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  1. None of the rovers will let me drive them with an xbox controller. Moving the joystick will turn the wheels, but no forward motion. The battery depletes as if I were moving. I tried both a printed and a discovered single seat, neither had any impact. Steam; Windows 10 Dell XPS-13; 8 GB RAM; Core i5 6200U @ 2.3 GHz
  2. One of the coolest ideas anybody has listed.
  3. Each of these planets sound like they'd be a lot of fun to explore - lots of different challenges. Some really creative ideas here. For the ocean planet it would be neat if there was a submarine that could be built on which you could attach items like are used on the crane. Perhaps a drilling arm, a grabber arm, etc. Underwater caves, sea monsters to hide from..... The forest planet could have a "tree-line" on tall mountains. Your magma planet could also have volcanoes which spew ash and debris - that could be the only source for weather on that planet possibly. If there are rivers on any planet then it would be neat if you could terraform channels in the ground so you could get around on a boat or something like that. Some other planet ideas: Ringed: A saturn-like world with a ring system. Some of the rocks in the rings might be new research or a perhaps a rare mineral can only be found there. The planet itself could be a gaseous one, like Saturn. It might also hide some interesting items or research in its murky depths, but which could be accessed only via high-pressure capsule of some kind? It would have two moons: 1) A moon with a really thick atmosphere which has a crushing pressure (again - needing that high-pressure capsule) and will kill you after too much exposure. The atmosphere here could also be really murky (like how things look right before blocks start flying in a storm on Terra) to limit how far you could see. If there is no high-pressure capsule then perhaps you can only take very short trips down to scout for really rare materials and research [you descend, get out and run around like mad grabbing stuff then bolt back and blast off before you die]. 2) One that is big but orbits pretty close to the planet. The surface would be really icy and slippery (hard to get around on without some specialized equipment) but mostly smooth. Periodically, when passing close to "Ringed" the gravitational forces would crack the crust in places causing geysers of water and ice to spray up from the ground (kind of like Enceladus). The geyser spray (and anything falling back down from it) could possibly kill you. Double: This would be two planets orbiting each other. Similar in size. One barren. One terra-like. They would be, relative to each other, in an eccentric orbit (circular around the sun). They would periodically pass really close to each other and create crazy gravity effects. If you're on the side where the other planet is passing then you lose most gravity (because the other planet is pulling so strongly), but if you're on the other side then gravity gets a lot stronger during the close passes. They would also create eclipses for each other. Pummeled: This planet would be periodically bombarded by meteors, rather than having dust storms, but which, like storms on terra, would be dangerous to be out in. It would be pockmarked from impacts which would make travel circuitous.
  4. Planets can permanently be stuck with one side facing the sun. The phenomenon is called being "tidally locked". This is why the moon has only one side facing earth.
  5. All of the crashed spacecraft pieces (the random artifacts scattered around) could be used to build a space station (flexibility in design like the ground bases we build now). Or, perhaps a really large spaceship (that is constructed in orbit) that could be used to move to other solar systems. Perhaps some types of research can only be done on a space station which unlock interesting new technology (perhaps some of it alien).
  6. Agree with this one. Tired of my vehicles flying away just after I finish outfitting them.
  7. Trucks and rovers that fly away and can't be caught is driving me crazy. Happens all the time. I've lost 3 trains of trucks and it frustrates me more than just about any bug. Even if I could just build up to them and get them back that would be fine for now, but if you get close they move away from you.