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  1. mikk

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    Another small update lol. Needless to say this is alarming considering they will launch 1.0 in just 4 months. There is no proper polish phase and as for bug testing without the big updates Early Access users can't help. Their experimental path in Steam was a waste. And in a couple of weeks we get a Terrain 2.0 announcement for December, how exciting. PAX, E3 and other game show preparations are clearly more important for them.
  2. mikk

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    This is more a wishful promise but not a confirmation for water. I would be very cautios with such a uncertain promise from a game dev without clear evidence, we don't even know if they have started working on water. She mentioned the roadmap which is pointless because their beyond 1.0 feature list is a preliminary list of ideas. There is no beyond 1.0 feature officially confirmed yet and it is not a given this Roadmap will stay at it is which is doubtful. They postponed and removed lots of features in the past. We haven't seen screenshots or a video with water running yet and nothing is somewhere confirmed in their official channels: youtube/twitter, forum, there is no official message for water we could reference with a link. The last official standpoint is they would like to add water and it is under consideration.
  3. mikk

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    No it isn't. The entire development roadmap is no confirmation for anything because roadmaps may change over time and we have seen for a couple of times they did remove or postponed several features. That's why it is a development roadmap and not a release roadmap. Even worse the beyond 1.0 list is just a rough ideas mockup what they would like to add or work on in the future, not one single feature there is confirmed at this point. They cannot confirm any beyond 1.0 feature because they can't know at his point. Beyond 1.0 is something for next year. In the past they told us they would like to add water at some point and it is under consideration. Confirmation nope. https://youtu.be/0O4jZsQQo0E?t=208 https://youtu.be/JtvuK7UK730?t=260 No confirmation as you can hear.
  4. mikk

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    No it isn't. As for features beyond 1.0 nothing is confirmed. They may have a wishlist and ideas but nothing is confirmed at this point. It is way too early to tell for sure. They only confirmed that they will bring updates beyond version 1.0.
  5. mikk

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    This is not confirmed. They would like to do but they are unsure if they can do because water is a difficult task. I wouldn't expect it at this point.
  6. Some new stuff there. The decorator at 2:40 looks nice, is this new? I haven't played the last update. The shredder makes sense, the debris are no longer useless. Important addition to the game.
  7. mikk

    Roadmap Update

    https://trello.com/b/UoZgKrd3/astroneer-development-roadmap Q2 list is gone with more delays, there is a new Q3 first and second half list as well as a Q4 list. Keep in mind this is a development roadmap, the features listed in first half Q3 are unlikely to come for us at the same time, may be this is a version 1.0 thing.
  8. mikk

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    What is the point in a Roadmap when we don't see the developed features ingame? It's just a bait and nothing more in the current form. Either make a game release roadmap or just a development roadmap for 1.0. We have several Q1 features not yet included by the end of Q2. And even worse they are hidding the updates now not matter if a feature is finished or not, so it makes even less sense. Be honest and give us an early access Roadmap, even if there are only minor things listed. At least it isn't a bait then.
  9. mikk

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    They needed the money to fund this game in 2016 and 2017, in the meantime they don't need this money anymore in the early access phase and prefer the traditional game development style which is basically hidden to the community. No real status update, no VLOG videos about unreleased game elements anymore, no communication to the community, no major releases. The last status update for dedicated server or Terrain 2.0 is from last year. Of course they have to update the game from time to time, but they do this with minor releases. Here a new rover, there a new UI text or slightly better performance or new tutorial. The groundbraking stuff will be saved for the 1.0 version. This is enough to fulfill the claim of updates till release. This is not a true early access for me. For a true early access they wouldn't be worried about a synced Xbox and Steam update of the game. The big advantage of steam is the game can be updated whenever they want which is crucial for an early access game on PC. Steam allows different branch build updates for good reasons. In the future if they have to rely on another early access release I'm not sure if they will have the same success after the dishonest Astroneer early access phase. And their Roadmap is misleading, they should be honest finally or take it down. In this style it is just a bait.
  10. mikk

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    Possibly they don't want solid testing and feedback. I'm not expecting Terrain 2.0 before version 1.0 after the E3 news, the big stuff is hidden. Since February we got only minor gameplay/content updates month after month and the experimental branch is dead since ages. Doubtful if we will see big updates before version 1.0. Several initial Q1 features are not yet released and we are approaching Q3. I do expect three minor updates (0.8.5, 0.9.0, 0.9.5) before the big 1.0 launch in December.
  11. mikk

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    https://youtu.be/XvbB-2gMIHU?t=184 There are some gameplay scenes from E3. With Terrain 2.0 "Performance is so much greater now"
  12. mikk

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    The Vlogs doesn't make much sense at this point because they have decided to keep all major stuff hidden. They could do a E3 Vlog , the last Vlog was mainly about GDC.
  13. mikk

    Astroneer - E3 Reveal Trailer

    Looks like this is the case. I mean they could at least publish some unfinished stuff from the trailer for the experimental branch of Steam. They don't do this, it is obvious the small updates from month to month will continue till launch. They didn't talk about the progress state of Terrain 2.0 and crucial upcoming updates on E3, just the trailer launch and they just referred to the Roadmap which is useless for us.
  14. mikk

    I'm so mad

    Fixing the old Terrain doesn't make much sense at this stage I think, they have to rework all of this with Terrain 2.0. Same for the small render distance of objects.
  15. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    The monthly VLOG videos are history as well unless we get something in the next few hours. The last VLOG video is 1.5 months old which referred to GDC mainly. There is zero communication since quite a while which is shocking for an early access game where players are curious about the progress and state of the game. This is one of the worse development studios when it comes to communication. And unless we get Terrain 2.0 and dedicated servers in the next update it will be another disappointment because then we are looking for huge Q2 feature delays.