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  1. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    Exactly, it's a marketing showcase guide to fool the people suggesting it is a real Roadmap.
  2. mikk

    A little disappointed.

    The big hope is Terrain 2.0.
  3. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    If you are ignoring the missing features from Q1....
  4. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    Monthly content updates? Didn't happen either. The problem is they don't really tell us about the state and progress anymore, I'm not counting the PR marketing crap like they did in the last QA stream. 2 out of 6 goals from Q1 are included as of mid Q2, sorry this is alarming. Did we hear something substantial about terrain 2.0 for example in last months? I mean it is scheduled for this or next month. At this rate we won't see terrain 2.0 before the end of Q4. It's really odd seeing Astroneer nearing 1.0 with so little progress and content, obviously 1.0 is planned this year. There are so many features listed for Q2, no way they can deliver in time, pretty sure more delays are on the way which they won't explain honestly.
  5. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    They didn't.
  6. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    There are no informations on Twitter and Facebook either. There are some tidbits on twitter sometimes but nothing really substantial, for example there was nothing about the lack of updates last month. They could release it unfinished in late 2018 or early 2019, it's basically confirmed from the Roadmap, lots of post 1.0 launch features there. The game is in Alpha but far from feature complete. Version 1.0 might come in December this year. And for sure the lack of real progress is a big concern. Assuming there is 1 new car coming and direct steering (no clear infos, just my assumption from the rumors and semi confirmed from the last QA stream), this is the game progress from February to May which is nothing we could be proud of. This is so slow. I doubt we see Terrain 2.0 before Q4 this year. I'm expecting more delays over time.
  7. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    That's why they didn't tell us about the broken every month update rule and are dishonest about the game state. Extremely honest is a joke with their last dishonest QA stream in mind. I'm afraid discord is not a serious communication channel, at least not for a serious dev. I guess you are a good customer for them, they could lying to you and you would be happy. Extremely honest lol. Looks like there are more delays incoming based on the Roadmap, you can be sure SES won't tell us the truth. Next week probably another small update (just the rover and direct steering I guess). No performance increase or new hazard types. Next content update in 2-3 months with another small update I guess. This is the trend this year so far.
  8. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    You don't see the problem? Embarrasing if true. There is absolutely no communication in their own forum or Steam. When Astroneer came out there was much more and better communication than now, when Joe stepped in communication stopped out of a sudden. He is doing a poor job imho. The recent QA stream was just some PR marketing crap, why didn't they honestly say sorry no update this month and may be explaining why. Instead they explained why their Roadmap isn't useful for us, basically defending the roadmap saying there is no delay to anything, this is so misleading and dishonest. The Roadmap isn't even updated since ages, it's stuck in Q1! They also failed to give some rough estimate about their next update. No progress state, nothing. I can't trust people like this anymore, they are clearly dishonest to us. Some would expect that an early Access alpha game would get better information about the state and future, obviously not for this game anymore which is sad.
  9. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    The poor thing imho is the missing communication about the state of the game, I mean not the marketing answers we typically get in their streams, instead some honest answers with realistic timeframes. As we know their roadmap is useless regarding timeframes for us, it's more a showcase thing. Also outdated by now. Delays and slow progress is one problem and many people might accept it. There is absolutely no communication about the absent patch last month and the broken "every month new content" promise, we have no clue what's going on. This forum is basically dead, no infos nothing. The only thing from SES here are the patch notes, beside this nothing which is embarrassing considering that many people purchased for this Alpha game in good faith.
  10. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    Doesn't count for me because it is a hotfix release from the March update, there is nothing new in it. They could change 1 byte and claim we did release a patch this month, this is just for the paper.
  11. mikk

    when is the next update due?

    By the looks of it their "every month patch" rule is no longer applied which is a big disappointment. I mean they told us in December that we get from 2018 on every month a new content update, in reality everything slowed down. The last major 0.6 update is from February! Suddenly their roadmap is just a development roadmap, to me it is clear there are big delays hidden by "just a development roadmap" marketing speech. I would prefer some honest answers about the future of the game. Why no telling us Sorry, this month no update.
  12. mikk

    It’s FEBRUARY!!

    I wouldn't expect too much, their track record was too slow in the past. In December they told that we will get a content update every month from now on and by mid February we are still on December level, no new content since then. A few things were postponed in the Roadmap as well and this trend is going to continue I bet. It's a slow progress.
  13. mikk

    "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    I have to agree. The darkness is surely more realistic and correct but for this type of game it doesn't work imho, it doesn't look as nice and appealing anymore. I preferred the previous setting. At night it looks unpleasant with the gloomy setting. And the day light looks washed out at certain times.
  14. mikk

    On Aggressive Plants

    The hug plants looked funny, I would like to try this out. This is the content and variation they need to get into the game. Sometimes it's a bit dull and lifeless in a cave, more variations for plants is the right thing to do imho.
  15. mikk

    Roadmap Update

    Beside content additions this is my top list for engine/physics related issues which I hope will be improved. - performance degradation over time - aggressive level of detail - custom keyboard settings not saved after restart - custom mouse button mapping not supported at all - 4k resolution not supported on PC - clunky rover physics over stones/rocks