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  1. Research in 0.3.102 "Fundamentally Broken"

    This is a big worry. Some of the changes since December/January are questionable and didn't really improve the game. For example the research system or vehicle physics. We have also got some graphics downgrades (render distance). For me the big worry is that the new content they are working on doesn't improve the game either or just doesn't work. And also there is not even a rough timeline for the content updates they are working on, looks like the next patch will be another lacklustre bugfix release. The game was very promising when it came out but with the lack of updates it is my biggest gaming disappointing this year. The game really isn't moving forward.
  2. Lack of content

    You don't understand my posting it seems. You defending style doesn't help anyone here. It's time to deliver at some point as we are approaching Q4 2017. Their excuse beginning of the year was lack of devs. They can't use that excuse anymore. They have done very little to the game when it comes to content since 9 months. And several things have weakened or are questionable at least. This is a lacklustre progress which reflects the Steam scores in the last few weeks. That's why many people lost their faith already.
  3. Lack of content

    I'm talking about the game progress since December 2016, especially content and gameplay updates in the past 10 months. And that's underwhelming not only in my opinion. Month after month we are hearing that they are working on this prototyping stuff and in the end nothing happens. And yes it is Pre-Alpha, that's why it is even more worrying that they weren't able to release something early yet which makes me wonder if they can release something major before the end of the year. Also we have no guarantee that these new protoype ideas are working as good as we would hope because this is all behind closed doors.
  4. Lack of content

    The problem is that they are literally saying the same since several months and nothing major is still ready. As a result many game areas are unchanged or worse compared to the original game back in December 2016, for example the view distance of objects. It was way better last year. Apart from bugfixing and some polish. But no new planets or something huge. What they say is a repeat. We can only hope that they are ready with this "solid foundation" till end of the year, so that the game has some meaningful new content ready compared to 12 months ago. Otherwise it would be a huge disappointing.
  5. "Patch 199" - August 17th, 2017

    Looks like this is a feature for Terrain 2.0. 4k render support is also a must have for the final game.
  6. Frame Rate Test on 1080 video card

    Lower your resolution to 720p or something like that and check if FPS goes up. If it don't you are bottlenecked by your CPU. Your save on this location is 100% CPU bound. I'm getting ~55 fps with your save. i7-7700k @4.4 Ghz DDR4-3200 CL14 GTX 1080
  7. Frame Rate Test on 1080 video card

    You are CPU bound, that's why you didn't see a bigger fps increase. Astroneer isn't GPU hungry, a fast CPU is more important. What CPU do you have?
  8. Yes and that's obviously not in the works anymore.
  9. It's really disappoint that there are no plans for improvements regarding graphics. For example more visual options and a better level of detail control, support of 4k resolution. Some months ago they promised us an update on this but nothing happened since then. For example the lod distance is extremely short since version No reaction on this matter, it really doesn't bode well. According to the roadmap we shouldn't expect improvements.
  10. "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    Yes of course with changes to the new system it might work but not in the current state. On Facebook someone wrote he played for 9 hours, unlocked countless research balls and still couldn't get a printer or vehicle bay. This is not only boring, it is frustrating.
  11. "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    Astroneer was a game for the mass and casual players. By doing the research so time consuming if not impossible, they are going into the wrong direction. Based on the comments here it is obvious that the new system just doesn't work. I doubt new players will enjoy this research system after a while if they cannot build a vehicle bay and printer within 1-2 hours to make further progress. They have to consider that most players here are most likely experienced Astroneer players, new players will be even more lost from the new system. I hope they revert this thing to the previous patch as soon as possible and don't wait another full month for an update. A good example is here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/361420/discussions/0/1318835718936211131/
  12. "153+154" - April 21, 2017

    There is another big performance boost in this version, especially in my old worst case save. Save 1/Save2 V125/V131/V153 30 fps/44 fps/81 fps 43 fps/90 fps/112 fps Compared to V125 this is a 2.6x-2.7x improvement for me.
  13. "131" - March 17th, 2017

    Unlike the last patch there is a huge performance increase even for old save games. One of my old save jumped from 43 to 90 fps and my slowest save in my collection from 30 to 44 fps.
  14. "125" - February 16th, 2017

    I've tried three of my old save games with poor performance and unfortunately performance is exactly as before. With the difference that the lod pop ups are severe now, for some reason it does not improve performance. Do we have to start a new save in order to get improvements on the over time fps degradation issue?
  15. Old save games will be compatible for the next mainline patch, I wonder if we have to start a new save game in order to benefit from the improved streaming performance.