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  1. If you insist on having the Xbox One controls for the terrain tool set at hyper squirrelly, can you at least add in the ability to set it how we like? Every time I use it it takes off out of range only to come flying back at me when I try to slowly bring it to the spot I want. It also doesn't align with the resources that are pulled out by putting your cursor on the arrow. It goes up to it and then freezes in the a spot shy of the arrow. It also does this when forming ground above your head. The icon disappears because it takes off in a direction. You let got of RT but still hear ground be formed, even though there isn't. The only way to fix this is by putting it away and bringing it back out. But it will automatically do it again if you try to look up while forming ground. This tool needs some serious work on the Xbox. Again I never see these issues with PC gamers. Nice to know someone is being taken care of.
  2. I am currently playing on Xbox One and I wonder if PC has these issues because when I watch people stream on twitch and see they don't have the same issues I do I start to question. Can someone please work on the Xbox side of things? Is there not any money on the Xbox side? Is that why it feels we have been forgotten when it comes to fixing this game? I have left my starting planet now two times and both times I left, I returned only to find resources and vehicles that were not attached to my base were not saved and therefore, not there when I returned. So I grinded a bit got my resources and vehicles back and decided to leave again. Only this time I would attach everything to my base somehow. Well it worked for my storage and resources, not so much the vehicles. So now my current area is completely mined of compound, and guess what material I need to build a vehicle that will take me the distance I need to find more compound? But I'm trying to keep a open mind here. So I'm on a new planet trying to start something there only to find that wind turbines aren't working, power sources are only powering a single platform instead of providing power to all. It seemed the first platform I built would receive power no matter where the source originated. The rest of the platforms would only receive power if the source was directly on the platform. On the first arrival I placed tethers down to explore. When I came back they were black. I replaced them and they did light up but only the first section would provide oxygen. I tried to pick them back up and put them in my pack but they disappeared. Probably wouldn't be so bad except there is ZERO compound on Exotic so I have to travel back to my home planet and I already went on a rant in an early post about the orbiting system and how easy it is to line yourself up in the orbital pattern of the planet you are wanting. Every planet I go to has horrible landing zones. I've found myself perched atop some rock no wider than my ship and it caused physical pain to my character just to get out because of the fall and I had to build a bridge to get back up to it so my guy could board the ship. Since they are predetermined LZs sure would be nice if you would make them reasonable to land at. You tell us where we have to land, but then don't provide a clear picture of terrain and then stick us on top of a rock? I've also learned to not get out of my ship for about 10 sec. The planet doesn't render very well and if I get out too quickly I will fall through the planet. Also when I return to my home planet the surface has cracks all throughout that allow you to see through the map. I haven't fallen in one yet but the character does react to them as if they are slopes or slight drops and raises. I would like to see some changes coming our way. It doesn't make the game enjoyable to loose everything you worked the previous day.
  3. I also find the orbits a bit unusual. How can a planet be the closet one to you at one point then be the furthest object from you at another? I am tired of jumping to one planet because it is in closer proximity to the planet I want only to get there and have the planet I wanted to go to now be on the other side of the planets. Very annoying. I like the idea of planet jumping to get to further planets but they have to have a standard orbit otherwise you wind up running out of fuel trying to predict these crazy patterns.