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  1. ozvoxhumana68

    Buglist Patch 196

    - items floating after a storm. The wind is now able to move items (not a bug), but once the storm has past items are often just left floating in the air. - Random movement of nodes when trying to expand the base. Even after resin has been loaded (the "build it" command) the node can still move. - Items in backpack can be sideways. Tethers can be reversed so you only see the backplate. - Adjusting audio controls for Sound Effects or Ambience has no effect O/S: Windows 10 (Fully patched) Client: Steam
  2. ozvoxhumana68

    bugs in 196

    60 mins into 196 and I am done for now. Not the first bad patch, probably won't be the last. But it isn't much fun right now. I don't mind the new storm dynamics, and I don't mind having to go and collect things strewn about. But to watch everything I own literally fly off into space, never to be found again is a bit annoying. Things are still floating away long after the storm is finished. The random locations of the base extensions is also awful. Finally - does anyone hate the dust as much as I do? I know we have had it since 134 or so, but it adds nothing and makes precise terrain clearing such a hassle. Even an option to turn it off would be great (apologies if such an option already exists and I just didn't know).
  3. ozvoxhumana68

    We are the testers

    You're far more generous than me, I give this specific patch a 4. However, I'm still perfectly happy, I've got zero anger at the devs and I am quite content to just sit back and wait for the next patch. They've already heard our complaints and announced they are taking action. I think some people don't get the whole "pre-alpha" concept. We are here to go on a journey with the devs. If you don't want the journey, don't play the pre-alpha. There are loads of final release games out there. I'm greatly enjoying the journey. There have been bad patches before which made the game unplayable for a few days. But they get replaced by better patches.
  4. ozvoxhumana68

    Patch 153 Feedback & Complaint Megathread

    The beta branch is really for the dev team only. They don't notify us of releases, and they don't review any feedback we make. As Wyvyrias said above, you are doing the community alpha testing now. The feedback about the difficulty in getting the printer and vehicle bay has been so loud I am sure they are working on it as we speak.
  5. ozvoxhumana68

    Research workaround

    Look, we're in alpha, so balance issues are bound to arise. Because vehicles are now unavailable for a potentially LONG time, (meaning that travelling beyond the base has become difficult) the game has degraded into a tedious "carry this ball for the next five minutes until you get back to your base". Compound is now the only useful resource as you build longer and longer tether chains. I'm sure they will get it sorted. Ensuring that printer and vehicle bay come up sooner (or are given at the outset) will fix a lot of things.
  6. ozvoxhumana68

    Patch 153 Feedback & Complaint Megathread

    Two huge complaints. DUST - seriously. Is this much dust necessary? When building paths it has become hard to see what your are doing. ARROW - The huge arrow on the terrain tool. I hate it. Not asking for them to be removed, others may like it. But having the option to turn them off would be amazing. And yeah, three hours, no meaningful progress. I'm bored and done already. Will wait for the next patch unless the option or returning to 131 is given.
  7. ozvoxhumana68

    My experience

    Nice to see that you are finally accepting that there are other opinions than yours, Martin.
  8. ozvoxhumana68

    Planet of choice?

    Martin - whenever I see someone bragging about how helpful they are, it's a pretty sure bet that the opposite is true. You are, of course, welcome to disagree with my strategy. You are not, however, entitled to be a jerk - to me, or anyone else.
  9. ozvoxhumana68

    Planet of choice?

    No offence, but as far as I am concerned, I am. It's a sound strategy for getting across the entire solar system. For someone with such a high post count, I guess you feel somehow entitled to belittle the tactics used by others. Real classy.
  10. ozvoxhumana68

    Anyone else have problems finding coal?

    Coal is ridiculously common on the barren planet (moon). Very rarely on the surface, but everywhere underground.
  11. ozvoxhumana68

    Please reduce storm and planet orbit times

    The storms pose a challenge. Sure you can sit in your habitat for a minute doing nothing, or you can plan for storms and be ready for them. I don't think I have ever been slowed down by a storm since my second or third game. Whenever I plan to go to the Arid world, I get prepared before I even launch as I know my first job will be protecting myself from the death-balls. I have a backpack full of batteries and I build a safety wall immediately.
  12. ozvoxhumana68

    Planet of choice?

    The moon ("barren") is the best and easiest. Has all resources (including coal, lithium and titanium) and the greatest concentrations of the basic resources. Plus easy access to all the research balls. I usually set up there (at the north pole for permanent sunlight), then organise myself for trips to the more challenging planets. A spaceship + habitat loaded with five racks of coal/ titanium, a rack of resin and a rack with 4 copper and 4 aluminium is my standard travel kit. Get to new planet, build a trade station and use the coal/titanium to trade for resin and compound.
  13. ozvoxhumana68

    Big Solar panels - how to use one?

    Connecting the rover can be tricky. Often you have to build a hill under the panel to make the panel more vertical, so that the connection option appears between it and the rover. Once you have them connected, you can destroy the hill and let the panel sit flat again.
  14. ozvoxhumana68

    One Critique

    I used to use beacons. Now I just create a huge pillar with the deform tool. Next to that I put two small pillars, so the whole thing forms a triangle pointing home. As long as I can see the next pillar, I can always find my way home. And the triangle approach fixed the problem I had with too many beacons and not being able to tell which one would get me home.
  15. ozvoxhumana68

    Disappearing Planet Challenge

    According to physics, you should be able to fall through the planet, hit top speed at the centre, and then slow down to zero just as you reach the surface at the other side. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/would-you-fall-all-the-wa/