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  1. Obligatory post of the same ole' bug.
  2. This has nothing to do with the new terrain tool. This has happened since patch 0.2.115 over 4 months ago. Just another bug that never get's fixed.
  3. Terrain elements lose their color after saving.
  4. Bobby Fender

    [Steam - 153] Extension in the air

    After latest patch there is a MAJOR gravity issue. Everything is now floating.
  5. BTW should have mentioned this was a totally new game started. No old save was used.
  6. So this is my obligatory posting that I make after each patch reflecting this bug has never been fixed. Terrain elements lose color after initial save.
  7. Bobby Fender

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    HHmmm. Update 1 was for version 125, then a few mins later got another update and now the main branch on steam is Experimental 122? Is this intentional?
  8. Posting this in the bug section but since System Era has never mentioned it and no one else seems to have this issue I'm wondering if I'm saving games wrong or something. Regardless of planet, game verion or location after I save a game for the 1st time, when I load that save color is gone from all plants, rocks and some resources. See Images?
  9. Plant assets and certain stone assets lose their color after loading a save and appear as only white. See screenshots below. 1st is the launch and the 2nd is after save and re-loading. I know this was submitted before but I haven't seen anyone post images so I'm posting them here.
  10. This seems to happen on every planet. All tree plants and some stone items have beautiful color when you first land on the planet or start a new game but as soon as you load up a save, these items lose color and appear as solid white.