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  1. I've attached a world to this post that crashes 100% of the time. Can anyone else confirm that this is the case for them? To add the save simply go to this post and copy the contents to the directory! ~Cal Sat.rar
  2. Glad everything is sorted out for you ~Cal
  3. You can also research the "Habitat". Check the wiki on the Shuttle to learn more about how to do this ~Cal
  4. Try and use some Dynamite! You can have a crane on another planet, It would just take some time to make/create a base there. ~Cal
  5. You can access a backpack placed on the floor after death. To replicate this follow these steps: Kill yourself with items in the backpack Go to where you died and kill yourself again During the death animation, pick the items up from the first backpack On return to the death location you can see that items are floating in the air, This may be related to: Hope this helps ~Cal