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  1. Coming back after a while of a break and my first impression is I love it!! I like the catalogue of recipes being a sort of printer controller built into the backpack. Just a bit of feedback as I have been playing maybe an hour and these are my first impressions. Sorry if they aren't too deep! When I was sitting at my printer well within the concrete pad, I died. I guess I wasn't connected to oxygen..oops! I just thought it odd I was inside the safe pad but died. I really like how the research works and gives a certain amount of data per minute like a currency. This
  2. The amount of misinformation and opinionation in this post is absolutely astounding. Who gaf what PC someone uses? And you sit here ripping into people for their choice of hardware? Take a pic of you in your clothes so the internet can rip into a personal choice you made in the fashion world. Absolutely ridiculous. 1. MACs can get viruses. 2. Stop trollin People are not dumb for selecting a MAC, they're people like you and me. They had a process with which they processed information and arrived at a choice based upon what they had available. This doesn't make them dumb.
  3. I guess I have no idea why what someone else posted and how many copies of said post existing on a forum have anything to do with retarding innovation and creativity in the community. I go to the suggestions forum, hit new post, type my suggestion, go back to astroneer. If people are literally searching like "I wonder if anyone has submitted my idea yet so I can submit it"...well.. that is their own personal issue.
  4. So what if they are drowned out? The devs also have access to the next page button, and likely are more active about back-searching. If a million ideas were posted today, it wouldn't be would mean there are a million ideas the devs have to "choose from" The devs still have to follow the same procedure. Look at idea. How hard is it to program? DO other people like this? Can we fit it in? etc. The number of posts has literally nothing to do with this until you reach a number of posts per minute that it's impossible to manage by any human. The duplicate posts also help
  5. If only there was a way to widen the tunnel like dynamite or ramming speed or...the terrain tool
  6. The moderators are already combining alike posts into larger ones. It is the forum owners responsibility to curate/filter/combine content, and is definitely not that of the end-user/purchaser of the game. Such a small percentage of people interact and suggest things on the forum as it is, doing something like you suggest would really just make people not use the forums. The goal of this forum is to spark conversation between developer and the end-user. The fact that there are duplicate topics in a suggestion forum with thousands of posts means it is working. A developer that sees 2
  7. Suggestion: A Backpack with additional tech that makes deep cavernous retrieval nightmares a thing of the past. My idea is regarding how impossible it is to retrace steps in deep cave exploration when surviving "wall to wall" stripping power & Oxygen from the caves without tethers. "Autophasing Pack. Allows immediate pin-pointing of sub terraneous corpses. Upon death, all energy is extracted from oxygen and power reserves, converting into a powerful beam. A single hole is pierced through the vertical layers until it hits sunlight/surface air. A mini beacon is created by cons
  8. I have like 10 saved games PLEASE ADD THIS.
  9. I have multiple times messed up terrain because the tooltip becomes the same color as terrain I am trying to dig. Being red/green colorblind doesn't help the matter. I propose a complementary color changing of the tool tip, to allow high contrast for the user
  10. In multiplayer game: If my backpack is full and I continue to harvest, the overage gets deposited on the ground as normal...however, nobody is able to pick them up!
  11. Cannot retrieve items from smelter in 2 of 4 slots. If looking at smelter, the Left top, and Right Bottom items became irretrievable. When I put 4 ore in, it also put the finished product "over" the bugged slots items, but did not displace them...instead, it stacked, or absorbed, or deleted, the finished ore. Upon re-logging, the Right Bottom slot moved to the Right Top...and is still irretrievable.
  12. This has happened to me quite a few times. I believe it is actually at like 95% power or something, and is just SHOWING the bars completely full (bad rounding.) and the station also doesn't seem to update that there is an item present at full power (the two requirements to show research icon.) I see in your screenshot it is dark, and you have wind and solar generators. Do you have any biomass generators that provide power outside of daytime? Wind turbine seems to be very bad performance-wise. It might be that your power grid hasn't COMPLETELY powered your researcher yet, though it looks i
  13. I have this problem too! I honestly thought it was because I slammed into my base, and did not notice it was near a connection point! Good find
  14. OK, so I generally try to keep a good look on my compass to see which direction I am exploring. I happened to go around a very shallow mountain and long story short got lost to death. I wandered trying to catch sight of my beacons I had placed or my home tooltip icon or luck, dead, also couldn't find corpse because THAT tooltip is also hidden by terrain. The problem is this: Objects disappear or are rendered further away or "lower" at elevation as they get further away. This causes the home icon and other icons to be completely obstructed by changes in elev