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  1. November? They should aim for early November if this is the case because otherwise the last Early Access update would be rather pointless so close to the Astroneer 1.0 release.
  2. At PAX they said all current planets will be converted to Terrain 2.0 and I doubt we will have Terrain 1.0 planets in Astroneer 1.0 because of the performance benefits from the new terrain. It would be crazy if they only have 1 planet based on Terrain 2.0 after the long work.
  3. mikk

    True or False

    It could make sense but there is not much time left before release in two months. Even if we get Terrain 2.0 this month our feedback and reports won't have a big impact till December because it's too late. This is a fail and a waste of bug testing opportunities from a bigger fanbase in my opinion. Same for dedicated servers. By now the game must be in beta state in order to be released in two months. And our game is in alpha state without the important core stuff - big fail.
  4. mikk

    Roadmap Update

    The roadmap has been updated.
  5. Custom mouse/Keyboard settings which won't reset to default after a restart. The current state is inacceptable.
  6. mikk

    The Crafting Update - September 6th, 2018

    There won't be changes before Terrain 2.0 regarding performance and other things. Personally I won't touch Astroneer before Terrain 2.0. If they wan't a proper testing and feedback before release from us, they have to give users access to the newest build. Not sure of this is even planned. These half baked updates month after month are counterproductive.
  7. mikk

    PAX West Starts Today

    This is a dev build feature and nothing new. But it confirms even this dev don't like the darkness of the night at the moment. Daylight is more fun, it looks better.
  8. mikk

    PAX West Starts Today

    Terrain 2.0 won't be in next update, they just confirmed in the stream. They did a Terrain 2.0 preview on this stream on a new planet called exotic moon: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/304593578 The Astroneer part starts at about minute 58... Lots of new stuff and improvements there. This is a huge progress.
  9. mikk

    PAX West Starts Today

    Do we get some official material for those who cannot attend PAX? I mean some infos about terrain 2.0 about the improvements over the old terrain or a new trailer, a gameplay video, screenshots etc.
  10. mikk

    Terrain 2.0 Confirmed to be at Pax

    This is a short video clip which I believe is based on Terrain 2.0.
  11. mikk

    Terrain 2.0 Confirmed to be at Pax

    They have a terrain 2.0 demo planet for a gaming show but can't give it to their loyal early access supporters for testing? Nice attitude.
  12. mikk

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    Another small update lol. Needless to say this is alarming considering they will launch 1.0 in just 4 months. There is no proper polish phase and as for bug testing without the big updates Early Access users can't help. Their experimental path in Steam was a waste. And in a couple of weeks we get a Terrain 2.0 announcement for December, how exciting. PAX, E3 and other game show preparations are clearly more important for them.
  13. mikk

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    This is more a wishful promise but not a confirmation for water. I would be very cautios with such a uncertain promise from a game dev without clear evidence, we don't even know if they have started working on water. She mentioned the roadmap which is pointless because their beyond 1.0 feature list is a preliminary list of ideas. There is no beyond 1.0 feature officially confirmed yet and it is not a given this Roadmap will stay at it is which is doubtful. They postponed and removed lots of features in the past. We haven't seen screenshots or a video with water running yet and nothing is somewhere confirmed in their official channels: youtube/twitter, forum, there is no official message for water we could reference with a link. The last official standpoint is they would like to add water and it is under consideration.
  14. mikk

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    No it isn't. The entire development roadmap is no confirmation for anything because roadmaps may change over time and we have seen for a couple of times they did remove or postponed several features. That's why it is a development roadmap and not a release roadmap. Even worse the beyond 1.0 list is just a rough ideas mockup what they would like to add or work on in the future, not one single feature there is confirmed at this point. They cannot confirm any beyond 1.0 feature because they can't know at his point. Beyond 1.0 is something for next year. In the past they told us they would like to add water at some point and it is under consideration. Confirmation nope. https://youtu.be/0O4jZsQQo0E?t=208 https://youtu.be/JtvuK7UK730?t=260 No confirmation as you can hear.
  15. mikk

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    No it isn't. As for features beyond 1.0 nothing is confirmed. They may have a wishlist and ideas but nothing is confirmed at this point. It is way too early to tell for sure. They only confirmed that they will bring updates beyond version 1.0.