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  1. I start digging, 'cause I'm a digger 🤣 and the terrain was broken ... AGAAAAAAIN the gray line that you see here is the underworld!
  2. Why don't you randomize the landing? So, we could land as usual, or instead a disasters could happens, we fall on the planet and we will need to start from scratch just like in the tutorial Also, I remember about a year (maybe 2?) we discusse about using Mushrooms for food and/or using it for generators...
  3. MaximilianPs

    My tutorial feedback for 8.0

    Dang I love it, I really really love how it start, the wreck things, the tree that generate resource and all stuff BUT... 1) please don't really stop it. Let us still play on that world ! 2) please let us play like in the tutorial, I mean: the start, and also how tech. become avaiable, I mean we should start with the same tech that we have in the tutorial
  4. MaximilianPs

    "155 - Hotfix" - April 27th, 2017

    I've made a new game, but I wasn't able to get the 3D Printer, i've used the bulb from the underground lants, from the onsurface plants, from rocks, and from spaceship wrecks, I've played about 4 ours, but no 3D Printer at all
  5. MaximilianPs

    Free the Camera FTW ?

    yep !
  6. MaximilianPs

    Free the Camera FTW ?

    i see... I would like to take a screenshot of whole base, I need to find some tricks to do it
  7. MaximilianPs

    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    Hype Hype Hurrà for the Fauna ! !!
  8. MaximilianPs

    Free the Camera FTW ?

    Hello there, is there a way to free camera, to take a better screenshot? I mean, for example, in Skyrim you can use "TFC 1" console command to let the camera free for your avatar and freeze the game so user can take amazing screenshot for diverse angle, so I was wondering if there are any way to have it also here.
  9. Hello there, maybe it's the time to fix the Foundry (I guess) which is translated as "Fonditore" but the correct translation could be: "Fonderia" or "Raffineria". Thank you.
  10. MaximilianPs

    Experimental: what's new?

    thank you, now it's clear
  11. MaximilianPs

    Screenshots Megathread

    Hello there, I would like to show you my lastest base, called "Cave's Gate". The gate indeed was already present I just built the "structure" to sustain it and open a cave that go into the deep of the planet. It isn't finished but usually that's the modus operandi that I use... always it tells that image are not available but if you click it will be showed, maybe 'cause they are in 2k
  12. MaximilianPs

    GPS System to get not lost!

    wops... sorry now I know
  13. MaximilianPs

    GPS System to get not lost!

    Hello there, ok it's a repost, but I still feel the needs. 'Cuse nothing it's frustrating like get lost on a planet and screwing up the game. Also, it's a pretty non-sense that astronaut which is supposed to have technology to travel in space without any kind of problems, that they haven't a GPS or any kind of Map system. That's why I ask for any kind of indicator which show where home is. Ideas: It could be a button, when pressed it show the home indicator in overlay. it could be a small minimap placed in a corner. it could be a compass placed on the backpack. Players, please, If you agree place a +1 as reply so they will see the post
  14. MaximilianPs

    Experimental: what's new?

    Let me see if I get it, 'cause my English sux Ok, so Experimental should be used just from time to time when asked. Isn't it?
  15. where do I find the last release note for experimental branch? also a request: smaller "experimental" written,would be welcome