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  1. No joy with the red green from gas monsters, only gives me aluminium every time, still missing: Shuttle Spaceship Truck Large battery And maybe one or 2 of the augments. Started a new save & had the same problem.
  2. The very first research item I opened only had compound in it, I noticed that around half of the new types of unknowns I research only contains items, the unknowns that do contain blueprints I can research a couple of times before they revert to items as per latest patch notes.
  3. Sometimes when I'm using the tarrain tool standing with my back up against something (cave wall, rocks, trees) if I switch into first person view the camara has a spaze out and flys off into the planet, or most recently went off into space. It stays like this when I relise all controls but seems to sort itself out when I move far enough away from whatever the camara was stuck in.
  4. I play both xbox and steam with a controller. I find the rover/truck much easier to drive with a controller. I'm guessing you were going for the halo warthog driving scheme, I think it works well, just needs tightening up a bit, sideways drift is a bit weird on high gravity planet. Carrying research through a cave or round a corner or close to a tree is a pain! Camera goes nuts, research item flys around all over, player character ends up going round I circles and walking into walls. Speaking of the camera, many people mentioned inverted camera contolls & how it skips between inverted & non-inverted depending on what your doing, this is mind bending, please look into it. Thank you for an awesome game.
  5. Bit long winded I'm afraid. So I printed a habitat and left it sitting on the ground, took a shuttle off planet. When I came back the habitat and a rover had done the drop through the floor thing, then I packed in for the night. Next day loaded my game and went hunting in the cave bellow for rover, found habitat lying on its side door down, inadvertently managed to climb aboard, game saved with me inside with no way of escape. Needless to say I started a new game. Xbox1 version.