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    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    I am a time traveler.
  2. Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access has been updated to version 0.4.10223.0 (Hotfix "223") Steam 'Early Access' & Xbox 'Play Anywhere' owners should have received this update on the 22nd. This hotfix addresses issues resulting from Update 221. Fixed functionality related to printing and utilizing oxygen canisters Applied physics changes to vehicles. Fixed an issue where the Zebra ball would demand you interact with it and only it. Thanks to all users who reported these issues with crash reports and information.
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    Astroneer Tribute in Gran Turismo SPORT

    This is amazing!
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    Some thoughts on latest release Patch 221

    We are hoping to go live with a fix to containers be end of week. Stuck in certification purgatory right now.
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    Augments Bug

    Forwarded to the team! We weren't able to reproduce this locally, this is exactly why.
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    Vehicle Controls

    I would bet on under that
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    "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    totally a typo! this is correct
  8. Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access has been updated to version 0.3.10219.0 (Patch "219") on Xbox and Windows 10 platforms. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players should expect this patch to hit their Xbox One X / Xbox One S / Xbox One Consoles, or Windows 10 machines Tuesday November 7th 2017. This is an update specifically for Xbox One X users, rolling out the Xbox One X Enhanced version of Astroneer! This update pushes the game to render at 4K UHD as well as other enhancements made possible by Xbox One X hardware. There is an equivalent patch on all other Xbox "Play Anywhere" users, but only to make sure that all versions can play multiplayer together. More information about our next content update for all platforms coming later this week! Here are some screenshots taken directly from an Xbox One X kit. Thanks! -jt
  9. Looking for Update 221 notes? Click here Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access will be updated to version 0.4.10215.0 (The Excavation Update) Looking for translated notes? Описание патча Astroneer на русском Steam 'Early Access' should see this update out now. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' users will receive this update at around 12PM PT Thursday October 12th, 2017. The Pre-Alpha "Excavation" Update includes new modules & items to craft, an entirely new core gameplay loop, and quality of life updates. It also includes some crucial fixes for vehicles and tweaks to research RNG ahead of Research 2.0 changes. We would like to sincerely thank Early Access players for their feedback in the Experimental 002 test, as that information helped us make changes that eventually made it into this update. Disclaimer: Up until this point, we have worked hard to make sure older saves were compatible with the newest versions of Astroneer. While old saves will be "compatible" with our newest update, we highly recommend you start a fresh save. Use old saves at your own risk, and please keep bug reports limited to savegames that were started fresh during 215! UpdatesYou can find these updates in 0.4.101215.0, the current build of the game. Added the new "Reusable Canister" item The Reusable Canister is an important part of the Excavation Update. You can now print these canisters from your backpack for one Resin. In 215, they serve as the primary way to store collected soil and refined hydrazine from the new Hydrazine Catalyzer. In the future, we would like these canisters to hold all of the liquid resources Astroneers might encounter or create. [AS-1130] - Mineral Extractor Module now available to build The Mineral Extractor is a completely new module used to extract resources from all of the terrain beneath your Astroneer's feet. It works by taking sediment gathered into Reusable Canisters and filtering it, resulting in the resource of your choice. To create resources, simply gather sediment into reusable canisters using your Terrain Tool. Then feed that gathered soil into the module's reservoir, and place a sample in the center of the centrifuge. Upon activation, the Extractor will fill its canisters with soil, and extract out the requested resource. Mineral extraction has entirely new ratios for output, and now includes additional resources not found in our experimental test. The output values and list of resources available will most likely change in the future. [AS-1131] - Hydrazine Catalyzer Module now available to build The Space Pizza Oven Hydrazine Catalyzer is now available. The conversion of Hydrazine from a crystalline deposit to fully refined resource in a container was never the intended final experience for gathering fuel. Now, when you would like to fuel a shuttle or thruster, use your terrain tool to gather ammonium crystals, and then catalyze them in this new module. Resuable Canisters are also required to store this newly created Hydrazine fuel. In the future, we hope to possibly use the catalyzer for the conversion of other minerals. [AS-1566] - New Boost Mod Augment is now available. The boost mod is a new tool used to gather sediment and/or deform terrain quickly. Printable from your backpack, this augment allows for rapid deforming, at the cost of drawing power from your backpack battery. Fuel Condenser changes The fuel condenser now requires multiple charges to create a full canister of refined Hydrazine, and also reusable canisters to put that Hydrazine in. The good news is, this is now our first automated module in the game. Attach medium storage units to this and all of the new modules, and watch them pick and place items when necessary. New Power Dynamic has now been implemented There have been significant changes to the backpack power system to better suit our intended progression path. Changes listed below: Deforming, flattening, or removing terrain no longer uses backpack battery power. Deform forever! The backpack no longer "trickle charges". That means if you run out of power, you are out until you can generate or find more. Be careful! Printing from the backpack printer now draws power Augments also now draw power when activated on your terrain tool. There is also a big change when it comes to portable power generation! The solar panel and small generator have swapped places. Now, the most accessible power in the early game is the non renewable organic based small generator. Printable for one compound, these generators run on foliage gathered from the world. (If you never noticed, grass and bushes with bright colors yield organic.) Although this might seem like a cumbersome change, the small generator allows you to create power both above and below ground at any time. Rather than wait at your base till the sun comes up, you can head underground knowing you will almost always be able to find organic. Removing the trickle charge, and making the small generator more prominent decreases the amount of time you are just waiting around for power to come back, and lets you make deliberate choices about what you want to do. After playing for a bit and unlocking the smelter, you can then make the necessary copper to unlock the power of the sun. We feel like solar energy in the early game made progression too easy, and didn't present any interesting choices related to power. Most people made small solar panels for their base and themselves within five minutes of every new game and never really had to think about power generation ever again. Deforming with the drill head fills connected canisters The drill has long been a great looking piece of machinery, with very little practical use. Now, whenever a drill is used on a vehicle, any connected reusable containers on any slot of the vehicle will fill with the deformed terrain. Other Excavation Update Changes Adding terrain now requires stored terrain from reusable containers [AS-1575] - Added a new Soil Hose to the Deform Tool to show Soil usage between the Deform Tool and Canisters in the Backpack. [AS-1576] - Added Soil gauge to the Terrain Brush [AS-1579] - Updated Deform Tool to have a burn off valve to indicate lost terrain when Canisters are full Revised Soil usage to have a 1:1 relationship with changes made to terrain. ‘Flatten’ mode now collects or consumes Soil contextually. [AS-1572] - Opening Backpack while the Deform Tool is equipped will now pop out the Deform Tool automatically. Likewise, closing the Backpack with the Deform Tool popped out will automatically equip it. Pressing the Deform Tool ‘equip’ button/key while the Backpack is open will toggle popping out the Deform Tool instead of closing the backpack and equipping it. [AS-1573] - Indicator slots can now pull resources from Deform Tool in addition to the the Backpack. Deform Tool slots are now available when quick-storing items to the Backpack. When dying, any items attached to the Deform Tool or Backpack’s Auxiliary Slots are dropped with the Backpack itself instead respawning with the Player. [AS-1583] - When respawning, the Astroneer will now descend from the Space Station in their Habitat. Added new tutorial sequence to introduce Soil collection and changes to power usage. (Note that new saves will have to complete this tutorial before all starting recipes are made available) All Augment recipes now (temporarily) unlocked until the new Research System is released. Have fun! Edit: 11:37PM Research has received a tuning pass to make it a bit less punishing, in anticipation of Research 2.0 changes. Medium Solar is now unlocked for every new save Audio Changes [AS-1614] Mixed, Mastered, & Implemented new music assets Our composer Rutger has submitted some new music for Astroneer. You should be hearing this new music in-game intermittently. Bug Fixes [AS-1450] - The Thruster now plays sounds when it activates and deactivates [AS-1516] - Fixed an issue where audio occasionally did not play when removing terrain [AS-1549] - Fixed an issue where Beacon icons would become inaccurate while viewing from orbit [AS-1554] - Partially fixed an issue where dead Astroneer backpacks would use world lighting, making it difficult to see what it is on them in low light situations. Future updates will have a more complete fix. [AS-1709] - Beacon collision model has been changed so it is no longer spherical. No more escaping Beacons! [AS-1720] - Driving past conduits on Rovers no longer pops attached objects off the front and back connectors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!1 [AS-1740] - Fixed an issue where Rovers would fly into space when loading a save from a rover seat [AS-1742] - Fixed several issues with Rovers displaying inconsistent physics [AS-1745] - Fixed an issue with Rovers not having the power to perform basic intended functionality [AS-1758] - Sandstorm Attenuation should now be working properly [AS-1763] - Fixed an issue where Rovers would load in incorrect positions when quitting to Main Menu then reloading the Saved Game. The team heard your feedback about rovers and worked during our bugfix week to fix them up. As always though, we want to remind you that they are a work in progress! Thanks to the community for reporting, documenting and triage-ing bugs for us to smash! PROTOTYPING ROADMAP HIGHLIGHT The following major features are continuing during development, but are not included in this release. Since we are (mostly) out of the prototyping phase, we can start calling this section the roadmap highlight, where we talk about some of the major work being done behind the scenes. Dedicated Servers Dedicated servers are moving along nicely. Carl spoke to us on the vlog about what he was specifically working on at the time, including demoing 8 Astroneers on one dedicated server build here locally. The player number is still TBD, and to be fair none of those 8 users were moving or deforming or any of the other things users might do. We can say though that since then we have made great progress, including figuring out the plan for UI and the systems necessary to allow dedicated servers to work within Astroneer. Now we need to build them. Lots of work yet to be done, but some intrepid discord users noticed that SES has uploaded something into the tools section on steam. Terrain 2.0 T2.0 is now in engine and deformable. That means work has begun to figure out the new authoring tools, as well as optimizing it so we can start creating the interesting terrain that this new, much more efficient system will allow for. Modularity While the team was working on this newest update, We didn't want to completely drop any of the boulders we have been pushing towards. To save time and not take away too much from development, Samantha made a paper prototype to work out the modularity game loop. We will have more details about the results of that prototype soon! Wow this was a SUPER long one. Go forth and live off the land now. Have fun and we can't wait to hear about what you think! -jt
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    Re: SES VLog 22

    no comment
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    XBOX ONE - Multiplayer - 0.4.10215.0

    Hey Sander! Could it be possible that you both haven't downloaded the update? Not sure why this would be happening otherwise!
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    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    Just wanted to pop in here and say, thanks for all of the feeback/criticism in this thread. Lots of great constructive responses for us to chew on! esp for the detailed posts from @reto @Shadow Echo & @wondible
  13. Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access will be updated to version 0.3.10201.0 (Patch "201") Steam 'Early Access' users will receive this update Friday September 15th, 2017. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can also expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines September 15th, 2017. Update 201 includes some new controls, makes adjustments to tethers, and adds a new item! We as a team are moving out of the prototyping phase and into implementation of our major boulder sized tasks for feedback from the community. We will be updating the roadmap next week with LOTS of info as a result of these last few weeks but I will say this, the goal is to wrap these systems up and move on to Alpha ASAP. More info on that in the bottom prototyping section. Now for notes! Updates You can find these updates in 0.3.101201.0, the current build of the game. Added the Alignment Augment This new augment creates a flat plane that is perpendicular to the curve of the planet, unlike the existing Flatten mode, which flattens based on a selected voxel and mimics that angle. The Alignment augment will make a flat surface based on the planet's center. When used vertically, it creates curved, column-like walls. Changes to tether placement Pressing the “place tether” button will now place a Tether post at the Astroneer’s feet. The post can be moved around after that point. This change affects both Mouse and Controller players. For tethers, we feel these changes are going to have a great benefit to the overall experience. PROTIP: Now when running and placing tethers, drop them as soon as your oxygen line detaches. This will give you maximum length between tethers, while still allowing you to run in the direction you were going. Gamepad Control Changes When using the terrain tool, the camera now defaults to a fixed over-the-shoulder view, and holding LT unlocks the cursor and puts you in the old default mode. Clicking RS alters camera zoom distance as before, except that the closest zoom in this mode is very nearly first-person. When you have your terrain tool out, use right stick to aim the terrain reticle, and left stick to move your Astroneer. Now the right stick is universally the way to look, and the left stick will always allow you to move your Astroneer, whether deforming or just running around. Brendan gave us a walkthrough on this week's vlog, check it out here: New sounds and updates to old sounds have been implemented UPDATE: Vehicle animations and winch sounds didn't make it. [AS-856] - Winch now has audio. [AS-857] - Connecting two conduits together now has audio. [AS-1275] - Worklight now has audio [AS-1309] - Vehicle enter and exit animations now have sound effects. [AS-1507] - Beacon audio has been updated Riley has been hard at work fixing some new bugs, and simultaneously using Wwise to add new content. Expect the soundscape of Astroneer to continually get updates. Tether posts now physically simulate and fall to the ground when deforming terrain under them. No more floating tethers in the middle of the air, if you deform under them, tethers now respond to those changes and no longer act like possessed space ghosts.' Vehicle handling changes! Steering is now more wheel-controlled and the Rovers have been made more stable overall. Players should see less flipping and spiralling when taking Rovers off sweet jumps. Vehicle physics are still a work in progress, and vehicles might still be a bit wonky on planets with lower gravity. This will be addressed in a future update. Bug Fixes Crash Fixes: [AS-1474] - Fixed a rare crash, that according to engineers was “super weird, and something that should never occur,” involving the game trying to access non-existent Rover wheels. [AS-1482] - Fixed a crash that occurred while trying to change resolution in cases where the settings .ini file had become corrupted. [AS-1517] - Fixed an edge case where the game would crash while unplugging the controller and holding any button. [AS-1552] - Fixed a Multiplayer crash that would occur if a Client player joined a game while the Host was not on Terran. Thanks to last update, the crash list is fairly short and were mainly edge cases. Got a crash? Here’s how to send it over! Options Menu: [AS-760] - Two different actions can no longer be assigned to the same key / button. [AS-1427] - Fixed an issue where audio values reset to 0 after changing them during active gameplay, and then terminating the title. [AS-1444] - Fixed an issue on Xbox One where brightness setting temporarily persisted when backing out of the pause menu without selecting 'Apply and Resume.' [AS-1514] - Steam client Options menu text adjusts more elegantly to changing window sizes or resolutions (except for very small resolutions or unusual window shapes). Changes to Options menu now persist between sessions on Xbox One. The options menu is a work in progress, and a few bugs popped up since the last update. Another PROTIP: use the arrow keys to adjust values so you don’t have to click the mouse 1 million times. We will implement sliders down the line. Audio fixes: [AS-1475] - Fixed an issue in Multiplayer games, where Smelter audio loop continued playing for the Client player. [AS-1524] - Fixed an issue where the Heartbeat audio loop continuously played after returning to main menu. General Fixes: [AS-1447] - Fixed an issue on Xbox One where players would respawn partially underground after dying by falling [AS-1527] - Reintroduced the plumbline to Beacons [AS-1528] - Fixed an issue where items would go on a beautiful journey into space if not collected from an dead Astroneer before a second death occurs. [AS-1533] - Fixed a major issue where saves were disappearing on Xbox/Win10 Fixed a bug that was causing Rovers to fall through the world when loading into a saved game. Astroneers should no longer get stuck inside base modules as they are being built. Fixed a bug where Tethers were not auto-highlighting for selection when playing with a controller. PROTOTYPING The following major feature prototypes are going on during development, but are not included in this release. As mentioned above, our initial prototyping phase is starting to move into implementation. That means we will see faster and more concrete progress that players will be able to get their hands on in coming updates. Now that we have our full team firing on all cylinders, you can expect new things to play in experimental and/or the main versions of the game in almost every update going forward as we push toward our goal of being in Alpha! We are really excited to start getting feedback on the roadmap “boulders” we have been tackling. Research 2.0 Last update we talked about how our Research 2.0 prototype had been tested internally, and after lots of internal feedback and discussions, implementation has begun. Lots of work to be done here, but we are working towards a completely new progression path that allows players of different playstyles to unlock the things they want to, rather than the current completely randomized system. Sam W. had lots to say about this in a vlog! The plan is to get this into a future experimental build for you all to give feedback on. Terrain 2.0 While Zabir works hard on the tech, the art team and other engineers are plotting out the new ways we can author interesting and more varied terrain, while still keeping Astroneer’s signature look. To reiterate earlier posts, our new terrain system will allow for all of the above, while simultaneously letting us up the player count in multiplayer sessions. Dedicated Servers In case you missed the announcement, we hired our last Engineer (for now ;]) Carl, who will be helping push forward all tech related to dedicated servers, online persistence, and more. We have also identified our partner for hosting, which we will announce at a later date! Modularity Modularity has advanced very nicely. After the initial prototype was validated, Aaron has been working on the specifics of how the system will work with other in game loops. During that process, the need was brought up for another system to get an overhaul which leads to the next section. Power Refactor I refuse to add another 2.0 so let’s go with refactor! A couple of weeks back, Elijah did a segment on the vlog where he talked about how we are redoing the power system. Go watch that. To sum it up: in order for bases to be modular, we need to allow players to deliberately control power flow and lines. While refactoring that though, we also are working on gameplay elements that allow players to make more interesting bases. Want to build an underground base but use solar power? Set up your solar farm on the surface, and pipe the power down deep underground. This is one example, but I hope it is enough for you to understand the interesting ways the power refactor can change the ways you play Astroneer. Once again, this is a long one! Thanks for reading and please do not hesitate to reach out with feedback, suggestions, bugs, and encouragement for the team! -joe
  14. Hola Astroneers! Experimental Test 002 is now imminent! This experimental build focuses on an entirely new gameplay mechanic, Terrain as a Resource! The goal here is two fold. We would love feedback on the concept, as well as any bugs related to T.A.R. Here is a form to file feedback as well as bugs with this new system. The dev build we are pushing out has some other bugs, including some that have been fixed in the main branch, so keep bug reporting to T.A.R only. I will reiterate here: this build has some bugs. Will list some known issues below: 1. The death bug where your items seemingly spawn at your base is still present. Still need to go to your death location to retrieve items. 2. Sounds (music, ambient, storms) are pretty bugged right now. This dev branch did not get all of the Wwise updates that Riley has been working on, because he is focusing on making sure the next main update is sorted. This will get fixed, but we didn't want to hold experimental longer to get his extensive fixes applied in time. 3. Clients sometimes can unearth research chests and then they cannot interact with them. This will almost always result in an eminent crash. 4. Some controller bugs when playing in multiplayer. This will be fixed shortly after release. 5. Clients having issues using the refinery. This will be fixed shortly after release. To activate the experimental branch, right click on Astroneer in your Steam game library. Then navigate to Properties > Betas and choose experimental - latest untested builds in the dropdown. If the update doesn't happen right away, restart Steam. Note: while this experimental build is only for Steam users, we are trying to find a solution to bring future experimental updates to Xbox and Windows 10. Gameplay Changes As the title indicates, terrain is now considered a resource! That means a few significant changes to the core gameplay loop. Adding or flattening terrain requires terrain “ammo” in containers. This will likely be a significant change for some people. You can no longer add terrain indefinitely, even when tethered to your base. Instead, you'll need a ready supply of collected sediment in order to add terrain to the environment. However, while flatten also requires a sediment supply during this test, we'll be updating it soon to both fill and deplete canisters depending on whether it is removing or adding terrain. Deforming terrain no longer uses power We've removed the power draw from deforming terrain. This means that while adding or flattening terrain now requires a Sediment supply, removing terrain is completely unrestricted, even if you are disconnected from your tether line. You'll no longer find yourself staring at your backpack's battery meter, waiting for it to slowly charge in order to continue deforming. This change allows for you to think more strategically about your backpack power usage. In exchange for removing the terrain tool's power draw, we're adding more uses for power in the form of items and abilities that you'll use intermittently. We've started by having Augments draw power, but we'll be introducing lots more uses going forward. And we've also removed the backpack's "trickle" charge, so you'll have to pay more attention to your power supply when it's in use. Terrain and Hydrazine are now stored in reusable Canisters Every Astro will start with one reusable canister. Additional canisters can be printed from your backpack at the cost of 1 Resin. While deforming, terrain removed from the environment will fill up canisters attached to the backpack or terrain tool. If all canisters are full (or no canisters are attached), collected terrain is burned off and permanently destroyed. New Items & Modules Reusable Canister Can hold either Sediment (terrain) or Hydrazine (with other resources to come later). Printable from backpack for 1 Resin. Not to be confused with the oxygen canister, which still costs one titanium. Ammonium The previous behavior of harvesting canisters full of Hydrazine directly from "fuel" crystals was not intended to be a long term solution. Mining these crystals in the wild will now provide Ammonium, an entirely new resource. Ammonium can be refined into Hydrazine at the new Refinery module. Left unrefined, Ammonium is stable and will not detonate when caught in an explosion. Sediment Processor Module This new module allows you to filter out the trace resource deposits contained within collected sediment. The amount of resources produced depends on the rarity of the selected resource. For the purposes of this test, you'll be able to filter out Compound, Resin, Organic, Malachite, and Laterite. To use the Sediment Processor Module, gather Sediment (Terrain) with your Terrain Tool into any available canister (empty, or partially filled with Sediment) attached to your Terrain Tool or Backpack. Then, transfer the collected Sediment by attaching canisters to the slot at the top of the Module's tank. Note that you can attach partially filled canisters, so long as they contain Sediment. Once the Module's tank is completely filled, attach the desired resource to be filtered to the slot on the bottom-left. (If the resource can be filtered, an indicator hologram will appear on the Output slot on the bottom-right). Hydrazine Refinery Module The Refinery Module is the only way to convert Ammonium into refined Hydrazine. You can also still produce Hydrazine using the Fuel Condenser (but with a few changes which are covered below). To use it, gather Ammonium from purple crystals found in the wild. Then, place Ammonium on an open Input slot on the bottom of the Module, along with an empty canister on a slot along the top. You can refine up to four nuggets of Ammonium at a time (provided you have a canister for each). Press the button, and the refinery will convert Ammonium into refined Hydrazine. Fuel Condenser We've made some adjustments to the Fuel Condenser to make compatible with the introduction of resuable canisters, and to better balance it alongside the new Refinery. The Condeser still produces Hydrazine from power alone, but you'll now need to provide a Canister for it be stored in. Additionally, filling an empty canister now requires multiple full charges. To minimize tedium, we're adding a 'Set It and Forget It" mode. Once the activation button is pressed, the Condenser will automatically re-activate each time its battery is charged until the attached canister has completely filled. Aside from being a balance update, we're also using this change to potentially pave the way for automation systems going forward. TAKE THE EXPERIMENTAL 002 SURVEY HERE Please be aware that this prototype and build are experimental, and unforseen bugs and behaviors will pop up. Also understand that saves in the experimental branch will most likely not carry over or be compatible with future experimental tests. Enjoy them at your own risk! If you want to see a live demo in action, you can check out this stream replay over on Youtube! Have fun and be sure to share your thoughts. We will have more details soon about our next experimental test, and some follow up questions sometime next week after everyone has gotten their hands dirty with this one. -joe
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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for this detailed post. Engineers are going to use this info to triage the bug and get it sorted before our next update! Gold Star!
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    "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    video is unavailable to me!
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    "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    hmm. I just loaded in and tried this and had significantly lower stability in my vehicle. Would love if someone could send me video of this to confirm!
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    "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    I am fairly certain you would need two copies for this scenario, even if you are on separate accounts, as only one of them owns the game. We did have some cross platform crashes last update, but most have since been fixed!
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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    passing this along to the team. Thanks for doing the leg work on this one!
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    Hash list of glitches

    Thanks for this feedback! Lots of known issues here, but appreciate you writing out your thoughts!
  21. Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access will be updated to version 0.3.10200.0 (Patch "200") Steam 'Early Access' users will receive this update immediately. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can expect this hotfix to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines next week. This hotfix addresses issues resulting from Update 199: Fixed an issue where audio settings for music and sounds defaulted to zero Fixed a multiplayer crash related to clients grabbing research chests and then crashing Fixed an issue that would cause some savegames to cause the game to crash on load. Fixed some default resolution issues. This is still a work in progress, and users who still have resolution issues should follow these steps: Go to - SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Astroneer Pre-Alpha\Astro\Saved\Config and delete your GameUserSettings.ini file. OR Users"your username"\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor. Thanks to all users who reported these issues with crash reports and information.
  22. yep! We are looking into it. Thanks for all the info!
  23. odd, they should never be stretching out that far to begin with! DO they still carry power and oxygen?
  24. SES_joe


    Hopefully we are seeing less crashes now!
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    Xbox one multiplayer

    We just put one out on Tuesday! We have been hearing that partying up works better. Sorry you are having issues!