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  1. nrek

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    @GeekJoan is correct, the separated model was meant to be printed on an SLA resin printer like the Form 2. The single full figure model was meant to be printed on an FDM printer. Glad to see the parts generally still print ok in FDM, and that cutaway is a very cool way to show it! I can see if the non hollowed out versions are in the same final state as the hollow ones and see about posting them. Otherwise the mesh mixer route would be the best way to go. Great to see everyone making so much progress on their own versions of this!
  2. nrek

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    @GeekJoan Awesome! So glad to see others making little Astroneers : )
  3. nrek

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    Thanks everyone! Here is the link to the print files. Make sure to post some pictures if you print a copy.
  4. nrek

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    I know it has been awhile since my last update but I am glad to say that the figure is now finished! There are some rough spots and I managed to break a couple parts during the final assembly, but overall I am pretty happy with how it came out. Before I jump into the pics I will answer the question many of you have asked. I will share OBJ files for the figure and parts. I will post a link once the parts go live. However if the devs voice any issues with me sharing the files then I will be taking it down. So lets move onto the final construction shots. There are some pretty big gaps in the progress photos but that is mainly because I was repeating a lot of the same steps over and over again. Similar to how the head was painted I went through and masked off all of the little parts of the body. I planned this out in layers so that I could mask the entire thing, paint a color, mask off those small painted bits and then do the final color. This process of layering saved me from having to re-mask the entire thing for each color. The backpack was completed using the same method as mentioned above. But to save time and to get perfect masks I used a vinyl cutter to make little stickers the exact size of the yellow energy bars as well as rings for around the material sockets. Once it was painted and clear coated I glued in the magnets. It was during this stage that I snapped off one of the upper socket arm things : / After fixing some bits and doing final touch ups I was ready to call this finished. Thanks so much for following along with this project everyone!
  5. nrek

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    @kioga The full figure is about 8 inches tall.
  6. nrek

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words! While I really appreciate all of the enthusiasm I don't plan to sell these. Sorry. It would be weird to monetize something based on the game and really it is just way too much time and effort. I mainly wanted to make this figure because I love the game and I wanted to learn some new skills along the way. @kioga if I do make another one for fun it would definitely be the Orange suit, that is my favorite as well. Anyway I think its time for an update. I jumped in and started detail work on the helmet right away. First thing to do was mask off everything but the visor. I did this with thin detail masking tape and then standard painters tape. A layer of high gloss black was sprayed first to create a nice smooth and reflective surface for the gold. The gold was then sprayed over the black, leaving a central hotspot of black gives the illusion of depth when rotating this around. The gold flakes in the paint were a bit larger than anticipated so the gradient is unfortunately not really as smooth as I would have liked. After a few coats of gloss clear I started painting the trim with a black rubber paint. Back to masking tape, this time I tried to use saran wrap to save time and tape. This was a terrible idea I guess since even after the paint had dried for a day the saran wrap still left a strange pattern in the surface. Oh well. After masking was done I could start painting the back stripe and hose sections. I slowly removed portions of the masking tape and then painted in the detailed bits as I went along, this saved me from having to re-mask certain parts afterwards. And here is the result for today. There are some rough edges to clean up and the buttons on the front still need to be painted but this part is getting super close to being done. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the update.
  7. nrek

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    Updates! I finally got a chance to setup my airbrush and make some progress on this. The material nodes are all finished and the white layer has been applied to all of the parts of the main figure. In the process photos below you will see the steps I went through in order to try and achieve the two tone iridescence of the materials, it sort of worked. I also added a blue shadow layer to the figure before painting over it with white in order to add a little color to the dark sections, this is unfortunately hard to see in the photos. Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for following along : )
  8. nrek

    Astroneer The Daredevil

    That was a pretty epic space dive.
  9. nrek

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    Thanks everyone! @SES_Adam@SES_Paul glad you guys are digging it. @Martin@Ferocious Below is an image/list of the finishing tools I have been using on the figure in addition to the software: 3ds Max + ZBrush. The print itself was done using formlabs standard white resin at a medium resolution of 50microns. And its that detail from the print that made the biggest difference in getting this thing smooth. Most of the finishing I have done was just removing the nubs left by the support material and light surface polish. I have a comparison image below of how the different prints and stages look on the compound material. Top left is an FDM print using white HIPS filament, top right is an SLA print using the white resin, bottom right is the SLA print with a single layer of primer applied. (the FDM print could be better but I didn't bother spending time tweaking setting ssince I knew I would move onto SLA) A: Tamiya spot putty B: X-Acto knife C: Flush cutters D: Tamiya fine surface primer E: 2000 + 800 grit wet/dry sand paper (wet sanding is a technique that allows for a smooth shiny finish, not seen on this model) F: Sanding Sticks G: Sanding Needles H: Pointed cotton swab (stiffer than a normal Q-Tip) While I waited for the paint to dry I messed around with some more rendering on the print mesh and created another random image below.
  10. Very nice! Now it just needs some sick jumps.
  11. nrek

    Custom Astroneer Figure

    Thanks everyone! It has been super fun to work on and I cant wait to finish it up, then its back to actually playing the game : )
  12. So after becoming hopelessly addicted to Astroneer over the holidays I ended up starting this project. Clicking material nodes onto my backpack for hours on end got me thinking about how cool it would be to make a real world magnetic version of the ingame interface. That idea then snowballed into what I have now which is a full 8" figure with magnetic backpack and various components. I started off modeling the character to be very close to the ingame character, but after I got more excited about printing and painting this figure I started to alter the design slightly to feel more stylized and optimized for printing. Below are some of the construction shots leading up to the figures current state. I should have more updates later in the week. To start it off I have a fun render of the completed sculpt along with some ortho shots. Next is the clean up of the 3D print support structure. The figure was printed in white resin on a Form 2 over at Foundry IO in Seattle. Once the print was cleaned up I was able to test fit some of the magnets and assemble the full character. After confirming the figure was balanced I moved onto spraying it with primer, sanding any remaining rough spots again and then repeating the process. And that's where I am at currently.