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  1. the person i join does have the better machine and i lagg and im sure its lagg because when i open my task manager only when i play multiplayer in astroneer does steam start to take up mass amounts of network data.
  2. I really like the game but i cant join or play with my friends. As soon as a friends joins me or i join then i begin to lag steam uses up all my internet before and after they leave it is fine and nothing changed besides then joining. I wish i could play with them and its really annoying that i cant. If anyone can fix this please do iv already tried restarting my computer internet even re installing the game and nothing changed.
  3. Whenever i join a friends game or host a friends game i start to lag. so i opened my task manager and saw that steam starts to use as much internet as downloading but nothing is added its the same as before but it uses a lot of internet and i cant play with my friends. iv restarted steam my computer my modem iv even re installed the game but the issue persists. Love the game but its not as fun if i cant play it with my friends who bought it for me.