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  1. I've tried some older saves and I have more fps but what the hell, they downgraded the render distance of objects like trees, tether etc. hugely. The render distance is ridiculous short and not any better compared to the pre Terrain 2.0, it looks so empty now insane. The fps increase is largely caused by the downgraded render distance. Not sure if they introduced the downgrade with this update or the summer update because I didn't try.
  2. But only in the potential future updates section.
  3. The sad thing is they made teaser trailers and interviews on gaming events about dedicated servers and more players (I think 6 was the plan), in the last minute they told us out of a sudden it isn't ready for 1.0 release (this alone proves they weren't honest to us in early access), and more or less claimed it will come with the next content update. Ok that's fine but after several months nothing about dedicated servers, no news, no status update. I have a feeling dedicated servers are cancelled completely, they just won't tell us. Also I would like to hear a status update about storms, it feels so lifeless now. I guess we won't see an update either for this.
  4. There is indeed quite a big performance boost in this update, in the range of 15-30% in my test saves.
  5. No changelog for the patch....it just proves that they don't care for this forum.
  6. FPS are quite a bit higher than before on some of my extreme saves, maybe 15-20 fps more, even though I have to wait some seconds after it loaded to get the boost. Initially I get something like 72 fps and after 5-10 seconds it stutters and then jumps to 92 fps.
  7. Potential updates is just as wishlist. They removed lots of potential updates in the past....like water.
  8. The game wasn't ready for release. Yes they will bring updates including dedicated servers. The big question is if they will be able to solve all the major issues like peformance degradation over time, I mean this is a problem since Early access start 2 years ago.
  9. I believe your CPU is the bottleneck. The graphics options affects the GPU mainly, therefore your fps won't increase. Try lowering the rendering resolution, if the fps don't increase your CPU is the bottleneck. edit: ok you already confirmed a lower resolution doesn't help, so you are running into a CPU bottleneck.
  10. Beside the memory issues the game runs slow with low fps in basically every 1.0 preview stream after some hours of gameplay. This is CPU related and it hurts AMD users more than Intel users because Intel CPUs are much better for gaming. Wyvyrias is using an AMD CPU afaik. An Intel CPU like 7700k, 8700k, 9700K, 9900K is a better choice for Astroneer.
  11. Even with the delay not enough time to finish such a crucial feature - another game with a rushed release. Dedicated server was a big topic prior to launch long time ago. The release version isn't 1.0, it feels more like 0.8 with all the cut down features.
  12. They have claimed more than once that the main reason for Terrain 2.0 is/was performance, it is really worrying to see it actually performs much worse than the old Terrain even if it's a very old version of Terrain 2.0. I'm sceptical of the release, they can't even rely on user feedback anymore. The last update is too old.
  13. This is fine for you but I'm sure the majority of players will be annoyed by this because the old planets were much more fun to navigate. The problem is also the driving physics which clearly doesn't work on a rough terrain.