than a gradual fade in. Rover tire audio no longer plays when vehicle is in the air. Rover engine audio no longer plays when rolling unpowered down an incline Rover engine audio revs when vehicle is being powered and leaves the ground. Rover shutdown sound added Improvements to the active voice count in the game, allowing for slight performance gains. [AS-1259] - Each suit now has a unique Death animation. As shown off in Vlog 11, some of Gene's new death animations are now in! ?? FIXES In addition to numerous under-the-hood fixes which will improve your play experience, the following live issues have been fixed. Thank you to everyone in the community who has reported and shared details with us on these issues. Fixed several issues causing Multiplayer crashes which occurred when Client players returned to their base after venturing far away from it. Fixed numerous Multiplayer crashes related to interacting with items in the world as a client Fixed a Multiplayer issue that prevented Win 10 players from connecting to Xbox players Fixed a number of performance degradation issues relating to base conduits. Fixed several audio issues where sounds would persist even after the event has ended, including: [AS-691] - Biome Ambience SFX will no longer play when the player is in space. [AS-915] - In Multiplayer games, the sound effect of building loops no longer continues playing for the Client player. [AS-1027] - Fixed issues with SFX being played from sources not close to player. [AS-1345] - Fixed issue where Sandstorm audio would continue after the storm ended. [AS-1445] - The sound of oxygen being replenished no longer persists when disconnecting from the oxygen tether before the tank has fully recharged. [AS-1448] - Fixed issue where the ambient overworld wind sounds did not change when going deep underground. Fixed several audio issues where sounds would not play at all, including: [AS-1370] - Fixed intermittent issue where the Rover did not make any sound when driven. [AS-1372] - Fixed missing audio upon Pajama Suit Astroneer death [AS-1373] - Fixed missing audio upon Bubble Suit Astroneer death [AS-599] - Fixed “double death” issue with Astroneer taking fall damage and dying again when respawning after falling from a high altitude. [AS-873] - Collecting multiple resources with the Drill will no longer cause all the open slots to break. [AS-1256] - Fixed issue where Resource items would float off after being blown away during a storm [AS-1258] - Fixed issue where Save Slot 1 was sometimes overwritten when creating save data in Save Slot 2 and beyond. [AS-1297] - Fixed minor but extremely annoying issue where newly built base conduits would not follow the hologram path. [AS-1329] - Upon death, previous backpack inventory should no longer appear hovering next to the Habitat. [AS-1335] - Fixed a major issue where performance would severely degrade when players opened the Options menu [AS-1369] - Fixed issue where incomplete nuggets of Power were not consumed when placed on a slot. [AS-1334] - Fixed issue where Terrain Tool Augments were not working correctly Some of these are grouped up, but included multiple issues. The main branch of the game should be much more stable, although we are sure there are still some lingering issues out there. Multiplayer crashes should be much less frequent, and performance should have improved across the board. NOTE: If you previously used INI tweaks to adjust Astroneer performance, we recommend you reinstall the game, or revert your config files. We upgraded Unreal, and old tweaks to the .ini file will most likely cause you to crash or encounter unintended behaviors. Many crash reports we receive are related to the adjustment of source files, and we cannot offer support for saves broken by these adjustments. KNOWN ISSUES On Xbox One, any changes made to the options menu will not persist between sessions. This will be fixed soon. Some “vocal” efforts play on the server when activated by the client. Sound for some players is defaulted to 0 on startup. Get into that new menu and turn it up! When the game is in fullscreen, changing resolution has no effect PROTOTYPING The following major feature prototypes are going on during development, but are not included in this release. Modularity Prototype has been internally validated Modularity was another topic that got teased during vlog 012. This is the exact moment it flashes across the screen. Aaron showed the team a prototype that confirmed our feelings all along: building with modular pieces looks awesome. Now comes the hard part of making it fit in with the core gameplay loop, among many many other considerations. We will update with more details soon. Research 2.0 "minimum viable" prototype was tested internally. I can't share lots of details about this right now, but Research 2.0 is going really well. If you missed it, some eagle eyed Astroneers pulled an image from vlog 012 that shows off the current direction, WHICH IS VERY MUCH A WORK IN PROGRESS. This still has a long way to go, but a much more deliberate research system for progression feels really great and we cannot wait to get this into experimental for you all to try. Dedicated servers are now working outside of the editor. Another milestone in the long push to get dedicated servers operational. Andrew has been working on getting these spun up for us to try internally. While we still need to optimize and work out a TON of infrastructure tasks related to the current game as well as future features like online persistence, we are nonetheless one step closer to rolling out dedicated server support. Terrain 2.0 new spherical planet is in progress. Zabir is working on applying the Terrain 2.0 prototype to spherical planets. If you haven't heard, Terrain 2.0 will allow us to dramatically increase performance, which will allow the game to run better, but more importantly, lift the multiplayer player limit. We are still a way off from doing that, but it gives some context for the importance of Terrain 2.0. Ok this has been a long one! Thanks for reading, and as always please don't be afraid to reach out with feedback, bugs, and suggestions! Btw: we are 100 subscribers away from 20k on Youtube! If you haven't already, go over and subscribe so you can get weekly updates on what we are working on! -jt
  2. Yep, we are seeing this internally as well. Working on a fix that will probably get pushed with the next update.
  3. SES_joe

    Multiplayer works only once

    Hey Courbet! Thanks for the info. We are doing some more testing for Cross Platform stability, but there are a lot of variables when it comes to playing on the same internet connection. Do you both have issues also connecting to players not on your home network connection?
  4. SES_joe

    "200 - Hotfix" - August 19th, 2017

    Weird. I just went and tested the mod problem and could not reproduce. Could you send a video with this happening? I want to try and track this down.
  5. SES_joe

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    Thanks! Engineers are looking at this now.
  6. SES_joe

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    Thanks for the detailed response! I forwarded this to the team. If you want, I can try and jump in on a multiplayer session when you have time and try and see whats up. My gamertag is goodcleanjoey
  7. SES_joe

    "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    Sorry you are getting crashes, we went through a pretty extensive QA pass internally, with an external team as well. Can you give me any info about what you were doing at the time? Is this an old save? Is everyone on the new version of the game? Would love any info so we can try and reproduce in house.
  8. Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access version has just been updated to 0.3.10197.0 (Patch "197") Steam 'Early Access' users will receive this update immediately. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines in the next 48 hours. This hotfix focuses on fixing some known issues for Xbox "Play Anywhere" users, as well as fixes for both platforms. As always, the team would like to thank everyone supporting Astroneer in early access, especially for sharing bugs, inspiration, stories, videos, and streams with us and the rest of our amazing community. UPDATES You can find these updates in 197, the current build of the game. The effects of storms have now been scaled down. They will still cause things to blow away, but your rovers will now no longer be in perilous danger whenever the wind blows. This was an unintentional side effect of the engine upgrade, but we liked it and wanted to see what people thought. Unfortunately this resulted in many lost rovers and items. The effect storms now have has still increased overall, but is much less than what it was in 196. FIXES The following bugs are now fixed. Thank you to everyone in the community who has reported and shared details with us on these issues. Upon death, ghost Astroneer corpses appear at your base. When basebuilding, conduits stray of of their intended path when resin is placed on them In MP games, Host players will see worklights illuminated for themselves and Client players, but Client players will not see the light Issue where the transform of an object moving into the backpack isn't set correctly, resulting in the item appearing inside the Astroneer As a reminder, we also have a test running on the experimental branch of Astroneer. You can read all of the details about that test here: EXPERIMENTAL TEST 001 DETAILS As always, thanks so much and have fun! -joe
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    "Patch 196" - July 21st, 2017

    Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access will be updated to version 0.3.10196.0 (Patch "196") Steam 'Early Access' users will receive this update Friday July 21st. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can also expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines Friday July 21st. This update adds a new item, as well as fixes to issues in both single and multiplayer sessions. We are continuing our trend of working heads down on long term projects to make Astroneer a scalable and better performing game all around. If you want to know how that is going day to day, you can check out this week's vlog, as well as the entire playlist to see how we have been progressing so far. We know content has been light, so for our next update, we will be rolling out experimental branches of the game while still updating the main branch to allow players to actually get their hands on these new updated core systems on our roadmap. We can't wait for you all who are patiently waiting to finally see the fruits of our labor! As always, the team would like to thank everyone supporting Astroneer in early access, especially for sharing bugs, inspiration, stories, videos, and streams with us and the rest of our amazing community. UPDATES You will find these updates in 196, the next build of the game. [AS-1096] - Migrated to Unreal Engine version 4.15. [AS-1140] - Fall Damage model been refactored to use fall velocity instead of absolute height values. [AS-1190] - A variety of error messages for joining Multiplayer games have been implemented in game and localized in all shipping languages. [AS-1194] - Set up headless game server to begin the process of dedicated server implementation. [AS-1196] - Worklight object is now available in the build and printable from the backpack. [AS-1201] - Distinct Gestures and Idles for Bubble, Pajama, and Bio Suits have been added [AS-1203] - Adjusted FX to fire off at the right times during animations. [AS-1081] - Implemented basic gameplay telemetry collection. The Game no longer triggers an autosave on the first exit from the Dropship. Backpack shoulder auxiliary slots can hold arbitrary items again. Oxygen tank cost restored to 1 Titanium. Build all the worklights you want! This is the first pass on dropping in a "test item". We hope to continue to add items like this while we flesh out core systems, as well as passes on other items that we think have way more potential, like the winch, drill, and beacons, just to name a few. You also now have more personality depending on which Astroneer you choose, as well as reverting the cost of oxygen tanks to titanium. Print some now while they are cheap ;). Dedicated servers are still not ready, but the headless server instance is a good step in the right direction. FIXES The following bugs are now fixed. Thank you to everyone in the community who has reported and shared details with us on these issues. [AS-1118] - Spikers should once again be visible to Client players in Multiplayer games. [AS-1147] - Client players should no longer be generating different terrain than the Host in Multiplayer games. [AS-1148] - Fixed a recurring crash during the object update cycle. Object updating is now more efficient. [AS-1198] - Full tanks no longer appear empty to Client players in Multiplayer games. [AS-1207] - The Smelter will no longer lose resource nuggets if there are no slots available on the module, nuggets will fall to the ground instead. [AS-1234] - Fixed an edge-case, but annoying issue where players are unable to proceed with the game after clicking the take-off button at the end of the landing sequence. [AS-1280] - Fixed a crash that occurs when players attempt to load a previously saved game from the Main Menu. [AS-1284] - Xbox players should now be able to join a previously suspended online game session. [AS-1296] - Fixed a nondeterministic terrain generation issue which resulted in terrain seams around the landing zone. Several fixes to the Gravity system should reduce instances of Vehicles and unearthed objects floating away. Fixed issue where the Smelter would be restored to a bugged state if the game was saved during the smelting process. Fixed issue where the Research Module would be restored to a bugged state if the game was saved at the wrong moment during chest unlock. Fixed numerical error buildup in camera system causing jitter and drift. One of the biggest fixes is gravity for vehicles and spawned items on planets. There still might be a few edge cases here, but for the most part you should be seeing less floaty stuff. Also, multiplayer sessions where players are on different planets should be much more stable. KNOWN ISSUES The following minor bugs are known to be in this release and will be addressed in a future update. Background music tracks may sometimes loop or cut out early. Base conduit may sometimes extend off the intended trajectory. The upgrade to the Wwise audio engine has caused some unforseen situations where music does not trigger properly. This will be fixed after this update. Also, our migration to Unreal 4.15 has caused some issues with base conduits. There is a fix in progress, but it didn't make it in time for this update. Expect to see it in the next one. PROTOTYPING The following major feature prototypes are going on during development, but are not included in this release. These are tasks that most of the team are focused on right now, which is the reason for the lack of large content drops. As stated above, we will now be rolling new features to experimental to expedite some of this new stuff into your hands. Controller Prototype - New controller and interaction prototype is nearly ready for public experimental launch. This prototype tries to solve issues with the virtual cursor, and aims to bring the controller experience in parity with a mouse and keyboard configuration. Terrain 2.0 - Completed Volcano Island prototype to prove out terrain generation in new system. Next up is generation of entire planets using this new prototype. Modularity - Completed second vehicle modularity prototype for internal playtesting. More concrete details coming within the next few weeks, including possible experimental branch public playtesting. Research 2.0 - Astroneer ID Card and Interaction Point prototype worked on. Progress made on potential systems for more meaningful research progression. More concrete details coming within the next few weeks, including possible experimental branch public playtesting. Now that the initial explorations have been done, the team is narrowing it's scope on the boulders on our roadmap. Concrete decisions are being made, resulting in more fleshed out versions of all of these boulders. As addressed in last week's Q&A, our team will now all focus on specific boulders for each content update going forward to bring them to life for experimental testing and or public releases. With the addition of two engineers since our last update, our capacity to move on these large systems has been largely upgraded. Thanks and see you Friday! EDIT: Some issues have popped up and will be patched soon! - In MP games, Host players will see worklights illuminated for themselves and Client players, but Client players will not see the light - An inconsistent issue where sometimes fall distance is not set accurately for Client players, making Host players appear stuck in the falling animation - Issue where the transform of an object moving into the backpack isn't set correctly, resulting in the item appearing inside the Astroneer - Issue where exiting a vehicle while it is still moving kills the player because of a physics bug - Also: storms now wreak havok on bases, including blowing rovers, items and unhooked modules away. While not entirely unintentional, we should have probably warned players of this new behavior. - Settings menu causing lots of dropped frames when first accessed. Exiting and entering the menu seems to fix this issue in the meantime. - Issue where terrain tool mods are not working, or are exhibiting incorrect behaviors - Issue where items appear incorrectly in the backpack
  10. BTW the team is reading through this thread for feedback, and it is really great. This is awesome to see. Thanks all.
  11. we get some info through unreal, but much easier to triage with the save file and dump in front of us.
  12. Would love to see a crash report and details for this. can email to me
  13. SES_joe

    Multiplayer Crashing

    If we operated only on Steam, this would be easy. Unfortunately, because we are a multiplatform game, spending dev time to work on two different cycles is just not possible for a team of our size. Programmers are delving into this as we speak! Side note: you can send me crash reports and I can forward to the team!
  14. SES_joe

    Multiplayer Crashing

    Hey! We currently working through this, will be pushing a fix in the next update!
  15. SES_joe

    Multiplayer Crashes

    @jamfam got any logs or crashdumps? Will forward to the team if so!
  16. Hey all! As you might have heard, we just pushed out an experimental build of the game, with an entirely new gamepad scheme! The goal is to gather feedback on this new prototype and see how it stacks up against the default gamepad controls, so we created a survey where you can tell us your thoughts and suggestions. You can find that survey here: Please be aware that this build is a bit rough around the edges, and you are likely to find bugs and weird behaviors. To activate the experimental branch, right click on Astroneer in your Steam game library. Then navigate to Properties > Betas and choose experimental - latest untested builds in the dropdown. If the update doesn't happen right away, restart Steam. Note: while this experimental build is only for Steam users, we are trying to find a solution to bring future experimental updates to Xbox and Windows 10. Here are the major changes: 1. Active Grabbing The right trigger now activates a state in which you are allowed to quickly and easily grab things in your vicinity. Rings will pop up notifying you of items and modules that you can pick up or interact with. Press A to then pick up your selected item, or interact with base modules and items with buttons on them. Releasing the trigger while you are in the grabbed state will slot things into your hand. This allows you to freely move around the world with one item that your Astroneer is now holding. It looks rough right now, but if we decide to keep this, it will be animated so that way things aren't eating your entire body. Not so fast though, there is a downside to keeping items in your hand. Instead of just using your hand as another slot, items in your hand will prevent you from using your terrain tool, because your hand is occupied. B is now the designated button to "undo" or "cancel" the grabbing state. If you have something actively grabbed or in your hand, you can press B to drop it. This can be used to just drop something at your feet, or drop an item you grabbed so you can continue using the terrain tool. 2. Deforming While Using the Camera Previously, the controls only allowed you to see where you were deforming by tracking the ring on the ground indicating where you were going to add/subtract/flatten terrain. This new scheme breaks that up, allowing you to still control the camera, while freely moving the terrain tool indicator ring around you. This allows greater freedom to see where you want to deform, or the ability to pan around to the next area where you are going to add or subtract terrain. Use the left stick to control deforming, and use the right to look around. What this does take away is the ability to move while deforming. 3. Quick Grabbing Now you can quickly and easily grab lots of items and slot them directly into your backpack without having to actually open it. Mouse and keyboard players already have this functionality, and now gamepad players can also utilize this feature. To quick grab, hold the right trigger, and then press the backpack button, Y. This will place items directly into any open slots in your backpack. 4. Tether Placement Tethers now are extremely easy to place down using the gamepad. The main way is to press down on the d-pad one time. This will put a tether into your hand, and while holding right trigger, allow you to place it anywhere you want. The newest functionality now allows you to place a tether at your feet after putting one in your hand. Press down on the d-pad again to place your already grabbed tether. This gives you the ability to place down long tether lines without ever having to use the virtual cursor. We would absolutely love your feedback on this experimental test, and the best and most effective way of giving that to us is through this survey: CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY Please be aware that this prototype and build are experimental, and unforseen bugs and behaviors will pop up. Also understand that saves in the experimental branch will most likely not carry over or be compatible with future experimental tests. Enjoy them at your own risk! If you want to see a live demo in action, you can check out this stream replay over on Youtube, and keep the diagrams below handy! Have fun and be sure to share your thoughts. We will have more details soon about our next experimental test, and some follow up questions sometime next week after everyone has gotten their hands dirty with this one. -joe
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    What happened to the Fun (GRINDING != FUN)

    I will be typing many words and creating many videos regarding research 2.0 very soon
  18. SES_joe

    196 - Cross Platform Multiplayer

    Hey! going to investigate this, but want to make sure of a key item, both people need to be on the new version otherwise you will not be able to connect!
  19. SES_joe

    "Patch 196" - July 21st, 2017

    Just posting in here to say, I am not responding to every post, but investigating a lot of this stuff with the team!
  20. SES_joe

    "Patch 196" - July 21st, 2017

    Intentional, but also, worklights will eventually be able to stand on their own and take power like tethers. Didn't make this update.
  21. SES_joe

    "Patch 196" - July 21st, 2017

    what platform?
  22. SES_joe

    "Paul i miss you...'' new easter egg

  23. SES_joe

    "Patch 189" : Jun 16th, 2017

    Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access version has just been updated to 0.3.10189.0 (Patch "189") Steam 'Early Access' users will receive this update immediately. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines in the next 48 hours. This small patch focuses on fixing some longstanding issues while the team works on prototyping items in our "Immediate Priorities" section of the roadmap. Patch notes will now also include a section for tracking in-progress tasks, to keep you updated on things that are coming down the pipeline. As always, the team would like to thank everyone supporting Astroneer in early access, especially for sharing bugs, inspiration, stories, videos, and streams with us and the rest of our amazing community. UPDATES You can find these updates in 189, the current build of the game. [AS-1082] - Implemented raw logging for join errors in multiplayer games [AS-1083] - Implemented player-facing messages for join errors in multiplayer games Multiplayer joining and error logging is still a work in progress, but at the very least you can now troubleshoot when things do go wrong. [AS-1159] - Rover center of gravity has been lowered, improving handling Rovers still have a way to go, but the center of gravity change will help them to stay a little bit lower to the ground when traversing planets. Thrusters are now 10x as fun as they were before. (Seen in SES Vlog 004, enjoy!) Thrusters are still in the experimental stage, and will likely play a much bigger role when modularity is further along (see below for more details) but for now, use their upgraded thrust at your own peril, or enjoyment Sprint can now be toggled on the Xbox GamePad by pressing the left thumbstick No more broken thumbs. This is also part of the overall control and interaction refactor on the roadmap FIXES The following bugs are now fixed. Thank you to everyone in the community who has reported and shared details with us on these issues. [AS-1152] - Fixed an issue where players became stuck inside the Habitat This longtime bug should now never happen again. PROTOTYPING The following major feature prototypes are going on during development, but are not included in this release Gamepad controls - handedness input Gamepad controls - proximity selection Modularity - vehicle modularity system Terrain 2.0 - terrain lookdev exploration / proof of concept Research - progression mechanics Customization - expanding Astroneer suit options The team is working diligently on a bunch of our core mechanics right now, as well as some under the hood updates to make the game more stable and efficient. In our newest vlog (SES Vlog 004) you can get a glimpse into how vehicle modularity is coming along, as well as a look at a new Astroneer suit in engine. What you might not see in this list is the highly anticipated fix to floating rovers and items. We are working on this, but the fix didn't make this patch due to complications resulting from an engine upgrade. We will update with more information as soon as we have a solid date. UPDATE: WE ARE AWARE OF SOUND NOT WORKING FOR XBOX/WIN 10. The team is currently working on a fix. This issue has already been resolved on Steam. Apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.
  24. SES_joe

    What is taking System Era so long

    so...many things to say. I will try and keep this short but I probably wont All of the things you mentioned are legitmate concerns. Research is not great, vehicle physics are wonky, and our latest engine upgrade caused unforseen gravity issues. What I will say is, your perspective is a bit off. The game wasn't released in early access with everything figured out. This is exactly why it was and still is in a pre-alpha state. The small team of four has grown substantially because rather than just keep the original game, the team's vision for what Astroneer can be has grown. ~1 Million players and counting, and Brendan and Adam and co decided to take the money made and put it back into the company to scale up and deliver the game they hoped they could build in 2-3 years in a way shorter timeframe. I always try and give concrete examples so I will use one of yours. Making structures visible to all players across the whole solar system is not trivial. The game needs to run a variety of different hardware, and changing LOD behavior has tons of implications. Thankfully, Andrew is working on this because we think it is important. The restrictions also have to do with the fact that the host runs everything. This will get fixed when we have dedicated servers, but we can't just roll that out because all of the current game is written with P2P connections in mind. Also, because we are changing the way terrain works at it's very core, why would we spend time optimizing the current terrain scheme to work at large distances? I can keep going on. Saying co-op is broken though I think is a bridge too far. The player behavior you are describing is more of how people play minecraft on dedicated servers, building their own bases on distant corners of the map. I see why people want to do that, which is why all of the above is happening (I have tons of hours in minecraft servers where I literally never encountered another player) but the current system is not designed with this kind of behavior in mind. Still, I get your frustration. I have been trying my best to give people context with all of the new comms I have been working on, but I still feel your pain. From our side, there are a LOT of things happening. We are trying to walk a tightrope where we keep developing the current game in it's current state, while also thinking about the future of Astroneer down the line. I am sorry you feel like you wasted your money, but we feel we are on track to make Astroneer much bigger and better than originally imagined and that is going to take time.