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    About video card performance not enough

    I am having this same problem. And from what I know it is because the world doesn't degenerate as you explore. So you will start the game with a good frame rate, but as you explore it will gradually go down. So every part of the word you have explored is being loaded at the exact same time even though you aren't there. I don't think we can really do much, until the developers fix this problem.
  2. Okay, So I have been playing astroneer lately, and I have been receiving low frame rate casing me to lag and stutter. I have a six core proccessor running at 4.3 ghz, a video card with 8 gb of ram, as well as 8gb of ram in my pc. So I have quite of bit of headroom on the recommend specs. When I look at task manager while I am playing astroneer my processor use is only at 44% and my ram use is only at 47%. So being that I still have ram and processing power to use, why am I getting low frame rate? Is there any fix for this, or it it just not optimized very well yet? Thanks in advance.