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    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    Reading comms about this, looking into it, looks like it might be related to our game analytics tool, but is completely harmless.
  2. Hey! Just seeing this. The data being sent is just in game analytics! We track in-game actions to help us make decisions while we are in development. Stuff like, what suit people pick, how many times they print ______ etc... Not sure why you are seeing so many pings though, although I suspect it has to do with you blocking the connection and our gameanalytics not timing out. Forwarded to the team for clarification.
  3. SES_joe

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    Steam 'Early Access' players will receive this update July 6th, 2018. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can also expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines throughout the day July 6th , 2018. Update 0.9.0 contains a new gameplay mechanic and module, the Shredder, and tons of new things to discover while exploring planets! UPDATES You can find these updates in, the current build of the game. NEW DISCOVERY TYPE - EXO WRECKS Players can now find new types of EXO discoveries while exploring! From small crashed dropships to sprawling empty outposts, these discoveries await you on the surface of all planets across the solar system. Some of these structures are still somewhat usable… will you strip them of their goods, or settle down and repurpose their working parts into a new base of operations? Some of these include: Solar and wind farms Wrecked dropships Abandoned spaceports These discoveries will also provide valuable parts that you can use for shredding, which brings us to our next addition... SHREDDER AND SCRAP The Small Shredder and Medium Shredder have been added to the game! Shredding is a new gameplay mechanic in Astroneer, that will allow players to use found and created materials to create Scrap, a new resource. Scrap is created by shredding items and modules you no longer need, or wrecked objects and debris you find in the world. Players can then use scrap to trade for materials at the Trade Platform. The Small Shredder is available in the Catalog for 500 Bytes and prints from the Small Fabricator for 1 Aluminum Medium Shredder is available in the Catalog for 1000 Bytes and prints from the Medium Fabricator for 2 Aluminum TRADE PLATFORM The trade platform has been updated to be the primary source of trading for Scrap. Instead of trading using crafting materials, you now use the trade platform to send scrap away in exchange for resources you might need! We will continue to make adjustments to the exchange rates so make sure to let us know how these work for you! IN-GAME UI IMPROVEMENTS As part of ongoing improvements to the in-game UI, the Power and Oxygen status visualizations have been changed to icons and notification tags rather than floating text. Hovering over another player in Multiplayer games now gives you a bit of information about them. OTHER IMPROVEMENTS Harvestables now appear on Radiated and Arid, as well as in Caves on all planets! The design team is eager to hear your feedback on respawn rates and point grant values of Harvestables. Please visit the forums, or other social channels, and let us know what you think! All Rovers now have tighter turn radius, enabling more awesome donut maneuvers, but also better maneuverability in caves. BUGS & CRASH FIXES A number of frequently occurring low-level crashes have been fixed, increasing overall stability. [AS-3127] - Fixed a crash that occurred when printing a Large Shuttle both a Power Nugget and directional power to the Vehicle Bay. [AS-762] - Fixed a UI bug where the text on the Vehicle Bay would flip upside down when approaching it in a vehicle. [AS-877] - Fixed a long standing issue in the Trade Platform where the trade resources would appear inconsistently between client and host players in Multiplayer games. [AS-2792] - Fixed an Audio issue where storm effects would not return if a player entered and then exited a cave during a storm. [AS-2840] - Footstep sound effects have returned! [AS-2841] - Fixed an Audio issue where the Lowpass filter would remain in effect after dying. [AS-3048] - Adjusted the headers in the Quick Help menu so they no longer overlap in Windowed mode or with longer translations. [AS-3065] - Fixed a bug where a Terrain Analyzer occupying a Backpack slots would interfere with the ability to place objects directly into the Backpack. [AS-3097] - Fixed a camera collision issue that occurred when a player would pan across in front of the Habitat causing the Landing pad to flicker in and out. [AS-3104] - Small platforms should no longer topple over easily on uneven ground. [AS-3106] - Filter hologram should once again be present on the Backpack printer preview. [AS-3114] - Fixed an issue where an unusable Examine prompt would appear when selecting the Small Fabricator in your Backpack. [AS-3129] - The Dropship should no longer be deployable when it is placed on a Shuttle. [AS-3149] - Fixed an Audio issue where only the first hydrazine canister attached to a shuttle would play its associated SFX when fuel is transferred into shuttle tank. [AS-3150] - Fixed an annoying issue where Hard Terrain and its surrounding terrain could not be flattened together without the appearance of a small gap or jagged edges. [AS-3175] - Tooltips no longer remain visible on the Terrain Tool after closing the Backpack. [AS-3289] - Fixed a major issue on the Xbox One causing the game to not save after entering the Habitat and then powering down the console. KNOWN ISSUES In a higher latency situation, rejoining players may appear at first where they last were in a Multiplayer game, but due to latency, input is still bound to the EXO satellite and on pressing 'A' they get relaunched from the station. The addition of new POI's and Discovery types will cause terrain seams in old saves. This will no longer be an issue once Terrain 2.0 gets rolled out. Thanks for reading! -jt
  4. SES_joe

    Shacknews E3 Livestream!

    Come hang with us on the show floor in Shacknews' booth!
  5. until
    Watch us on the Twitch stage talking about our E3 reveals, as well as our next update!
  6. Come watch the reveal of our E3 trailer and an interview with some of the team!
  7. SES_joe

    Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

    HAVE YOU PLAYED THE TUTORIAL? FILL OUT THIS SURVEY TO GIVE US FEEDBACK! Steam 'Early Access' players will receive this update today, June 14th, 2018. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can also expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines throughout the day today, June 14th, 2018. Update 0.8.0 contains a new tutorial, a complete overhaul to the UI, and a completely new element in the Research system, Harvestables! UPDATES You can find these updates in, the current build of the game. The game has an all-new Tutorial experience that is accessible from a new drop pod in the Main Menu! The goal of the new Tutorial is to introduce the basic concepts of Terrain deformation, Oxygen / Power management, Research, Exploration, and Basebuilding in a more streamlined way to new players. We hope that this tutorial will be good for new players to Astroneer, but also to players who haven't played the game in a while but are coming back! When launching Astroneer for the first time, new and returning players will be prompted to try the new Tutorial. Returning players can skip the Tutorial and it will be available to replay at any time from the Main Menu. In order to match the unlock progression of the Tutorial, new games will now begin with the Canister, Tethers, Small Generator, and Open 1-Seat unlocked, in addition to the modules and platforms already available by default. Even if you’re already familiar with the game, we encourage you to play through the new Tutorial. We will continue iterating on the experience over the coming months so please be sure to share your feedback with us in the forums! The game has been updated with a V1 of an overhaul to all of Astroneer’s in-game text UI. Instead of persistent floating text, almost all interactive items, modules, chassis, and resources, have been updated with a "UI card" visual design. All modules and resources now have an icon associated with them. Hovering over holographic input indicators will now tell you the resource required for module, printer, and fabricator recipes. Proximity-based tooltips have been added to all embedded Resources. Position indicators have been removed from vehicles, so be sure to print Beacons and slot them on your Vehicles if you intend to walk very far away! Some areas like: main menu UI, spaceflight UI, Backpack UI, as well as UI for the Trade Module and Mineral Extractor will be updated in a future release. There are now special plant and mineral formations on Terran, Barren, Arid, and Exotic planets that spawn unique objects you can instantly research for a variable amount of Bytes. These Harvestables will respawn their research items over time, and also have a chance to spawn a large, single-use Research Item at their root. Be warned, though: uprooting the plant or mineral will prevent it from respawning their instant-use research items. So weigh your options carefully between single use and respawning values - and be careful where you dig! The goal of the Harvestables system is to smooth out the starting gameplay experience by offering small, renewable sources of Bytes in areas that might have a low density of Research Chests, and to provide interesting points of interaction across the surface of planets. Your Backpack inventory and location are now preserved between multiplayer game sessions! When returning to your friend’s saved games or rejoining after a lost connection, your Astroneer will load in the last location you left them. Also, in order to fix a number of bugs that could occur if clients joined before the host deployed the shelter, multiplayer is now unavailable until the host has landed on the starting planet and deployed the shelter. BUGS [AS-2855] -- Fixed an issue where storms were appearing pixelated for players on the Xbox One [AS-2890] - Fixed a bug with Generators so they once again pull available organic from backpack slots [AS-2894] - Fixed a bug where Terrain Analyzer color meters changed to black upon exiting game and reloading the saved game. [AS-2917] - Audio should now reset properly after Astroneer death. [AS-2935] - Player backpack oxygen tank should once again pull oxygen from connected tanks or filters. KNOWN ISSUES In a higher latency situation, rejoining players may appear at first where they last were in a Multiplayer game, but due to latency, input is still bound to the EXO satellite and on pressing 'A' they get relaunched from the station. Also, just in case you missed it, we were at E3 and announced some big news! Astroneer is now slated to go into full 1.0 in December 2018! We will be updating the roadmap to reflect the rest of our plans during Early Access, but rest assured, we will continue updating and adding to the game in order to make 1.0 a huge advancement of Astroneer! Click here if you want to hear more about what we revealed at E3, including news about cross-play between Steam and Xbox via dedicated servers, increased multiplayer counts, and more. When you are done with that watch the E3 trailer below! Thanks, and talk to you soon! -jt
  8. SES_joe

    Help me understand the Small Rover.

    Just wanted to jump in on this thread. This forum was created to allow people to say anything they want about Astroneer. We get positive feedback! We get ideas! We get bug reports! We get negative feedback! All of this is EXTREMELY valuable to the team, and I lurk around here all the time and relay certain threads/posts (good and bad) to the rest of the team. I love when people post well thought out criticisms and offer suggestions that run parallel and perpendicular to what we do. (except for when people post asking about guns, I don't love that) Please, keep the criticism coming, we never want people to be afraid to give negative feedback. What we will not tolerate though is bullying behaviour. This forum is for all ages, so keep it civil and respect your fellow forum members. We can have critical conversations without being mean.
  9. until
    Come watch the weekly Astroneer livestream!
  10. LOOKING FOR UPDATE 0.8.0 NOTES? CLICK HERE! Steam 'Early Access' users will receive this update later today, Tuesday May 8th, 2018. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can also expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines later today, Tuesday May 8th, 2018. Rovers are now more configurable than ever! The Rover Update contains a new vehicle, updated driving controls, new methods to use rovers in fun ways, and a ton of performance upgrades! UPDATES VEHICLES The Small Rover has been added to the game. It is available in the Catalog for 1000 Bytes and prints from the Vehicle Bay for 2 Compound. Absolute Steering has been implemented for vehicles. Vehicles are now controlled by the movement keys regardless of camera position! (WASD by default on keyboards, and RT / LT and the left thumbstick on controllers). Absolute Steering is enabled by default as of this update, but players may change back to the original camera-directed steering mode by disabling Absolute Steering in the options menu. The physics model for Rovers has been overhauled. Lateral friction has been added to wheels to prevent rampant sliding. Drag force has been added to Rover acceleration for a more natural velocity cap and more natural steering at high speeds. Acceleration forces now take contact normals into consideration to allow wheels to “roll” over smaller obstacles instead of plowing into them. Contextual Button activation have been implemented for vehicles. Certain items attached to the Auxiliary Slots on vehicles can now be activated by pressing the Contextual Buttons (Z / X or RB / LB by default). More items, such as the Drill and Winch, will become usable in this way in future updates. The Thruster has been revised to work better with Rovers. Have fun! Can now be toggled using the above Contextual Buttons when attached to the Vehicle Auxiliary Slots. Applies a more balanced force for better in-air stability. Can now accelerate Rovers above their max drive speeds. The research cost and recipe of the Medium Rover has been adjusted. Its cost is now 3000 Bytes (up from 2000 Bytes) and requires 2 Compound and 2 Aluminum to print. The built-in batteries on the Medium and Large Rover have been tuned to require more active power sources. The primary reason for the power and recipe changes is to further differentiate the roles of the Medium and Large Rovers from the Small Rover. The Small Rover is intended to be used a light exploration vehicle, while the Medium and Large Rover are meant to serve as heavier haulers and mobile bases. PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS We have made a number of improvements to performance on both PC and Xbox, particularly targeting very large save files and multiplayer games. Specific areas of focus include infrastructure refactors and fixes, removing unnecessary animation overhead, reducing the processing cost of deformation, and optimizing older assets that have not been updated in quite some time. This is an ongoing effort that will continue throughout Early Access, but this latest effort should be noticeable for players on the Xbox in particular. Xbox One now utilizes DirectX 12, further improving rendering efficiency on Xbox One and will allow for future rendering quality improvements. HDR Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles can now play the game in HDR. Please calibrate your monitor using the default Xbox One calibration screen prior to launching the game. OTHER IMPROVEMENTS The ‘Flatten Mode’ on the Terrain Tool has been adjusted to provide more consistent results at any angle. Reward tables of Discoveries have been updated with new items. Additional Quick Help screens have been added to the game to help you after the initial Tutorial experience. Press F1 on your keyboard or the Menu button on your gamepad to check them out! Reduced overall game package size (reduced download sizes and load times) Upgraded game engine to Unreal 4.18. BUGFIXES Fixed a number of issues with wheel collision which were causing Vehicle wheels to stretch in strange ways. These fixes should greatly reduce the number instances of stretchy wheels. [AS-2597] - Fixed a bug where some Fabricators displayed nonfunctional contextual verbs. [AS-2599] - Fixed an issue where the 'Use' and 'Examine' inputs prompts did not properly respond to input [AS-2622] - Fixed an interaction bug where the 'Exit' prompt displays instead of 'Enter' when one or two seats of a 3-Seat attachment are occupied. [AS-2630] - Fixed a bug where a on-functional 'Place’ verb appeared when interacting with another player’s Habitat [AS-2637] - Fixed a bug where a player could not operate Winch if another player occupied vehicle it was attached to. [AS-2647] - Fixed an intermittent bug where the Client players model did not appear to animate to the Host player while using the Terrain Tool. [AS-2675] - Fixed an issue where Vehicles became embedded in certain kinds of terrain when printed from the Vehicle Bay. [AS-2689] - The Habitat side slots can once again hold resources and other 1-slot items. [AS-2690] - Fixed an annoying bug where the Vehicle Bay became inoperable for the Client player if the Host was using the control panel while the Client was joining the game. [AS-2691] - Fixed a bug where a non-functional ‘Enter’ command appeared when hovering over another player’s Drop Pod in Multiplayer. [AS-2695] - power cells look like holograms on clients [AS-2736] - Fixed a graphical corruption in the power conduit material. [AS-2754] - Fixed a minor issue with Research rates showing decimal places off-screen on the control panel. [AS-2844] - Fixed an issue where players could infinitely replicate smelted items. Sorry, not sorry. Fixed a number of localization bugs in the “Learn More” help screens. KNOWN ISSUES Storm textures showing up as pixelated on the Xbox One Audio might become muffled after an Astroneer dies. We are working to resolve this issue. The game sometimes loses audio when settings are changed. This can be fixed by deleting your game usersettings.ini Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has fun driving the new rover! We will talk again around E3 edit: and also here is the trailer! -jt
  11. SES_joe

    Things become unselectable

    This sounds like a bug that we had in the previous version but got fixed, are you up to date and on version 0.6.8?
  12. SES_joe

    Why mixer?

    I am confused! I am scrubbing through it right now without any issue. Your issue does remind me that I have been meaning to just upload all streams to Youtube so they don't expire, so maybe I will just do that going forward to keep all of our video in one place.
  13. Thanks for persevering! We definitely have noticed that some of the text and other elements need some visibility tweaking and we will address in an upcoming update!
  14. SES_joe

    [XBOX ONE] Impossible to play togheter!!

    Hey Marck! There was an issue earlier where the win 10 and xbox versions were not on the same version thus resulting in a failure to connect. The update went out to all platforms a few hours ago, which hopefully should fix this issue!
  15. Steam 'Early Access' users will receive this update April 1, 2019. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can also expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines April 1, 2019. The Astro Royale Update marks a huge moment during Astroneer Early Access development! 100 Astroneers parachute onto a planet to prove they are Exo Dynamics's top spacefaring Astro. This update will include a new vehicle, 1 million free cosmetic items, and a full cinematic story with characters voiced by Elon Musk, Sigourney Weaver, Jeff Goldblum & Astronaut Peggy Whitson. Here are the first screenshots from this new game mode. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available! APRIL FOOLS -jt